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Projektron BCS 22.2

Do you already use the Kanban view in Projektron BCS to display your tickets? As of BCS 22.2, you can get an overview of your tickets even faster and more conveniently with the board element that can be optionally displayed on your personal overview. For an even better overview and better utilization of screen space, you can now benefit from the new functionality of the navigator, which opens as an overlay on request and as needed. As a personnel manager, department manager and project manager, you will receive even more support in the creation of shift plans for your department or project.

Navigator as overlay

The Navigator in BCS is very helpful for quick navigation in tree views. It is available in every view and is displayed in the left column of the user interface. In some views, however, it can be annoying because it constantly takes up part of the screen area.

So far, you can close the navigator with one click and show it again via the Navigator button if needed. In the interest of user-friendliness, you will be spared these clicks as of BCS 22.2. In the future, the Navigator will open automatically as an overlay as soon as you hover the mouse pointer over the left edge of the user interface.

This function is also available for BCS.start.

Ticket card display in "My area"

The visual ticket overview as cards on the Kanban board is not only very popular for individual work organization, but also for efficient collaboration in teams.

In order to get an overview of your tickets even faster in the future, it is already possible from BCS 22.2 to display your tickets in the popular view as ticket cards on a Kanban board on your personal overview page "My Area".

This function is also available for BCS.start.

Transfer effort in the work schedule

BCS makes it easier not only for HR managers and department heads to create work schedules for their department with this new function from version 22.2, but also for project managers to plan the effort for their project.

From now on, you can easily make a selection in the work schedule and select the option "Transfer effort". Residual and planned effort can thus be easily transferred from one employee to another or to several employees, for example. BCS then automatically assigns them to the task in question.

You can only transfer effort that is still available as planned or remaining maximum. BCS will notify you if you want to transfer more effort than is available.

This module is not available for BCS.start.

Other selected features of the 22.2


  • Views from "Internal" are now also visible under "My Area", selected views from "My Area" are now also available under "Internal".
  • Default presets for groups of people and individual users can be set by SysAdm and department manager.
  • Employee internal chart: Usability and display depth improvements on the interactive chart.
  • Resource planning: visualization of the workload mountain optimized

Process Management (BPMN)

  • Approvals can now be easily granted or reset in the personal overview under "My process tasks" as a quick decision.
  • Process manager license has now been replaced by a module. The module is available now. The previous process manager license is expected to become invalid in version 23.1.

Asset Management

  • Multiple selection filter by asset group in list and tree now available
  • Period filter for acquisition date in list of assets is now available

Contact Management (CRM)

  • Serial email setting "Consider contact person" made more transparent and understandable
  • New evaluation view to evaluate surveys in their entirety

Invoicing (XInvoice/ZUGFeRD)

  • Two new fields in the invoice template in the Projects section, Customer Data view: Name of service recipient (BT-70) and place of service (BT-71).
  • Customer number can now be supplemented by letters.
  • Final invoices and down payment invoices: In addition to the previously available residual net amount, the residual total amount (gross amount) and residual VAT amount can now also be displayed in separate columns.

Planning of material costs (interval planning)

  • Columns in the material cost plan can be shown and hidden individually or as column groups
  • Planned and actual material costs react to the selection of an evaluation period


  • Passwords in log files for SOAP messages are displayed unreadable by *****
  • BCS password vault is initialized during installation, not only when BCS is started for the first time

In addition

  • Expense management: Subsequent editing and adding of credit-side expenses now fast and easy possible
  • Restructuring of license definitions and alignment with new BCS functions
  • Filter configuration in the Basic Charges view on a company task: It is now possible to filter by departments, organizations, groups of people or employees
  • Employee internal chart: Usability and display depth improvements on the interactive chart
  • Tickets: "External effort" column charts grouped by selectable date parameters

And much more!

More detailed descriptions of the functions can be found in the release notes and documentation of Projektron BCS.

After a new beta version has been released, you have the opportunity to participate in our free release presentations. Would you like to learn more about the new functions and features of Projektron BCS?Take a look at our event calendar and register.

Ralf Junge

Head of PMO, Sandstein Neue Medien

"We appreciate the flexibility and maximum customizability that BCS offers. In fact, we have also had many specifications made. We always eagerly await new BCS versions, and we usually update very quickly after a new release. Here we see another fantastic advantage of BCS - it is maximally customizable and yet easily update-compatible."

Alexander Wittholz

Manager Customer Service Operations at CAL Consult GmbH

"We are very satisfied with the development of Projektron BCS and the functions added with new releases. So far, every new release has offered at least one new function that our employees consider as a "must have", which is why we have not skipped a major release since version 7.0. This is also facilitated by the very uncomplicated update process, which for us rarely requires manual intervention."

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