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Projektron BCS 20.1

The new version 20.1 of the Projektron BCS project management software enables efficient rights management thanks to the option of assigning licenses and roles to user groups. In addition, the Resource Load view has been revised: thanks to display adjustments, the utilization forecast is now easier to read. New options to the Work Schedule improve the interaction with the Resource Load, making resource management easier for project and line managers.

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Polish user interface

BCS is now also available in Polish

The Projektron BCS project management software is already available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Hungarian. With version 20.1, BCS also supports Polish. The new interface language can be deployed with the respective language licenses.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

Extended rights assignment with user groups

Assign user licenses and roles efficiently with User Groups

Projektron BCS 20.1 has made it easier to manage user licenses and roles: these can now also be assigned to user groups. In the new User Licences and Roles views for user groups, assignments can be maintained globally and no longer need to be defined individually for each employee.

Employees can see which licenses and roles are assigned to each user in the views User Licenses and Roles. Not only directly assigned roles and licenses are displayed here, but also those inherited from departments or user groups.

This function is not included in BCS.start as an option.

Improvements for the Resource Load and Work Schedule

Adapted presentation, new display options and interaction between Resource Load and Work Schedule

In terms of resource utilization, project managers, personnel managers as well as the line organization always keep an eye on the capacity and possible bottlenecks of their teams. With various options, this view can be adapted to individual needs in just a few clicks. In the new version 20.1, these features have been adapted and supplemented for an even more differentiated overview: The elements in the Resource Load are now aligned line by line and are therefore easier to read. The new display option Utilization % shows the percentage total utilization per cell and Utilization % / Free capacities shows free capacities in hours and minutes. The total utilization is now directly visible in percent at the level of the employee and department, runtimes are displayed in the standard system and appointments are charged with predefined baseload expenses.

For line managers, Projektron BCS 20.1 also provides extensions to the Work Schedule. Tickets are displayed directly below the relevant task, making it easier to identify relationships and facilitating the scheduling of employees at a departmental level. The Work Schedule can now also be used to create appointments for ticket-scheduled tasks.

This function is partly included in BCS.start.

Extended features for material costs

Displaying material costs in intervals

The Projektron BCS material costs module has received extensive additions. In projects with long runtimes, you can now plan material costs even more precisely by outlining material costs in intervals such as monthly or quarterly. You can distribute material costs to respective periods manually, with a regular value or based on an automatically generated even distribution. This allows you to keep an eye on the distribution of material costs even in large projects: The column total sums the values for a defined evaluation period. Additionally, the values for each interval are also totaled.

Actual material costs can now also be entered as commitments. This allows you to enter known costs for which no invoice has been issued and include them in evaluations.

This function is not included in BCS.start.

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