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Projektron BCS 7.22

If project management and resource management are organized separately from one another, this can be flexibly mapped in Projektron BCS 7.22. In addition, the new Projektron BCS contains improved controls and also provides users of the compact edition, Projektron BCS.start, with a practical app for time recording.

Separable: Project management and resource management

An added benefit for matrix and line

The project managers specify the persons who should be included in the project team, particularly in autonomous project organizations, in the team planning of their project.

If project management and resource provision are organized separately from one another, this can be flexibly mapped in Projektron BCS 7.22: If the person responsible for the project plans his projects with placeholders, for example, resource provision can easily be undertaken by a personal manager, for instance by the head of the respective specialist departments.

The personnel manager views the employees' assignments and the placeholders for individual projects listed in a table. In just a few clicks, he can customize the assignments, for example replace placeholders with suitable employees or swap employees across projects in the event of sick leave.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Billable: Tickets in the invoice generator

Invoice efficiently

The Invoice Generator by Projektron BCS makes invoicing easier: Every month, the amounts for invoicing are compiled into temporary invoices, for example.

What used to be applied to projects, can now be applied to tickets in version 7.22; for your Support department a separate efforts invoice can be created per ticket using the invoice generator. Filters are used to control which tickets shall be billed and in which status the tickets can be billed. In the Invoice Templates, you select where this particular billing method takes effect, as usual.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Predefinable: Payment of surcharges

Easy automation

Whether it be work undertaken on public holidays, night employment or weekend work: with Projektron BCS, personnel managers manage variances in regular wages centrally, using performance types and surcharge rules.

In the new version of Projektron BCS, company-wide specifications on the payment methods of surcharges can be defined centrally. For instance, it can be determined by default whether Projektron 7.22 records the surcharges for weekend work to be paid out, which are transferred to the working hours account, or are credited to the flextime compensation budget.

Visible: Improved GUI elements for the Projektron BCS interface

Working conveniently

The version 7.22 of the project management software Projektron BCS contains improved controls. Buttons used for processing are now highlighted in blue and their designations are context-sensitive. So even those new to Projektron BCS know what they can edit in the respective view. For example, the Edit button is now entitled Assign Team in the Team Planning view or Plan the Deployment of Employees in the Work Schedule view.

Additionally: If you make any changes to the contents of a view, the relevant buttons, for example Save, are automatically highlighted once the entry is completed. Here you can immediately see that an entry is required.

The new menu for displaying an object in tree views offers you additional convenience. Here, there is the option to expand subtrees as you like or directly switch to additional views of the respective level. This makes it possible for you to accomplish your goals quicker.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Available: Time recording app in Projektron BCS.start

Booking on the move with the “compact” edition

Whether you are using the full version of Projektron BCS or the compact Projektron BCS.start: In future, you can easily record your times in both editions using a smartphone. This is because as of version 7.22, the time recording app is also available for Projektron BCS.start.

Projektron BCS.start is designed for project teams of up to 15 employees. Equipped with professional project management tools and helpful support functions, Projektron BCS.start handles important work processes – from the quotation to the invoice.

This function is new to BCS.start.

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