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Projektron BCS 21.3

From version 21.3, you can plan topics for your meetings and discussions efficiently and transparently for all participants thanks to the new agenda. The search field in the view selection now not only finds individual views, but also attributes and actions unerringly and reliably. Of course, the Projektron WebApp can also boast numerous new functions in the areas of expense and time recording.

Our new agenda for your appointment planning

If you have created an appointment in the appointment calendar, for example a meeting, BCS offers the possibility to add an agenda for the appointment. You can filter the collected topics of a project or task according to the status and priority of the topics, conveniently move the topics within the list using drag-and-drop, and assign individual topics to an appointment or even an entire series of appointments as a permanent agenda item.

If you plan and organize regular meetings or hold recurring meetings, these new agenda planning features in BCS will save you a lot of time, bring more structure to your planning and make your meetings more efficient.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

Metasearch: Finding not only views, but also attributes and actions

To find a view, the search field in the view selection is a tried and tested means. The search function of this metasearch has been extended so that you can now find not only views but also attributes and actions - a new feature that will benefit almost every user.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

Quickly display filter options

The filter options in BCS are extensive and detailed. For some users, however, it was not necessarily obvious at first glance which filter options are available for which column. For this very reason, BCS now includes a new option to quickly display the appropriate filters via the column header of the respective column. Permanently active and visible filters that you do not need can now be removed even more easily, comfortably and quickly. Since a large number of BCS users work with filters on a daily basis, this new feature of version 21.3 will be a significant relief for many.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

New interface to JIRA Cloud

For some time now, BCS has offered a plug-in for JIRA Server, the Projektron BCS Connector, as well as the JIRA SyncAdapter (JSA) web service, providing you with flexible mapping between project structures via JIRA's own scripting language JQL. BCS 21.3 now also provides an interface to JIRA Cloud and allows you to transfer tasks, work logs or estimates from JIRA Cloud to BCS. You can optionally exclude individual user stories, epics, etc. from the synchronization.

This function is also optionally available for BCS.start.

Other selected functions of version 21.3

Project management - Project planning - Project preparation

  • Project management - Project planning - Project preparation
  • Project sub-goals and sub-goals can be given a separate target date, which can also be used to filter by
  • Filter options in the effort plan and project plan according to team members with planned effort and team members with remaining effort
  • Usability improvements: dynamic calculations in schedule, structure plan and project plan

Resource management

  • Workload mountain converted to dynamic format that can be output in reports
  • Display of the workload mountain customizable (for example, colors and order)
  • Tooltips on mouseover, highlighting and graying out of areas
  • Evaluation of the load factor on person group level possible

Offers and invoicing

  • Improvement in QR invoicing: QR code can now be embedded directly in the invoice report
  • Offer status can be reset to last status before assignment after withdrawal of assignment

Improvements in usability

  • Ring diagrams replace pie charts: Quantity ratios can be estimated more easily
  • Upload of files now (except in Firefox) not only by drag-and-drop, but also by copy-paste (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) possible
  • Vacation schedule can be used more intuitively: Appointments can be created, edited and moved directly in the calendar
  • More overview: Summary and merging of views under "Evaluations - Efforts" and "Evaluations - Costs".

Rights and licenses

  • Targeted assignment of rights for editing classifiers
  • Users with project manager license get access to "Projects at a glance" at project groups in the "Project overview" view
  • View "Contact history" on project groups has been activated for the project manager license
  • Changes to the permissions of the "Invoice Manager" license at project group level

Projektron WebApp: New functions

  • Expense entry: Simplified entry of multiple receipts thanks to button with plus symbol
  • New license "Attendance creator": may create attendances but not bookings
  • Improvements of the graphical user interface for time recording
  • Booking diagram: graphical visualization of the proportion of recorded working time to target working time
  • Accidentally created bookings without data entry are automatically discarded
  • Rights-specific display of options for time recording


  • Time recording: edit and preassign attendance time in the weekly booking
  • Login: Forwarding to the configured OAuth identity provider directly from Projektron BCS

And much more!

More detailed descriptions of the functions can be found in the release notes and documentation of Projektron BCS.

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