Project preparation

Common vision. Tangible goals.

With the project management software Projektron BCS you professionally launch the project.

Defining goals with software support: Achievable. Measurable. Clear.

Diligently and precisely defined project goals form the foundation for professional projects. Our project management software purposefully supports you with proven project management instruments.

The project management software supports you with handy forms for the precise formulation of main goals and sub-goals along with their qualitative and quantitative assessment standards.

Of course, how many goals you enter into Projektron BCS is up to you. Thanks to dynamic target hierarchy graphics, you can even keep an eye on all goals for fine-grained target definitions or very large projects.

Risk management: Risks under control from the beginning

Despite good preparation and knowledgeable planning, external and internal events may disturb or even endanger the successful progress of projects.

With risk management from Projektron BCS, you can clearly keep track of possible risks and how likely they are to occur during all stages of a project: preparation, planning as well as execution. In addition to a risk list or a risk chart, you can show all risks in the project overview or in the structure plan if needed. In order to structure risks better, it is also possible to create sub-risks and use them for filtering

Projektron BCS risk management professionally supports you when preparing measures for risk reduction. In addition to creating detailed risk reduction measures, our project management software is also capable of performing a system-controlled evaluation of said measures. Automated calculations for cost reduction provide you with information about the quantitative efficiency of your measures.

You can also enter how the probability of occurrence was reduced by a countermeasure and compare the values before and after the countermeasure in a clear risk chart. An important attribute in this regard is the risk value, which is used to assess the risk in terms of degree of severity and probability of occurrence.

In addition to the risks, opportunities can be recorded, categorized and their positive effects on revenue, cost savings and time savings assessed. Support measures that increase the likelihood of opportunities can also be defined.

Stakeholder management: Recognise opportunities

Special attention is paid to stakeholders in Projektron BCS. In our project management software, you can gather the potentials and interests of all parties involved and analyze these on the basis of a dynamically generated matrix.

In doing so you can recognize possible opportunities and potential conflicts early on and can react in a timely manner with the appropriate strategy for successful stakeholder management.

Project environment analysis: Framework conditions quickly understood

How might parallel projects effect my project? Are there synergy effects or conflicting relationships.

The project environment is a crucial factor for the success of your project. With Projektron BCS, you can quickly gather the most important framework conditions of your project and see the influencing variables at a glance thanks to the graphical assessment.

Transparent communication: well informed

Whether you're working directly in the web-based project management software or with a handy report – with Projektron BCS, you can quickly inform all stakeholders about your project goals. This way you can ensure transparency and contribute to the common understanding of your project without too much effort.

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