User permissions management

Tailor-made and intuitive

Access rights and processing rights defined quickly and precisely: This issue is easily solved in Projektron BCS with role-based user permissions management and a clear permissions matrix.

Company-specific user permissions concept


Whether you have a small company or a large group: Thanks to flexible user permissions management, you can adjust the user permissions concept of Projektron BCS to the structures of your organization.

Directly after installation of the system, tried and tested standard roles are available to you. Whether you're a managing director, project manager, employee or controller: In Projektron BCS roles, you will find typical areas of activities for all parties.

Standard roles are not sufficient? Not a problem with Projektron BCS: As the system administrator, you can adjust existing roles to your requirements or add completely new ones.

Quick assignment and intuitive configuration of permissions


In Projektron BCS you can assign permissions quickly and flexibly: If you create a new user, the Projektron BCS wizard already has the necessary steps for the assignment of permissions at your disposal.

Any set of permissions that is defined once, such as for example the permissions of a project employee, can be used by other users without any problems simply by copying – as often as you'd like. If you assign employees to a department for the first time, they will also automatically inherit the standard permissions of said department.

Did your employee processes and functions change after restructuring measures? In the clear permissions matrix of Projektron BCS, you can adjust all the necessary permissions and roles with just a few clicks.

Targeted assignment of permissions

Pinpoint accuracy

In Projektron BCS, you can assign permissions for selected projects and organizational units quickly and purposefully.

When you assign employees and person groups to a specific task or project in resource management, Projektron BCS will authorize the permissions in accordance with the activity. As a result, your employees have access to certain file folders, to the project calendar, or to process protocols.

When you assign an organizational unit, such as a department, to a line manager, such as a department supervisor, then he or she is able to edit internal employee data, approve leave requests or add new employees to his or her department.

In addition, you can also assign rights sets directly to a group of people. All assigned employees thereby receive the rights of the group. This enables uniform and cross-departmental rights management.

Temporary assignment of rights is also possible: If you name a deputy for a specific period of time, he will be granted the editing and viewing permissions necessary to take on your tasks.

Access by external persons


You want to make use of freelancers for a larger project? With the differentiated assignment of access rights, you can effectively integrate external employees into projects. A freelance employee only sees the areas in Projektron BCS which they need for their work and accesses the relevant information on their behalf.

You may even grant access to selected project data to your customers via user permissions management. This way they are always up to date and can always get an overview of the progress of the project.

Our customers love it

Stefan Lingner

Managing Director of Lingner & Lingner Consulting New Media GmbH

Right from the start, [we] were enthused by the fact that the software is web-based. This allows us to work with the system from anywhere and we can also provide access for our customers, so that they have a constant clear overview of the status of their project. This and the clean documentation are a huge advantage already in the bidding phase – we are simply able to present ourselves and work in a more professional way.

Stephan Jensen

Managing Director of SkyGate GmbH

We are able to involve customers in the projects by providing a customer login – this facilitates the support, and the customers really embrace the idea.

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