Project management functions in BCS

Plan, execute, control and evaluate projects - web-based project management software Projektron BCS

Say goodbye to project chaos. Projektron BCS is the all-in-one software solution for your project management and project work. Automate project management processes, centrally prepare, plan, execute, control and evaluate projects - the open-method and web-based project management software BCS makes it possible.

Project preparation

Lay the foundation for successful project work with holistic and sustainable project preparation in the project management software: risk management in the preparation phase, planning phase and during project execution, cost mitigation measures, probability of occurrence calculation, risk diagrams, precisely definable project goals with overall objectives and sub-objectives, dynamic goal hierarchy graphic, stakeholder management and project environment analysis.

Project preparation with BCS

Successful project management begins even before detailed project planning: With the project preparation functions in the Projektron BCS project management software, you create the ideal framework and starting conditions for the success of your project. With system-supported target definitions, stakeholder analyses and environment considerations, you start ideally equipped.

  • Goal definition: Define and edit project goals, sub-goals and sub-objectives and present them in a project goal graphic.
  • Environment analysis: Analyze your project environment and identify all environmental factors that can influence the course of the project, be it parallel projects, relationships with conflict potential or synergy effects.
  • Stakeholders: Identify and record stakeholders for your project and evaluate their influence and support potential in the stakeholder analysis.
  • Opportunity and risk analysis: Counter identified risks by defining effective countermeasures and exploit opportunities by planning suitable support measures.
  • Significance: Define the strategic importance of a project and weight values for the areas of innovation, image, market potential, customer requirement and profitability, shown in the radar chart.
  • Project application wizard: Prepare the application for your project in a professional manner.
  • Project applications: Review project applications clearly, compare and decide based on data which project applications will be approved.
  • Report generation: Create a project application report in no time, summarizing all the necessary information for preparing your project in one document.


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Project planning

With our Projektron BCS project management software, you can plan professionally: work packages, tasks and milestones provide an overview, while automatic calculations ensure efficiency. Time planning, resource planning and budget planning flow into your project plan: The perfect basis for your project planning with Projektron BCS - planning wizards, project phase plan, work breakdown structure, interactive Gantt charts, network plans.

Project planning with BCS

Create and plan your projects in Projektron BCS according to different project planning models (top-down, bottom-up or counter-intuitive) and project management methods (PRINCE2, IPMA, Hermes, AutomotiveSPICE, PMI).

  • Project planning wizard: Plan your project in ten steps, through which the Projektron BCS project planning wizard guides you.
  • Project templates: create and use project templates from projects, sub-projects and project structure elements such as work packages, tasks and milestones to create your work breakdown structure.
  • Network: Place structure items in the appropriate dependency relationship and structure your project as deeply as you like with tasks, checklists, and workflows to create a detailed schedule.
  • Schedule: Manually plan the schedule of your project and project phases directly in the dynamic Gantt chart, in terms of on-time scheduling based on the duration of tasks and dependencies between project structure elements, or in terms of resource-driven scheduling based on optimal utilization of your project team.
  • Team planning: Staff your project team based on skills with the appropriate employees at optimal resource utilization.
  • Multi-level cost planning: Based on your structure and effort plan, you create well-founded calculations at an early stage, which you can use for target/actual comparisons later in the project.
  • Baseline comparison: Save different planning statuses of your work breakdown structures, schedules, structure plans, team plans, effort plans, and non-personnel cost plans as baselines to compare them with each other.


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Project management

Control your project with Projektron BCS in a forward-looking and economical way. BCS tools such as the Kanban board for ticket and task processing, automated workflows and checklists, change requests, status history, schedules with subproject goals and milestones, project-related time recording with remaining effort estimates, personnel resource planning, project documentation with progress log and central document management help you to do this.

Project Execution with BCS

Organize project work efficiently and react proactively to changes: With a wide range of tools for project communication, project documentation and project adaptation, our project management software Projektron BCS supports you.

  • Project progress: Always keep track of the processing status of each individual task thanks to clear displays, such as in the Kanban board, the project overview or the Gantt chart, track the progress of the project in detail and see which employee is currently working on which task.
  • Project execution: If desired, the BCS Assistant supports you in implementing your project on schedule and in compliance with planned efforts.
  • Project calendar: You can use your project calendar to view subproject goals or milestones and easily create meeting dates and appointments.
  • Change requests: Use the ticket system in Projektron BCS to control, document and track approval procedures for changes in project planning.
  • Project-related time recording: The members of your project teams book their working hours directly to the tasks to which they are assigned in the project. The effort data is directly available for ongoing project controlling and invoicing.
  • Staff scheduling: As a project manager, prioritize tasks and schedule your staff accordingly with just a few clicks.
  • Project documentation: In the progress log in BCS, you centrally record all relevant information in chronological order.
  • Quality assurance: use the checklists and automated workflows to provide your project team with clear guidelines for the professional execution of your projects.
  • Project communication: in addition to communication within the project team, BCS also supports communication with stakeholders and external project participants with a wide range of options.


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Resource management

More structure and foresight, no more staff bottlenecks, no more overloading of your employees, material resources at the right place at the right time: With Projektron BCS project management software, you can manage most of the resource provisioning, deployment and capacity planning for your projects!

Resource Management with BCS

Make optimal use of your resources: With central employee management, vacation management, workload analyses as well as planning support, Projektron BCS creates synergies and provides everything you need for your resource planning and management with comprehensive and clear planning tools.

  • Workload planning: Determine who should staff your project team with just a few clicks. Thanks to BCS, you can immediately see which employee is available on which day and for how long, and who has the necessary skills. Existing scheduling conflicts can be viewed and resolved centrally.
  • Flexible organizational structures: Whether line organization or matrix organization - in Projektron BCS, you map the organizational form of your company and your project organization holistically and clearly in an organizational chart. Define department and project-independent groups of people and assign individuals or groups of people to your project.
  • Workload forecasting: Forecast the workload of your employees based on all relevant factors such as project assignments, working hours, basic loads, vacations and absences due to illness.
  • Utilization analysis: In the resource preview in Projektron BCS, you can easily recognize the utilization level of an employee thanks to colored bar charts and also keep an eye on line activities in resource planning. In this way, you can also easily manage cross-project capacity planning.
  • Utilization mountains: In the graphical analysis of capacity utilization, you can immediately recognize overloads and underloads of individual employees, teams and departments.
  • Material resources: Plan material resources, which you manage centrally in the asset management module of Projektron BCS, with just a few clicks.


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Project controlling

As an all-in-one software for project management, Projektron BCS also supports your project controlling so that you can keep control of the project process at all times and achieve your project goals. This is made possible by graphical project evaluation, target/actual comparison, earned value analysis, milestone trend analysis and remaining effort estimation, among other features.

Project Controlling with BCS

Are the projects running as planned? In project controlling you receive all important evaluations of your project key figures, for example in the total cost diagram or in the analysis of material costs and personnel costs in the project. On the basis of effort recording, you monitor the progress of the project and receive a reliable forecast of the key performance indicators. Thanks to material cost recording and external allocation rates, you have an overview of the entire project budget.

  • Project overview: As a project controller, get all project deadlines, tasks and important key figures of the project such as total costs incurred, material costs and efforts always in view thanks to the simple tachometer display. You can obtain more detailed information with just one click in the cost diagram or in the effort diagram.
  • Monitor project progress: With the milestone trend analysis, you can identify schedule deviations and make well-founded forecasts for stakeholders, management or clients.
  • Earned value analysis: Determine the actual project progress and make forecasts about the expected completion date and effort at the end of the project.
  • Analysis of project efforts and project costs: Evaluate the commissioned, planned and incurred efforts or costs for the entire project or subordinate project structure elements.
  • Analysis of project bookings: View the bookings of individual employees and their remaining effort estimates.
  • Project controlling reports: Generate individual project reports in BCS - overview, effort and cost reports according to your needs.


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Multi-project management

BCS offers you all the tools you need to plan, monitor, coordinate and control multiple projects across the board: Multi-project board for overview of your projects by status, priority, project category, effort, cost and profit, flexibly define project groups and project categories, resource planning for project groups, cross-project milestones.

Multi-project management with BCS

Focus on the right projects: With resource planning for project groups and multi-project controlling functions, Projektron BCS provides you with the basis for strategic and operational multi-project management.

  • Multi-project board: View all projects and their status, priority, project category and most important KPIs in a compact Kanban overview.
  • Multi-project controlling: Cross-project evaluations show you not only planned and actual values, but also residual efforts estimated by your project streetcars. In the graphical multi-project evaluation, you immediately recognize where action is required.
  • Project groups and project categories: Combine multiple projects into project groups or under different project categories for easier comparison, management and evaluation.
  • Resource planning for project groups: As a multi-project manager, set a resource budget at the project group level.
  • Cross-project milestones and milestone history


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Project portfolio management

Project portfolio management in Projektron BCS allows you to centrally manage all of your organization's internal and external projects in order to achieve your strategic business goals. In this way, you focus efforts on the projects that make the most economic sense. The portfolio management functions in BCS include: Create project ideas, generate, compare, review and evaluate project proposals, weigh the cost-benefit ratio in the portfolio diagram, control the flow of your projects according to the stage-gate model.

Project portfolio management with BCS

Generate and compare project proposals from project ideas with the lean portfolio management of Projektron BCS project management software.

  • Create and check project ideas: Your employees simply enter project ideas in Projektron BCS. The person responsible receives a suitable checklist for checking.
  • Compare project proposals: Evaluate applications according to factors of strategic importance, such as image, innovation, customer requirement, profitability and market potential.
  • Assemble project portfolio: Easily add and score projects to portfolios to deliver the right projects at the right time.
  • Compare projects: Easily compare the projects in your portfolios with BCS based on their Return of Investment (ROI), Net Present Value (NPV) or Internal Rate of Return (IRR). In the portfolio diagram, you can see at a glance the strategic importance of the projects in your portfolio.


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Carsten Münch

First Business Partner & Team Coordinator Application Management, TÜV Rheinland Service GmbH

"Various areas of TÜV Rheinland rely on Projektron BCS: TÜV Rheinland's corporate IT is bundled globally and is the central IT service provider.  But business units and other functions at TÜV Rheinland also use BCS - not only in Germany, but worldwide. In total, almost 2,000 people work with BCS at TÜV Rheinland. All projects are realized via Projektron BCS. The scope and duration of our projects vary considerably and range from a standard inspection as a small project to large projects with a duration of several years and over a hundred project participants."

Andrea Fischer

Back office project assistance, team Technology Management GmbH, Vienna, Austria

"Projektron GmbH's project management software Projektron BCS enables us to represent and implement the multidisciplinary tasks of our complex projects. The software enables us to holistically record the tasks of a project with all interdependencies in order to identify challenges at an early stage."

Franz Essl

IT Administrator, Bitter GmbH (Austria)

"We use Projektron BCS software throughout the entire project lifecycle, starting with the pre-project phase, followed by bidding and project processing, and ending with invoicing. In project processing, we use different tools in BCS depending on the project complexity. In any case, time or activity recording is a central component in every project. Therefore, we use BCS consistently in all our projects."

Mirko Richter

IT Services & Head of Applications, Stämpfli AG

"With BCS we can run projects from start to finish, delegate tasks and schedule people and teams. This helps us to ensure that we always have enough staff available for our projects. We can also control the utilisation of our staff and avoid bottlenecks and overloads. Our employees record their efforts on the corresponding projects/tasks. This activity recording enables us to charge for our services in Projektron."

Adrian Kamer

Senior System Architect, Deleproject AG

"BCS offers comprehensive functionality for all phases of project management from planning and execution to controlling and reporting. We were able to manage all our project data in one system and maintain an overview at all times."

David Rosenau

Head of Solution Consulting/SAP Senior Consultant, Mercoline GmbH

"Projektron BCS has long been THE central tool for us, through which we map almost all of our company's processes. We quickly benefited from the decision to reduce the amount of different tools and thus also diverse interfaces and finally decided that BCS should be our ERP system."

Marcus Brandl

Operational business management and planning department at it4logistics AG, Information Technology (IT)

Projektron BCS is an extremely useful tool that supports us in planning and controlling our projects. Functions such as resource-based project planning, the wide range of analyses, time recording, the ticket system and the file repository enable efficient project work. And the fact that Projektron BCS is web-based means that we can access the system at all times.

Dr. Claus Görner

Managing Director at User Interface Design GmbH (UID), Multimedia

The most impressive features of Projektron BCS include its versatility and the transparency in terms of controlling. Our controlling is much more efficient and straightforward thanks to this project management software.

Dr. Andreas Totok

Business Unit Manager Enterprise Information Management at Finanz Informatik Solutions Plus GmbH, Finance

We managed to introduce Projektron BCS within three months and be able to operate. This would not have been possible with other standard software. Moreover, BCS is a software that can keep up with our strong growth: The number of users has more than doubled in the last year.



Why Project Management Software Projektron BCS?

5 good reasons

BCS is platform-independent and web-based

BCS is platform-independent and web-based

From the very beginning in 2001, one aspect was particularly important to the Projektron project experts: Our project management tools should be platform-independent. Projektron pioneered this as a provider by developing BCS, Germany's first browser-based project management system. No matter from where and no matter with which operating system - via any browser you get instant access to our web-based PM software from the web. For quick and easy time tracking, expense recording and new business contacts, there's also our app. As far as the service model is concerned, you have the free choice: BCS is available as a solution from the cloud and as an on-premises variant.

BCS is practice-oriented

BCS is practice-oriented

We have our finger on the pulse of project management practice: Our employees have acquired certificates for one or more project management methods, for example IPMA or PRINCE2. The employees in our development department, who continuously develop BCS in-house in Berlin, are certified according to Scrum.

The development of Projektron BCS is based on the requirements of our customers' daily work. From the very beginning, we continuously take up suggestions in the process and implement them in the further development of Projektron BCS. Four new releases appear every year. We see our customers as partners who help us to better understand the requirements of project work in different project environments, different industries and different company sizes. In this way, BCS grows continuously with each new release and feature, in line with the ever-changing challenges of our customers.

Equally important from our point of view: All Projektron GmbH employees and departments, whether development, personnel management, marketing, support or management, use BCS as their sole company software. To handle all our business processes - internal and external projects, software development, event organization, quotation and invoicing, management of contracts, assets and any documents, and the list could go on and on - we exclusively use our own software, Projektron BCS.

BCS is investment-proof and future-proof

BCS is investment-proof and future-proof

Projektron has been around since 2001. In the very first fiscal year, we were able to acquire ten customers who have since been successfully implementing projects with our Projektron BCS project management software. In the meantime, 850 companies and organizations have placed their trust in us and our PM software. Take stock yourself and compare us!

Our customers and we know the strengths of Projektron BCS. That's why we don't shy away from project management software tests or project management software comparisons. Take a look at our references, get an initial overview in the software comparison of BCS with other management software products such as Inloox, Wrike, factro, Jira, MS Project and many other solutions or simply convince yourself and take advantage of our offer: Test Projektron BCS free of charge and without obligation!

BCS is adaptable

BCS is adaptable

Projektron BCS has a modular structure and is therefore flexible and adaptable to your individual requirements and needs. This also helps to ensure that the abundance of different functionalities is not at the expense of usability and user-friendliness. You don't need contract management or Scrum? For optimal usability, you can switch off modules you don't need, individually hide views you rarely need, or configure additional fields. This way, it's easy for you to focus on the things that are important to you.

In addition, each user can customize each view of the interface or configure additional fields. Thanks to the many interfaces, integrating your data in multiple applications is easy. You can also customize and output reports specific to your business.

Transparency in the project is important, but it may be necessary that not all project participants are allowed to see all views. With a granular rights system, you define specifically who is allowed to see or edit what. Many project roles are already predefined in the standard, you can adapt or extend them as you wish.

BCS improves workflows

BCS improves workflows

With the Projektron BCS project management software, you not only maintain an overview of your projects, but also of your daily tasks. Use the appointment calendar for this purpose, for example - you will no longer miss any meetings thanks to the browser notification. Call your customers directly from BCS and read all received emails in the contact history.

The software shows you all upcoming appointments, tasks and workflows, which also organizes your daily work individually and as a team. You and your project team participate in meetings and discussions, which you plan, organize, hold, record and follow up entirely in BCS.

Projektron BCS forms a platform that provides all participants with the data they need and supports all users, whether project member, service provider or customer, in their project role. This means that everyone can find out about the status of the joint work in a clear form and can see the relevant project data transparently.

Convince yourself and start the test: Project management software according to your needs - Projektron BCS!


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Need more than project management software?

ERP functions of Projektron BCS at a glance

Do your software requirements go far beyond the limits of a project management tool? No problem, because Projektron BCS is far more than just project management software. BCS stands for Business Coordination Software and, as ERP software, supports all business processes related to your project work.

BCS enables you to automate processes in numerous areas of your company. Dive into the variety of functions, get to know our modular solution and put together your project management tool or ERP system individually for your requirements!

Record working hours on a project-related and task-related basis: With the ergonomic booking screens in Projektron BCS and the Projektron BCS app, booking hours is quick and easy.

Your project success stands and falls with the staffing, competence and motivation of your project team. BCS therefore brings along the functions of an HR software and organizes all processes of your personnel management.

Thanks to digitized customer communication, flexible effort recording and precise billing, you can manage customer inquiries and project tickets quickly and cost-effectively in the project management software.

You can create a quotation quickly and precisely from your planning data using the Projektron BCS project management software. The flexible quotation module offers the best support for this, even internationally.

With Projektron BCS project management software, you create effort and fixed price invoices from projects and can use multiple currencies.

Address database, circulars and integrated computer telephony: Projektron BCS provides you with a powerful CRM toolset for your customer management.

From expense recording to expense checking to expense reporting: With Projektron BCS expense management, you can automate and digitize your travel expense and expense reporting easily and efficiently.

The project management software offers you many tools for efficient teamwork. Use the shared appointment calendar, online conferences or internal tickets and resubmissions.

Whether in individual projects or company-wide: Thanks to web-based access, systematic assignment as well as automatic versioning, your documents are in good hands in BCS.

With Projektron BCS, your contract documents and assets are in the best hands. With the inventory and contract management module, you not only manage your current contracts, but also your entire in-house assets.

Conveniently output project content as a report in various file formats, such as PDF. Be it a project proposal or a cost overview. Thanks to BIRT, you configure reports yourself.

Quality management and project management work hand in hand with Projektron BCS - this is ensured by practical tools and a wide range of analysis options. Thanks to workflows and checklists, nothing is forgotten.

In Projektron BCS, you control project management processes with software support using system-controlled workflows and BPMN processes - goal-oriented, transparent and flexible.

With the help of a granular rights system, you define who can see what in the project. In the standard Projektron BCS comes with many predefined project roles that you can easily change or add to.

The Projektron BCS project management software can be tailored exactly to your company-specific requirements - from the scope of functions to business logic and corporate language to corporate design.

Convince yourself of Projektron BCS: Here you can test our project management software free of charge and without obligation.


Test Projektron BCS free of charge!


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