Invoicing and project accounting with Projektron BCS

Projektron BCS combines project management and invoicing in one software package. With BCS, you can invoice customer projects directly and create expense and fixed-price invoices from projects. You can use multiple currencies. Intelligent workflows and automatisms save time and money, while the software effortlessly maps different hourly rates, surcharges and billing rules. Keep track of complex project billing and optimize your billing processes with Projektron BCS.

Projektron BCS for project accounting and invoicing: financial flow under control

What if you could...

➤ could effortlessly keep an eye on even complex project billing?

➤ could use intelligent workflows and automation to save time and money in your billing processes?

➤ could send electronic invoices to public administrations in Germany in the appropriate format as standard?

➤ Automatically create and process e-invoices in the hybrid ZUGFeRD format?

➤ integrate project expenses, including discounts, easily and accurately into invoices?

➤ could design invoices flexibly and individually, either manually or automatically with the help of an innovative invoice generator?

➤ be able to send invoices and reminders directly from the software?

➤ be able to precisely define discount rules for your customers in different currencies?

➤ have an efficient solution for complex intercompany invoicing in order to optimize collaboration within your company network?

Ursula Meyer

Delivery Manager, Be Shaping The Future - Performance, Transformation, Digital GmbH, Munich

We write invoices as PDF invoices and send them by email - traditional paper invoices are a thing of the past. As our customers also include public sector organizations, we also write invoices in “ZUGFeRD” format.

Elisabeth Königshofen

Project Management Office, items GmbH & Co. KG

"In addition to the hours spent by employees and benefits in kind such as licenses, software products and hardware, the resources used by customers in items' data centers (e.g. storage space, databases, user accounts, etc.) must also be invoiced with BCS. The information on such measured values is automatically loaded into BCS via an interface and taken into account there when invoicing. The billing of these projects can be implemented centrally and clearly via BCS with little effort. BCS also offers a wide range of options for billing other services from service contracts (one-off, cyclically recurring, generally scheduled) that are provided for customers outside of projects."

Thomas Hackenbuchner

Head of Finance & Administration, MicroNova AG

"MicroNova also uses BCS for the actual invoicing, as enormous time savings can be achieved in connection with the DATEV export. Not only outgoing invoices to customers are processed, but also "intercompany invoices" within the group."

Peter Schürmann

Head of Global Project Management, msg global solutions Deutschland GmbH

"The creation of settlements and invoices with amounts in customer currencies is done completely via BCS. The automatic intercompany invoicing currently developed together with Projektron in the product standard allows for the automatic creation of group-internal invoices based on predefined templates and rules."

Monique Heim

Management assistant and project assistant, molpe Softwareentwicklungs GmbH

"Invoicing works via BCS with just a few clicks. Due to the possibility of individualisation, the invoice presentation is adapted to our corporate design. All our customers have their own invoice template in which the information they require (e.g. order or contract numbers) and the presentation of the invoice items (per task, per project, etc.) are stored. If an invoice correction is needed, this can also be done without much effort."

Stefan Thomé

Managing Director, spheos GmbH

"When a project section approaches its scheduled end, the overviews and printouts from Projektron of the hours worked facilitate our invoicing. If the customer so desires, he receives these lists as proof of our performance in addition to his invoice. At the same time, we provide them with a meaningful basis for making internal cost allocations. The freelancers also use printouts from Projektron BCS as the basis for their invoices. In this way, they shorten the checking process and the internal lead time."

Mirko Richter

IT Services & Head of Applications, Stämpfli AG

"The service recording enables us to invoice our services in Projektron. The invoices are created directly in Projektron BCS and transferred via interface to our ERP system and our financial accounting software. Projektron provides us with excellent support, for example in the challenging introduction of the Swiss QR invoice 2022."

Adrian Kamer

Senior System Architect, Deleproject AG

"With BCS, we can invoice our services easily and correctly. We can create invoices based on fixed prices or expenses. BCS also supports the generation of the new Swiss QR invoices that our customers require."

Lutz Klickermann

Managing Director, ic-solution GmbH

"If we wanted to record the hours we worked, it seemed to make sense that the software should also be able to handle invoicing. Since we not only provide services and bill for the hours worked, but also bill for products and maintenance contracts, the system also had to be able to record our complete range of products and services. It quickly became clear to us that we needed the much-vaunted "eierlegende Wollmilchsau". It was important to us that the software could also map the entire sales process from quotation to invoicing. We are very happy to have chosen BCS and to have implemented the software."

Peter Schürmann

Head of Global Project Management, msg global solutions Germany GmbH

"We use BCS Projektron centrally for over 25 of our own country organizations. What makes it special is that we use consultants from many different countries in almost every one of our large projects, and all planning, resource allocation, time recording and billing is done in one BCS. We create all customer invoices there in local currencies and manage our own international intercompany billing. Having one central solution to cover all countries is a huge advantage, in addition to the high level of process integration."

Variable project billing: from project to invoice

With Projektron BCS, the transition from project work to invoicing is seamless. Thanks to integrated time recording, employees book the time and effort of their work directly to a ticket or task and thus to a project. The precise hour-by-hour recording of effort makes it possible to track the type of work performed in detail and thus create a precise basis for project billing. As a project manager, you can check all bookings for your project centrally and approve the work performed for invoicing.

Whether materials used, external costs, items sold or travel expenses: Projektron BCS also adds all other project expenses to the invoice on request, thus enabling complete and precise invoicing. Discounts negotiated in the quotation are shown separately on the invoice. Of course, you can also create credit notes - both for complete invoices and for individual invoice items.

If you work with standard services or standard professional services, you can save these as items in Projektron BCS and transfer them to your project. In combination with quotation creation, you can also set up interval-specific fees for item types, for example to map an update fee.

Standard sales prices and graduated prices for items can be adapted to specific projects and invoiced accordingly. If the hours worked by your employees are to be included in the invoice on a pro rata basis, you can easily define this using project-specific billing factors. If you have agreed a fixed price for an entire project or sub-project with your customer in the order, this can be invoiced just as easily.

Electronic invoicing: XRechnung, ZUGFeRD and QR invoices

XRechnung is the standard for electronic invoices sent to public administrations in Germany (B2G invoicing). Projektron BCS supports the format by creating an HTML overview in addition to the actual XRechnung in machine-readable form to visualize and check the XRechnung before it is sent.

Alternatively, you can create e-invoices in the hybrid ZUGFeRD format. ZUGFeRD stands for Zentraler User Guide des Forums elektronische Rechnung Deutschland (Central User Guide of the German Electronic Invoice Forum), is compliant with the German E-Invoicing Act and combines the visual representation in the PDF/A-3 standard with an XML file. The advantages of ZUGFeRD for you are clear: whereas previously data was transferred manually from paper invoices, scanned letters or PDF files into invoicing software in a time-consuming and error-prone process, ZUGFeRD provides the data in XML format, which the invoicing software can automatically record and process. Visually, the standard PDF file remains the same. ZUGFeRD is a solution for invoicing in B2B, B2G and B2C business transactions.

Requirements from Switzerland are covered in Projektron BCS by invoices with a QR code. You can specify in an invoice template or individually on invoices whether a QR code should be generated in the payment part.

Invoice templates and invoice generator: design individual invoices automatically

Whether manual or automatic: Projektron BCS makes invoicing easy. If you want to create invoices or credit notes, a wizard will guide you through the process step by step. Work with invoice templates to store your contact details, payment methods, standard wording and your logo just once and then reuse them as required.

The innovative invoice generator takes many tasks off your hands: Whether total invoices, partial invoices, down payment invoices or final invoices: billable amounts across all projects are compiled in provisional invoices in a monthly cycle. This allows you to efficiently automate regular invoices in particular, such as maintenance contracts.

Projektron BCS offers individual solutions for your invoice management that can be flexibly adapted. Design your invoices directly in the software, integrate your logo and create individual headers and footers. The integrated editor makes it easy to format text templates.

The flexibility of Projektron BCS goes beyond invoice design. Export your data after invoicing and process it seamlessly in other systems such as SAP. Round off your invoicing experience with an individually configured dunning system to optimize your financial processes. Get started now with Projektron BCS and experience an efficient, customizable and convenient project billing software.

Invoicing and invoice dispatch from a single source: e-mail dispatch and dunning run from BCS

Send your invoices directly from BCS! Whether a single invoice or the entire invoice list: On request, Projektron BCS creates the associated e-mail with a ready-made cover letter, adds the invoice and associated time and expense sheets as PDF files and takes your customer's e-mail address from the customer management system (CRM). Of course, you can customize the cover letter and attach additional files if required.

If customers exceed the specified payment term, you will see the open items in your invoice list with the "Dunning run" setting. This is where you define your dunning actions: If you carry out the "Create written reminder" or "Create last written reminder" dunning action on the invoice, a corresponding PDF document is automatically generated and the status of the invoice is adjusted. You can also have the PDF documents automatically stored in a previously defined folder - from there you can print and send the collected reminders, for example.

Flexible, international, precise invoicing: cash discount regulations and currency selection

Discount regulations for invoices: Payment discounts for your customers

In the payment conditions on the invoice, you can specify the exact period and amount of discount you grant on invoices. Using payment times, payment amount and traffic lights, you can immediately see which payments have been made within the payment term for the cash discount deduction. If you actively set the payment status, you can distinguish which invoices have been paid with a discount and which have been paid late with a discount as a gesture of goodwill.

Flexible currency selection: Planned in euros, billed in dollars

Do you have business partners abroad and want to process your projects in their currencies? Whether dollars, Swiss francs or Chinese yuan renminbi: in Projektron BCS you can create any currency and use it for invoices to international customers. The local currency is of course still available to you for monitoring project costs as part of project controlling. You can also customize the VAT rate and the language of the invoice. With Projektron BCS you are ideally equipped for international project invoicing.

Intra-group billing with Projektron BCS: efficient solution for complex companies

Our BCS module for intercompany clearing is the answer to the challenges of complex group structures. The terms intercompany billing describes the processing of financial transactions between different companies within the same group. Simplify the billing of services, optimize your processes for cross-company code business processing and create the basis for transparent and successful collaboration in your corporate network with Projektron BCS.

Intra-group billing is carried out in Projektron BCS with supplier credit notes. By setting up company codes once and making clear assignments, the software enables the transparent allocation of internal personnel costs. This is particularly relevant when employees from different companies are involved in intra-group projects. The supporting company acts as an internal supplier and internal personnel costs are incurred that are not charged at the usual internal rate.

Projektron BCS allows the assignment of allocation rates for functions with which the internal personnel costs are allocated. The distinction between companies is made by using company codes.

Projektron BCS offers a customized solution for companies that carry out projects with several legally independent companies by enabling clear and transparent internal billing of services between companies.


Projektron BCS as invoicing and project accounting software - Your advantages at a glance

Electronic invoicing: XRechnung, ZUGFeRD and QR code invoices

Variable project billing, simple, precise and project-specific

Automation: invoice wizard, invoice templates and invoice generator

Easily set discount period and amount for invoices

Sending invoices by e-mail and individually automatable dunning run

Flexible currency and language selection, customizable VAT rate

Use templates and customize your own design

Effective intra-group invoicing solution


Get to know BCS functions of a project accounting and invoicing software now free of charge and free of charge and without obligation and start your test!

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