Social commitment

We are committed to social projects on both a local and an international level.

As a family-friendly company, we are particularly passionate about providing support for children and young people.

171120 arche bouldern

Hamburg and Berlin with "Die Arche" – Trampoline jumping and boulder climbing to your heart’s content

2017 marked the second year that Projektron supported the “Die Arche – Christliches Kinder und Jugendwerk e. V.” children’s welfare organization in implementing a wide variety of meaningful recreational activities for children from underprivileged families. In Hamburg, “Die Arche Friedrichshain” organized a camp for teenagers. 15 participants came together to explore the topic of identity and enjoy a great time at the JUMP House. In Berlin, 27 children visited an indoor climbing gym to test their boulder climbing skills. Since it is an established fact that children are much better at climbing, they didn’t really have a hard time mastering the various climbing routes. All in all, the two wonderful activities held a lot of fun and joy for the children and teenagers involved.

Website of "Die Arche"

Logo der I AM DATA Ausstellung des Masterstudiengangs "Museum und Ausstellung"

Exhibition project: I AM DATA

The I AM DATA exhibition project organized by Master’s students in the "Museum and Exhibition" program at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg focused on the ubiquity of data. Divided into eleven topic areas and focusing on issues relating to increasing connectivity and faster communication, the exhibition explored the influence that data has on our daily lives, human beings in general and their perception of their environment. One of the highlights of the exhibition was that the students succeeded in visualizing the immense flood of data that generally eludes our grasp, giving bits and bytes a face. Projektron was one of the sponsors of the exhibition project held in spring 2017.

161111 Engagement Arche Bild 01

Recreational activities in Saxon Switzerland and Berlin – Fall break with the “Die Arche” children’s project

"Die Arche – Christliches Kinder- und Jugendwerk e. V." offers varied and exciting recreational activities for children from underprivileged families. Projektron supported two of these activities in October 2016. During a fall camp in Saxon Switzerland, 18 teenagers from "Die Arche Friedrichshain" and "Die Arche Reinickendorf" in Berlin participated in an outdoor educational activity at a ropes course. In another activity, 30 children from Berlin enjoyed an autumn walk before stopping off at a bowling alley. These two splendid holiday activities gave the children and youths plenty of opportunity to test their courage and let off some steam.

Website of "Die Arche"

Sponsorenlauf der Grundschule am Pfanzeltplatz

Sponsorenlauf der Grundschule am Pfanzeltplatz: "Kinder für Kinder"

Beim Sponsorenlauf "Kinder für Kinder" der Münchner Grundschule am Pfanzeltplatz am 4. Mai 2016 liefen Kinder aus 12 Klassen eine Stunde lang auf der Wiese ihrer Schule. Projektron sponsorte jede gelaufene Runde einer Erstklässlerin, die ein Spitzenergebnis von 13 Runden (5,2 km) erreichte. Der Erlös kommt dem Förderverein der Schule zugute, der die Kosten für einen Besuch im Residenztheater München übernimmt. Über diesen Theaterbesuch können sich alle 270 Schülerinnen und Schüler freuen. Das Residenztheater bietet den Kindern die Möglichkeit, als Zuschauer oder durch eigenes Ausprobieren und Experimentieren einen Einblick in die Theaterwelt zu bekommen.

Chikara: Neue Schutzwesten für junge Taekwondoins

Chikara: New uniforms for young Taekwondoins

The light, white-bleached sports uniforms for Taekwondo are called Doboks. Projektron supported the Taekwondo youth of the Sportschule Chikara e.V. sports academy in Berlin-Kreuzberg in 2012. This is the second project, after providing jerseys to the youth soccer players in Aislingen, with which Projektron supports youth sports in the vicinity of their location.

Sponsorenlauf der Wald-Grundschule: Schüler laufen für Sportgeräte

Sponsorship run of the Wald-Grundschule elementary school: Students run for sports equipment

The sponsorship run of the Wald-Grundschule on October 6, 2014, was both about and around the gym: the route of the small runners led around the school's gym and the proceeds will be used for it as well. The goal of the event was to raise funds for new sports equipment for the gym with every lap run. Projektron sponsored the run of a second-grade student of the school, who achieved a top result of 19 laps (7.6 km). Around 500 students participated in the run. With the new equipment, the students of the school can finally do sports in their own gym after more than one year.

Freie Turnerschaft Geestemünde: Trikottaschen für die Jüngsten

Freie Turnerschaft Geestemünde: Jersey bags for the youngest

Every year shortly before the summer vacation, the soccer division of the Freie Turnerschaft Geestemünde Bremerhaven sports club hosts a big tournament for youth teams. More than 90 teams from all over Northern Germany participated in the 2014 anniversary tournament in six age groups. To support their athletic commitment, the team averaging the youngest in each age group was given a Projektron sports bag. Projektron already sponsored the tournaments in 2013 by providing sweatshirts for the respective oldest coach of each age group and in 2012 by providing coolers for the five teams who had traveled the farthest.

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