Social commitment

We are committed to social projects on both a local and an international level.

As a family-friendly company, we are particularly passionate about providing support for children and young people.

A Parent-Child-Cafe at the Arche Friedrichshain

At the Arche Berlin-Friedrichshain, 60 children and teens can be cared for daily in recreational activities. They get lunch, homework help and instrumental lessons and can keep themselves busy at children's parties, in the girls' club, with computer time and billiards, foosball and handicrafts. Excursions and sports activities are also offered. In the future, the Arche plans to support not only the children, but also their families, pregnant women and parents on parental leave. The goal is for families in the neighborhood to use the Arche as a place to meet, exchange ideas and find support in their life situations. Currently, a parent-child café is being set up, for which crawling mats for the very young are needed, as well as a fence to separate the room and toys for toddlers. Projektron supports this project with a donation.

Momo - Everything that moves children e.V.

The association has made it its business to help children with mobility impairments and to put a smile on their faces. Often there is a lack of aids, leisure activities that cannot be financed or advice. Momo promotes measures, initiates projects and draws attention to the topic with the magazines "Barrier-free" and "Momo - Mobility & Motion". Parents tell the story of their family with "special children". The association is committed to the integration and inclusion of these children. Projektron would like to support this work and therefore made a donation to the association in 2020.

ReDi School: offering prospects for the future

The ReDI School of Digital Integration is a nonprofit technology school that teaches digital skills. Free courses teach digital skills to IT-savvy people who don't have access to digital education or a professional network. To help people enter the workforce, ReDI also offers soft-skills and job application training. In addition to the Digital Career Program, ReDI also teaches computer courses or digital training to disadvantaged children and young people, as well as women without access, to show them future prospects and accelerate the integration process. The school also organizes networking events with companies from the tech industry. Projektron supports the school in 2020 with a donation.


VITA e.V. Assistance Dogs: Helpers on 4 Paws

The association provides people with physical disabilities with an assistance dog. The basis is a holistic concept, in which new ways of life are shown for people with disabilities and other illnesses, such as PTSD. A forward-looking approach that saves lives, gives new life and paves a positive path in life. The association is pioneering the training of assistance dogs for children throughout Europe and is certified according to internationally recognized quality standards. VITA provides individual assistance and promotes the social integration of people with disabilities. Projektron donated to the association in 2020.


Support for bright minds through Mathematikolympiade in Berlin e.V.

The Mathematics Olympiad, one of the largest mathematics and science competitions for schoolchildren in Germany, takes place annually in several rounds. The students work on mathematical tasks in written form and compete in the Olympiad first in the School Olympiad, then in the District Competition, before going on to the State Olympiad and finally the German Olympiad. The national round of the 60th Mathematics Olympiad in Berlin, scheduled for 2021, is expected to be decentralized. The association hopes to host the mathematical student talents in 2023. Projektron will continue to support this commitment in 2020 with a donation.


Research and discovery at the Brückentin Youth Nature Conservation Academy

Children and young people from Berlin spend their vacations at the Youth Conservation Academy in Brückentin and use the location for class and daycare trips. Ecological and environmental education is a main focus of the association. Brückentin is surrounded by forest, meadows and water, away from roads and noise. The children build e.g. research centers in independent groups. Here they find out which animals live in the bathing lake, whether bats have moved into the tower or observe life in the insect hotel. They also discover exciting things in the laboratory with microscopes, build things in the wood and felt workshop, use the pottery or the bakery and try out beekeeping. They explore the surroundings with canoes or bicycles. In 2020, Projektron will support the initiative with a donation.

The Cranes Montessori Nature School

The nature school links the learning spaces "group room" and "forest", so that children learn with the example of nature, in community and to a high degree self-determined. In the outdoor area and in the forest, the children can research, observe, discover biodiversity, move more and train their senses. A school garden, insect hotel, weather station, climbing trees, a permanent fireplace offer many opportunities. In addition, there are excursions and nature-related sports such as climbing, canoeing, hiking and horseback riding. Through experiences in nature education, the promotion of creativity and social skills, and the practice of democratic co-determination in school design, the children are prepared to solve problems and always learn something new. After a long journey by the parent initiative from the community at Mellensee in 2016, through the start of the nature school with 10 children in 2020, everyone is very excited to move into their own historic building in Rehagen at the beginning of 2021: a former village school is being revived. Projektron supports the school in 2020 with a donation.

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