Quotation preparation

Quick and precise

You can quickly and precisely prepare quotations based on your plan data with Projektron BCS. The flexible quotation module also provides the best support, even on the international level.

From offer to order: seamless transition

If your customer authorizes services you have offered, you can generate the corresponding order confirmation in the quotation wizard and send it to the customer by email if desired.

You can also generate the project order plan directly from within the quotation wizard. It maps the ordered quotation items and serves as a database for your project controlling.

Adrian Kamer

Senior System Architect, Deleproject AG

"We can use BCS to quickly and easily create quotes for our customers by entering the relevant data such as service description, prices, conditions and attachments. We can email the quotes directly from BCS or export them as PDFs. We can also track the status of the quotes and follow up or make changes as needed."

Alexandra Baldauf

Business Consultant, Goodson Softwaresolutions GmbH

"With BCS we create our quotations and can easily derive the invoices from them."

Jörg Klenke

Project Manager | PMO, Systemtechnik LEBER GmbH & Co. KG

"Projektron has enabled us to move our entire project management into a single tool. This saves us a lot of maintenance work and also time when training new employees. It is particularly practical for us that a quotation is also created automatically in the course of project planning in Projektron. This allows us to provide our customers with a transparent statement of the project costs at any time - even during the course of the project."

From the planning stage to the quotation

Confident in business discussions

The professional cost calculation in Projektron BCS not only supports your internal planning, but also serves as the basis for quotes. With just a few clicks, you can generate appropriate quote items from project structure elements such as tasks and task packages. Even description texts of tasks can easily be taken over.

Projektron BCS calculates the quotation price based on the external hourly rates, daily rates and article prices stored. If you want to offer services and materials that deviate from the stored default price, you can adjust this directly in the project. Even scaled prices and time-dependent sales prices can be stored.

You can grant discounts on individual quote items and, during negotiations with the customer, can quickly run through the figures on how these or canceled or additional quote items will affect your margin. If one of your customers receives a discount by default, you can record this centrally in the customer dataset so that it is taken into account in your quotations.

You can also add optional items to your quotation. The sales prices of optional items are not included in the quotation total.

Once your quotation is complete, you can send it to your customer directly using Projektron BCS. The email is already prepared, the quotation is attached in PDF format, and additional files can be attached easily as needed. Of course, the format templates can be adapted to the individual quotation document.

Quotation wizard with approval process

Step by step

From the master data to the individual quotation items to authorization: The quotation wizard will guide you every step of the way.

Data can be imported conveniently from the project planning as well as from the customer relationship management (CRM). This saves you the effort of looking everything up and re-entering it.

Additionally, a lean approval process is integrated directly in the quotation wizard. This enables the creator of the quotation to assign a reviewer, enter comments on the quotation and notify the reviewer through a reminder and by email if required.

Projektron BCS clearly displays all quotations to be approved by the reviewer in a list. With just a few clicks, the quotations can be viewed, approved or returned for post-editing with a change request.


Time-saving standards

The software allows you to add convenient standard formulations to the quotation itself, as well as to the cover letter. Frequently used articles can also be saved as templates in Projektron BCS and later added as quotation items, if necessary.

You can save your quotation layout directly in Projektron BCS, e.g. with a logo or individual header and footer. Moreover, you can format the text templates simply using the integrated rich text editor.

Once you have created a template for your order confirmations using the BIRT open-source report designer, you can also store it in quotations and reuse it as often as you like.

International quotations


If your customers have their place of business in another country, you can have the quotation calculated in the corresponding foreign currency. To do this, you can use the centrally stored external hourly rates, daily rates and article prices. Even the VAT rate and language of the quotation text can be defined as needed.

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