Inventory and contract management: Manage assets and contracts easily

Inventory and contract management reliable and clear with Projektron BCS

With Projektron BCS, your contract documents and assets are in the best hands. With the module for inventory management and contract management, you not only manage your current contracts, but also your entire in-house assets in a structured and efficient manner.

Inventory and Contract Management: Organize, manage and control inventory, assets and contracts

You want to know,

➤ which contracts you currently have?

➤ whether a contract is active or has already been terminated?

➤ which notice periods are due soon?

➤ which contracts were concluded as part of a project during a specific period?

➤ which contractual relationships currently exist with a service provider or a customer?

➤ Which employee is currently using a certain company cell phone whose cell phone contract needs to be renewed in three weeks?

The inventory and contract management module in Projektron BCS gives you the answer - within seconds!

With the Inventory and Contract Management module, you don't just organize and manage your current contracts, you get a powerful tool for your entire Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). Link your contracts with persons, organizations, processes, workflows, programs, projects, items in your inventory, offers, invoices or other contracts.

Gesine Chatfield

Head of Information Technology, IQTIG, Berlin

"The contract management module with its reminder function helps us to manage our contracts and our licenses. It can be set individually whether and how long a reminder should be sent before a term expires. This allows us to use different reminder intervals depending on the necessary lead time for a procurement."

Dr. Ing. Klaus Dörnhöfer

Head of IT, Klinikum Nuremberg

"We have now been using Projektron BCS contract management since 2009. The automatic notifications of necessary renewals or termination dates, as well as the quick availability of contract modalities, the scanned contract text, and also the contact details of internal and external contacts, has led to a significant simplification of work relating to contracts."

Marcus Brandl

Staff position operative management and business planning department at it4logistics AG, Information Technology (IT)

Our customers are international and many of our employees spend a lot of time in the companies we support. Thanks to mobile access to BCS, all relevant data is still available to them. In the file repository linked to the respective project, relevant documents can be managed centrally on the one hand, and on the other hand our employees can easily access important documents at the customer's site.

Deadlines firmly in view thanks to digital contract management with BCS

You can quickly enter and conveniently manage contract terms, notice periods and scanned contract documents with the help of the contract management module. At a glance, you can see all proportional costs of your current contracts and their status.

Thanks to the automatic deadline and period monitoring, you will no longer miss anything: If a possible termination date is approaching, Projektron BCS will inform the specialist responsible by e-mail or resubmission if desired and ask for a statement. With one click, they can call up the feedback function and note directly in Projektron BCS how to proceed with the contract.

Reliable at every stage of the contract life cycle

Contract management with Projektron BCS offers you much more than mere filing and contract administration, but actively supports you in

  • contract processing,
  • contract analysis and
  • contract controlling.

From the initiation of a contract to contract creation and negotiation, contract review, your individual release processes, signing and fulfillment, right through to legally compliant and audit-proof archiving: BCS provides you with powerful support in every phase of the contract lifecycle.

BCS Inventory Management: Stay in control of things

With inventory management in Projektron BCS, you manage all of your organization's assets centrally, compactly and clearly. From the vehicle fleet to IT equipment to production machines, furnishings or company smartphones with associated SIM cards - thanks to inventory management in Projektron BCS, you always maintain an overview of

  • which items are in your possession
  • who has been using the items since when and until when,
  • where the items are located and
  • what condition the items are in.

With just a few clicks, you can create new inventory items with all relevant characteristics, such as serial number, model name, acquisition date, owner or a description. You can conveniently organize similar or related inventory items into inventory groups.

For each individual inventory item you can create links to

  • other inventory items
  • Contracts
  • Resources
  • Tickets

For example, you can relate a cell phone to its SIM card, mobile phone and insurance contracts, as well as tickets that relate to various actions with the cell phone (for example, setup, handover, installation of apps, order for repair).

Using the comment function, your employees can leave comments on the inventory item or note changes, including damage, for example. The history of each item can thus be tracked seamlessly.  Inquiries can also be made about each item using the comment function. With detailed search and filter functions, you can specifically find the items you are looking for, for example a vehicle from the company fleet that is available at a certain time period.

Of course, it is also possible to use inventory items in appointment calendars, effort planning or resource planning. In the blink of an eye, you create a linked resource to an asset. You can assign this resource to appointments and thus schedule it for use, for example a car that you claim for a trade fair appointment.

Access and editing rights: the right setting for everyone

Information security and data protection are particularly important in the context of inventory and contract management and are therefore directly integrated into the rights management of Projektron BCS. This allows you to easily and securely define who is allowed to read, delete or update documents and directories.


Projektron BCS inventory and contract management: Your benefits and options at a glance

Contract generator with wizard: create contracts according to your individual requirements with the contract creation wizard

Seamlessly integrate contracts into complex work processes and approval processes with workflow management

Document upload of your digitized contract documents via drag and drop

Structured storage of your digitized contract documents thanks to integrated document management system with file repository

Easy retrieval and documentation thanks to detailed search and filter functions, including full-text and keyword search

Automatic deadline monitoring with reminder function

Link offers, incoming and outgoing invoices with contracts

Assign contracts via customer management (CRM) to partners and contact persons at service providers or customers

Create follow-up or subcontracts for a contract

Automatic versioning and avoidance of duplicates

Assign contracts to items in your inventory

Verträge mit PSP-Elementen verknüpfen und Projektgruppen, Projekten oder Unterprojekten zuordnen

Link contracts with project groups, projects, or subprojects

Contract controlling efficiently and comprehensively including risk monitoring, contract performance and expenditure analysis

Inventory management: which items are in your possession, in what condition are they, who uses them from when to when, and where are they currently located


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