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Bet on the right projects: With portfolio graphics, resource planning for project groups and multi-project controlling functions, Projektron BCS provides you with the basis for strategic and operative multi-project management.

Multi-project management and multi-project controlling in Projektron BCS

With Projektron BCS, executives can keep an eye on all projects relevant to them as well as their most important key figures and possible missed deadlines. So the cross-project evaluations not only show target and actual values but also the remaining efforts estimated by the individual project teams.

Projektron BCS displays the project duration and project phases on timelines. Using the day marker, managers of multiple projects can immediately see the current status of all their projects.

Critical project statuses can be quickly identified in the graphical multi-project evaluation. A total cost diagram for each project as well as colored areas for profit, effort, total costs, personnel costs and material costs show in which projects action is required by management. Project controlling made easy:  Using traffic light colors, they evaluate the current project status and show the actual values as well as the deviation from plan in percent.

Annette Siegenthaler

IT project organization at the German National Library, public institution

"Projektron BCS was best at fulfilling our detailed performance specification. For us, it was particularly important to provide support for multi-project management and to have the option of also using the software for work organization and resource management."

Koen Spekreijse

Manager Internal Projects CS at CAL Consult Nederland BV, Software Development

Projektron BCS was the best solution for (multi-) project management while offering a full-fledged solution with time registering, for capacity and leave planning as well as account management and controlling.

Multi-project board: All projects at a glance

Multi-project board: All projects at a glance

The multi-project board provides an overview of all projects in your company. You can see which projects are planned, authorized or pending, and can adjust the status of each project by dragging the individual project to the respective column. The multi-project board displays your projects either by their status or, additionally, by their priority or project category. For pending projects, you can see the most important KPIs for efforts, costs and profit in reference to the planned values.

Resource planning for project groups: Strategic application

Resource planning for project groups: Strategic application

As a multi-project manager, you can already define how much manpower is to be invested at the project group level. You can easily see whether your budget specification is consistent with the project planning of your individual project managers: In resource planning, Projektron BCS visualizes the amount of your resource budget for the project group that is already planned in specific projects.

You will particularly benefit from this function when working with quota agreements: You can book a resource budget in Projektron BCS even before planning a specific project. This ensures that the resources are not planned in other projects.

Project portfolio assessments: For strategic decisions

Project portfolio assessments: For strategic decisions

Which projects are particularly important for your company? With Projektron BCS Portfolio Management (PPM), you compare the projects based on their complexity as well as their benefit for the company. The graphical assessment in a matrix illustrates the business value of your projects and supports you in strategic decisions with regard to your product portfolio.

Project groups and project categories: Structure flexibly

Project groups and project categories: Structure flexibly

You can group your company's projects into project groups.

These project groups can be created flexibly and nested as you wish. Thanks to the transparent tree structure, you can easily show or hide the various structure levels. This enables multi-project managers to perform a quick root cause analysis in case of plan deviations.

Furthermore, you can group and evaluate your projects within the scope of reporting according to additional criteria using project categories.

Cross-project milestones: For an efficient collaboration

Cross-project milestones: For an efficient collaboration

You can link several closely interwoven projects during project planning in our project management software with external milestones. The Gantt diagram provides a clear overview in which you can have the external milestones in your projects displayed right at the top project level. The cross-project milestone history shows you how well you adhered to selected milestone deadlines. Program managers and multi-project managers who use milestones as indicators for adherence to deadlines and project progress benefit especially from this.

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