Project planning

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Plan your projects professionally with Projektron BCS: Work packages, tasks and milestones create more transparency while automatic calculations ensure efficiency.

Planning wizard

Convenient for different planning models

Whether you have bottom-up, top-down or reverse project planning: Projektron BCS supports all three approaches. If your project planning starts at the task level, the bottom-up mode conveniently supports you in determining the total budget. If, however, the total budget is already specified, you can distribute your budget to sub-projects and tasks in top-down mode. If you opt for reverse project planning, you can use the advantages of both planning models. The project wizard, which guides you through the most important planning steps if desired, can adjust itself to the selected planning mode.

Project phases

Well-structured from the very start

At the beginning of a project, there is often only little information available. Using project phases, it is possible to develop an initial schedule in the early stages of a project and expand it bit by bit.

In Projektron BCS, the phases for all projects can be defined centrally. A specific color can be defined for each phase. If a company works with different project phases that depend on the project type, this can also be mapped.

As a project manager, you can use the predefined project phases to create a project-specific phase schedule with just a few clicks.

Project work breakdown structure

Well-structured projects

Project structure plans divide projects into clear parts and thus form the basis for all project management activities. Projektron BCS provides two options for displaying your project work breakdown structure.

In the convenient tree view, you can edit your project structure and navigate flexibly through the various structure levels.

The graphical view shows your project work breakdown structure as an organizational chart and makes it possible to identify hierarchical project structures particularly fast. The graphical work breakdown structure also shows personnel allocations and uses status colors to provide information on how processing of the structural elements is progressing.

Work packages, tasks, milestones and dependencies

Clearly structured projects

Partial projects, work packages, tasks and milestones allow you to structure your projects professionally in Projektron BCS. The individual project structure elements can be linked by means of the dependencies Finish/Start and Start/Finish. Accompanying tasks (hammocks) can also be mapped. You can change the order of your partial projects, tasks and work packages using drag-and-drop. If you are not entirely satisfied with the changes, Projektron BCS restores the original state with a single click.

The level of detail to apply to your planning is up to you. In the clearly arranged tree view, you can structure your project to the desired depth and even specify work instructions in checklists and workflows.

If you enter information regarding the sequence and duration of structural elements already in the project work breakdown structure, Projektron BCS will calculate the suitable scheduleif desired.

Project planning with templates

Simple and quick

Save time with Projektron BCS starting in the planning phase. Whether it's complete project structures, individual tasks, checklists or workflows: You can create templates according to your needs and flexiblytransfer them to projects. Even plan data can be saved. If you want to create a new template, an wizard supports you. Or: You just copy a successful project into the Projektron BCS templates management.

Quality management

Time plan with interactive Gantt chart

Simply ergonomic

Keeping an eye on the schedule during planning – thanks to the interactive Gantt chart in Projektron BCS a simple task: Milestones, dependencies, tasks and task packages are presented in form of a bar chart on a time line and can be edited with just a few movements of your mouse.

For this purpose, you can use the Gantt chart as a flexible planning component, which can also easily be integrated into the effort and structure plan.

As an evaluation, the Gantt chart offers you numerous display options, such as for the critical path.

Project controlling

System-supported cost calculation

Well-founded calculations

The multi-step cost planning process in Projektron BCS builds directly on the structure and effort plan, which enables you to perform early and well-founded calculations. In addition, the universal structure forms the basis for target-actual comparisons during the course of the project.

Both internal and external hourly and daily rates are maintained centrally in Projektron BCS. If you specify the required resources for your project, Projektron BCS will automatically calculate the personnel costs. Needless to say, you can also add material costs to your calculation.

The calculated costs can be assigned to cost centers, cost types and cost units and can be evaluated.

Project controlling

Project resource management


You can define who is to be part of your project team in the team planning of your project easily using drag & drop. Even perform temporary planning with placeholders is possible.

Whether you are planning on a monthly basis or for the entire project, you can define how time-intensive the use of your team members should be in the individual project tasks and work packages directly in the Projektron BCS project plan. The project plan provides additional assistance via the dynamic display of the resource load. This means that when you make any changes to the project plan, the effects on the employee's workload will be visible immediately.

The reason why a team member is overloaded can be analyzed in detail in the resource preview. Thanks to the practical tree structure, you can easily show your team members' appointments, projects and tasks.

The Gantt chart indicates potential resource bottlenecks within your project.

Resource-based scheduling takes convenience to the next level: If required, Projektron BCS will adjust your planning so that the specified maximum workload of each employee is not exceeded.


Resource management

Comparable planning statuses

Visible change

Intermediate statuses of schedules and work breakdown structures can be documented as a baseline in Projektron BCS and compared with the current or another baseline in the Gantt chart.

You can also compare team plans, effort plans and material cost plans in a tabular baseline comparison. Changes between the planning statuses are highlighted in color and easy to see. The planning statuses can be reset if needed.

Multiple currencies

The convenience function for international projects

You calculate in euros, your customer in US dollars? You can easily plan your projects in Projektron BCS  – even in multiple currencies. You can calculate easily in your local currency, while Projektron BCS prepares the corresponding offersand invoicesin your customer's currency. Simply select the desired currency for depicting costs in the evaluations. To do this, Projektron BCS features a preselection of currencies which you can expand as you wish. Required conversion rates can be loaded automatically or entered manually. External hourly rates, daily rates and article prices can also be maintained and applied appropriately to the project centrally in all currencies relevant for your company.

Have you agreed on a fixed conversation rate with your customer? Projektron BCS can also use this for calculation. Because: You can define conversion rates for your project with a click.

Team work

Marcus Brandl

Operational business management and planning department at it4logistics AG, Information Technology (IT)

Projektron BCS is an extremely useful tool that supports us in planning and controlling our projects. Functions such as resource-based project planning, the wide range of analyses, time recording, the ticket system and the file repository enable efficient project work. And the fact that Projektron BCS is web-based means that we can access the system at all times.

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