Project planning

Structure, control and plan your projects with foresight, realistically and professionally.

The success of your projects stands and falls with a well thought-out and holistic project planning. Thus, the planning of a project is a central task of project management. With project structure elements such as work packages, tasks and milestones in Projektron BCS, you can structure and plan your projects easily, reliably and clearly. With the integrated functions for time planning, resource planning and budget planning, all information relevant for detailed planning flows into your project plan right from the start. Create the ideal basis for successful project control with project planning in the software!

Projektron BCS project planning: Software that puts your projects on the right track

➤ You want to make sure that you map every eventuality in the project plan?

➤ You want to guarantee that no one in your project team is overloaded?

Documentation and comparability of different planning statuses is important to you?

➤ You want to assign each project task to a qualified employee?

➤ Your customers demand well-founded calculations and cost plans at an early stage?

➤ You would like to prevent impending resource bottlenecks already in the project planning phase?

➤ Do you want complete freedom to plan your projects top-down or bottom-up?

➤ Are you planning projects on an international level and have to make time-consuming calculations in several currencies?

With the comprehensive project management software Projektron BCS you make exactly the right choice for all these concerns, because its tools for project planning are:

versatile, because the right wizard is available for every desired planning approach.

clear, because they allow you to configure project structure elements and planning views according to your needs.

interactive, since they not only map your planning, but also actively support it.

up-to-date, since the project plan maps project progress in real time.

foresighted, since they detect impending bottlenecks in resource planning at an early stage.

comprehensive, since they plan structure, cost, and resource planning in one process.

time-saving, since they allow templates to be created for all structural elements.

economical, as they help you find the perfect balance between time, effort, and cost.

international thanks to multi-currency capability.

The project planning functions in Projektron BCS are available via the corresponding user licenses for project administrators and project managers. See for yourself and plan your next project with Projektron BCS.

Alexander Stoß

IT Controller and IT Administrator, DFB GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt am Main

“Working with project templates in BCS is super convenient, simple and very time-saving. I read through the documentation at the beginning and after ten minutes I was able to create a project template and create a project from it.”

Gesine Chatfield

Directora de Tecnología de la Información, IQTIG, Berlín

"BCS es una herramienta de gestión fiable e indispensable para que gestionemos nuestros proyectos de forma eficiente y utilicemos nuestros recursos de forma sensata y selectiva. En BCS conseguimos recorrer fácilmente los pasos de planificación utilizando los asistentes. Los empleados que quieren realizar tareas más complejas en la planificación de proyectos pueden hacerlo llamando directamente a las máscaras."

Jörg Klenke

Project Management | PMO, Systemtechnik LEBER GmbH & Co. KG

"Not only during project execution and for internal STL project controlling BCS provides more transparency, but already during the planning phase towards the customer: Even the first rough planning can be shared with the customer via BCS. In this way, the entire procedure and also the estimated efforts and budgets become more comprehensible for STL customers."

Volker Weber

Project Management Office, Strategic Development and Communication, German National Library  

"What we particularly appreciate about Projektron BCS is the combination of project planning and resource control, as well as the fine-grained rights structure, which allows differentiated views of the project participants from different departments."

Thomas Schlegel

IT Development (Architecture and Infrastructure), HanseMerkur Krankenversicherung AG 

"The flexibility of the software greatly accommodated the recurring change requirements here. Today, templates are used for typical planning objects, which support the creation of new components or projects, for example, and ensure a standardization of structures. The administrative effort could thus be reduced and the concentration on the content increased."

Marcus Brandl

Operational business management and planning department at it4logistics AG, Information Technology (IT)

Projektron BCS is an extremely useful tool that supports us in planning and controlling our projects. Functions such as resource-based project planning, the wide range of analyses, time recording, the ticket system and the file repository enable efficient project work. And the fact that Projektron BCS is web-based means that we can access the system at all times.

Planning and managing material costs: simple and efficient in BCS

Discover the comprehensive functions of BCS for the efficient management of material costs in your projects! With the "Material cost plan" view in the Projects workspace, you can easily record internal costs for material services and external services in one place and edit them in detail. Use planned material costs as a reference for recording costs incurred at different levels of your project - be it at project, sub-project, work package or task level.

Inserting new planned and actual material costs? No problem! You can easily insert them via the action menu and even drag and drop them in edit mode. Benefit from the option of defining planned internal costs and sales prices as well as displaying and editing descriptions from the master data of the non-personnel costs. Best of all, actual material costs can be easily copied and linked to planned material costs, while external suppliers can be easily linked to material costs for detailed sales analysis.

You can easily duplicate planned material costs. And thanks to the new material cost plan tree view at project group level, you always have an overview. Individual sub-views for overall and interval planning as well as the option of filtering according to various properties in tree views make analysis and evaluation child's play.

But that's not all: cost accounting and billability details are already preset, and expected travel and expenses can also be easily entered as planned non-personnel costs. Simply assign a corresponding cost type and off you go! These comprehensive functions make managing and monitoring your non-personnel costs in projects easier than ever before. Experience BCS and optimize your project work today!

Project planning at intervals: Orders, effort planning and material cost planning

Project planning in intervals with the tools in Projektron enables the distribution of order values, planned efforts of employees and material costs to specific time intervals. It provides detailed and time-based control over the resources and costs of a project in time slices.

  • Order planning allows you to define order values for the project in monthly, quarterly or annual intervals. You can define these values manually for each interval or have them distributed automatically on the basis of a total order value.
  • With effort planning without intervals in Projektron BCS, you enter the total effort that each employee should spend on a task. With effort planning in intervals, you can specify how much effort an employee should spend on a task per interval. This procedure can be particularly useful for projects and tasks with long durations.
  • Material cost planning in intervals allows you to create planned material costs for the project in monthly, quarterly or annual intervals. Here too, you can either distribute the costs manually or have the tool automatically distribute them evenly over the intervals.

Project planning of international format: multi-currency capability

Does your project planning know no boundaries? Do you calculate and plan in euros, but charge your customer in US dollars or yuan? Calculate confidently with project planning in Projektron BCS: You calculate comfortably in your local currency, and the software does the rest for you. BCS automatically generates quotations or invoices in your customer's currency. Daily rates, external hourly rates or article prices are centrally provided with all currencies relevant for your company and transferred to your project planning as required.

For project controlling and project evaluation you have the free choice: BCS outputs the data, reports and analyses in your desired currency. BCS already provides a wide range of different currencies. If the currency you are looking for is not available, you can expand the selection quickly and easily

Exchange rates for relevant currencies can either be displayed automatically or you can enter a rate manually. Have you agreed a fixed conversion rate with your customer? Count on Projektron BCS: With one click, you can fix an exchange rate for your project.


BCS for your project planning: You can plan with these advantages

Planning aids through wizards for top-down, bottom-up and counter-project planning.

Intuitive planning thanks to interactive diagrams and simple operation via drag-and-drop

Customizable selection of project structure elements (subprojects, work packages, tasks, milestones, standing tasks)

Time savings and standardization through individual templates

Documented planning statuses and project progress recorded in real time for target/actual comparisons

Automatic schedule optimization

Resource-based scheduling to prevent bottlenecks or overloading of employees

Automatic personnel cost calculation

Full multi-currency capability


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