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Individual consultation

Would you like individual advice on your Projektron BCS.start system? Take advantage of the free BCS.start consultation hour!

Our free BCS.start consultation hour offers you the opportunity to discuss simple user questions with us.

In a personal conversation, we will address your individual questions and focal points and show you the possibilities offered by our project management software.

The BCS.start consultation hour takes place every first Wednesday of the month between 10:00 and 15:00. The 30-minute session is conducted via TeamViewer.

This Projektron service is free of charge for you if you are a BCS.start customer with a maximum of 15 licenses. Please note that the BCS.start consultation hour is available to you up to four times a year.

We are happy to answer user questions beyond the 30 minutes within your support and consulting budget.

We will be happy to reserve an appointment for you and look forward to meeting you in person.

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Roland Rettenbacher

Head of REVISION department at uniVersa Lebensversicherung a.G.

The BCS.start consultation hour is a very good instrument for quickly and competently discussing possible solutions to practical problems with the customer advisor without having to attend a seminar for a tip.

Steffen Wildemann

BCS-Administrator at UPM GmbH

We regularly use the BCS.start consultation hour to address small questions and problems concerning the program that arise during operation. These can usually be answered or solved immediately. This is a very recommendable form of communication.

Steffen Stirpf

Managing Director at STIRPF Project Solutions GmbH

We like to use the BCS.start consultation hour to discuss small issues, which can usually be solved directly during the consultation hour. For issues that exceed the scope of the consultation, this is a useful medium to discuss customization requests to get a first estimate of feasibility and to generate a clear ticket formulation for a customization request.

Jürgen Riederer

Project Manager at Concept-BR e.K.

The BCS.start consultation hour is a good opportunity to discuss questions about the program as well as new ideas for the BCS program. We are very happy to use the consultation hours and can only recommend them.

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