Project portfolio

Create project ideas and review project proposals

Projektron BCS' lean project portfolio management (PPM) allows you to generate and compare project proposals from project ideas. With the PPM tool in Projektron BCS, you also compile portfolios on different focal points and decide which projects you actually want to implement.

Project ideas: Create, review, share project ideas with PPM software

Employees can easily create a project idea in Projektron BCS. Depending on which project category is selected, the reviewer in charge will receive a customized checklist. The content of the checklist can be specified globally for each category. The reviewer immediately sees the status of the checklist and whether the project idea received a positive evaluation with the pie chart.


Comparison of project proposals: Overview of all project proposals in the PPM software

In project proposals you define the strategic importance of the project for the company. In this way, the PPM tool helps portfolio managers to select project proposals. The factors for evaluating the strategic importance, for example, innovation or profitability, can be defined globally. If these factors change at a later date, the strategic importance can also be calculated subsequently for older project proposals.

Display the project applications filtered by status, with mandatory projects to be reviewed always at the top of the application list. The PPM software compares the various projects based on their strategic importance. Decide which projects will actually be carried out or rejected after all. Using a progress bar, you can also see how far the project application has been processed or whether there are still open points. You can change the status of a project application directly in the overview.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM): Compile and Compare

Keep track of your project portfolios (PPM)! Easily create a new portfolio with the PPM tool in Projektron BCS and add the projects you want. A project can be included in multiple portfolios, depending on which focus your portfolio has. Project portfolios assist you in evaluating the projects to be carried out in your company. Additionally, portfolio categories can be used to filter the portfolios as usual.

Especially in the multi-project management environment, the following applies: Different projects, even those that overlap in time, are dependent on the same resources. Once you have compiled your portfolios according to various criteria, you can easily compare them in an overview in the PPM tool. You can save your cost and effort budgets on the portfolio – this is compared with the costs and efforts in the overview. The colored markings allow you to immediately see which portfolios are below or above budget.

In the portfolio diagram, you can see the strategic importance of the projects in the portfolio at a glance. You can determine how the diagram looks. You can use the mouse to zoom in on the diagram and take a closer look at the projects in your portfolio. If you click on projects, they will fade out in the diagram, and you will see how a project affects your planning and the costs using budget values.

BCS subsequently supports you, of course, in the coordination and controlling of ongoing projects with regard to risk management and resource deployment. You benefit from the full functional scope of our project management software.

Normen Schlauer

Project Manager, Matzen & Timm GmbH

"Projektron BCS supports the standardized project process at our company, for example in project planning in our product development. Particularly important to us are the automatic numbering and project name compilation as well as standardized templates. Among other things, this ensures quality in recurring projects. We also successfully rely on Projektron BCS for project portfolio management and budget and resource planning."

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