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Portfolio management software: create project ideas, review project proposals, increase productivity

Project portfolio management (PPM), also known as project portfolio management, ensures that your entire project management is closely aligned with your corporate strategy and generates the greatest business value. With Projektron BCS's streamlined project portfolio management, you generate project proposals from project ideas, compare the project proposals and select the projects with the greatest value for your goals. With the PPM tool in Projektron BCS, you can compile portfolios for different focus areas and use data to decide which projects you actually want to implement.

All in one software: Portfolio management with Projektron BCS

Increase efficiency, keep your finances under control and make well-founded, goal-oriented decisions through project portfolio management with Projektron BCS!

What if you could ...

➤ create a project proposal for project ideas with high strategic importance in no time at all?

➤ define an individual project index to create a data-based objective comparability of your projects?

➤ have a portfolio diagram on which you could immediately view the strategic importance of the projects within the portfolio?

➤ change the priority and status of projects in the portfolio diagram simply by dragging and dropping them?

➤ have visual portfolio management tools available to help you with prioritization and strategic planning?

➤ view resource utilization and keep track of your employees' scheduling in different portfolios and projects?

Carsten Münch

First Business Partner & Team Coordinator Application Management, TÜV Rheinland Service GmbH

"We use the Projektron BCS project portfolio management module to create our Global Project Management Standard Board Report. In this report, the important projects are transferred into a portfolio and the elementary KPIs of these projects are clearly summarized for top management."

Thilo Menges

Head of Department Digitalization & Innovation, Carl-Thiem-Klinikum Cottbus gGmbH

"We have always been able to rely on Projektron GmbH when things need to be done really quickly. A few weeks ago, we needed a total invoice receipt column in the portfolio overview. After our request to Projektron support, the column was set up and ready for use in less than 24 hours. In my opinion, this is a decisive difference to open source solutions and many other tool providers on the market."

Normen Schlauer

Project Manager, Matzen & Timm GmbH

"Projektron BCS supports the standardized project process at our company, for example in project planning in our product development. Particularly important to us are the automatic numbering and project name compilation as well as standardized templates. Among other things, this ensures quality in recurring projects. We also successfully rely on Projektron BCS for project portfolio management and budget and resource planning."

Create, check and pass on project ideas with Projektron BCS

Employees can easily enter a project idea in Projektron BCS. Depending on which project category is selected, the responsible reviewer receives a suitably tailored checklist. The contents of the checklist can be defined globally for each category. Using a pie chart, the reviewer can see at a glance the status of the checklist and whether the new project idea has been given a generally positive assessment or not.


Comparison of project proposals: Overview of all project proposals in the PPM software

In project proposals, you define the strategic importance of the project for the company. In this way, the management software helps portfolio managers to manage and select project proposals. The factors for evaluating strategic importance, such as innovation or profitability, can be defined globally. If these factors change at a later date, the strategic importance can also be calculated retrospectively for older project applications.

Display project applications filtered by status, with mandatory projects to be reviewed in the near future always at the top of the application list.

In the portfolio management software, compare the various projects based on their strategic importance. Decide which projects will actually be implemented or rejected. Using a progress bar, you can also see how far the project application has been processed or whether there are still open points. You can change the status of a project application directly on site.

Of course, BCS also supports you in project preparation, project execution and controlling of ongoing projects with regard to risk management and use of resources. You benefit from the full range of functions of our work and project management software at every stage of your processes.

Create project index - What are the benefits of your projects?

With the project index in Projektron BCS, you have full control over the benefits of your projects and create data-based comparability. In this way, you can increase the efficiency of your project management and maximize the success of your projects.

The Projektron BCS project index allows you to precisely determine the benefits of a project. BCS provides 24 parameters that are evaluated by your project manager to provide an accurate picture. These parameters are recorded with a numerical value between 0 and 10, allowing you to carry out a comprehensive analysis.

When selecting the 24 parameters, the user-friendly software supports your work with helpful descriptions. In an intuitive way, you make informed decisions that increase the success of your project. With just one click in Projektron BCS, you have created your individual project index.

With just a few clicks in our project management and portfolio management software, you can decide whether a project should be activated for portfolio viewing. Click on the "Projects" tab and open the "Project tree" in Projektron BCS to make the desired project visible. Thanks to this solution, you have full control over your company's portfolio.

Compile a project portfolio in Projektron BCS

Project portfolios help you to evaluate the projects to be carried out in your company. Simply create a new portfolio with the PPM tool in Projektron BCS and add the desired projects. In the portfolio master data, you define budgets for costs and effort. A project can be contained in several portfolios, depending on the orientation of your portfolio. The portfolios can also be filtered by specifying the category.

With Projektron BCS, you can take control of your project portfolio, optimize your resources and help your team achieve common goals by collaborating on a common plan. Use the powerful project management and work management features of our software to successfully manage your projects and work and drive your business forward.

Portfolio diagram - visualization and planning

Our project portfolio view offers you a portfolio evaluation of individual projects and presents the overall view in the form of a portfolio diagram. In the portfolio diagram, you can see at a glance the strategic importance of the projects within the portfolio. The Portfolio Board provides you with a graphical overview of the projects in your portfolio in terms of status, priority, category and expected costs. This allows you to quickly visually assess the profitability of your projects.

In this representation, individual projects are visualized as circles of different colors, which simplifies differentiation and analysis. Our matrix order ranks projects according to their benefit and complexity, with both factors based on values entered in the "Project Index" view.

The size of the circle representing each project is controlled by a value you select, such as the project's top-down order budget. This absolute value is ranked and displayed in relation to the values of other projects, allowing you to see at a glance which project has the greatest value to your organization.

The portfolio diagram in Projektron is not only a means of visualizing your project portfolio, but also an efficient management tool: You can use the interactive diagram to evaluate projects in terms of their strategic importance as well as their planned effort and planned costs. If you click on a project, it is deactivated and hidden in the diagram. Using the budget values, you can see in real time how a project affects your planning of total expenditure and total costs. You can change the status or priority of projects simply by dragging and dropping.

In addition, Projektron BCS allows you to download the portfolio diagram as an SVG file, which you can integrate into your reports. The Resource Utilization view gives you insights into the utilization of your employees by the projects in your portfolios. Projects from the current portfolio are displayed in green and you can even use placeholders with working time models. The display can be restricted to the current portfolio, while the other projects remain relevant for the calculations. In the Resource Utilization view of an organization, managers can see which portfolios contain a particular project.

The Project Portfolio view in Projektron BCS gives you an innovative way to evaluate and visualize your projects, helping you with prioritization and strategic planning. Use these unique tools and best practices to successfully manage your tasks and projects and achieve your business goals.

Portfolio overview - clear insights, well-founded decisions

Keep track of your project portfolio! Our portfolio management tools in Projektron BCS give you the control and overview you need to plan and manage your projects efficiently. In the portfolio overview, you have the option of creating project portfolios and comparing them with each other using various criteria and key figures.

Especially in the multi-project management environment, different projects, even those that overlap in time, depend on the same resources. Once you have compiled your portfolios according to various criteria, they can be easily compared with eachother in an overview in the PPM tool. You enter your cost and effort budgets in the portfolio. You can now compare these in the overview against the planned costs and expenses. Red figures warn you immediately of possible overruns of the planned expenses so that you can take countermeasures in good time and adjust your plans.

As project portfolio management software, Projektron BCS allows you to display the budgets for effort and costs for the entire portfolio or for specific periods such as a year or a financial year. This allows you to keep an eye on the financial health of your portfolio at all times.

The strategic importance of the projects contained in the portfolios is presented transparently and easily understandable in the view, so that you can quickly obtain comparative values for each individual project in your portfolio. You can also filter by portfolio category to organize and analyze your projects according to various criteria.

Our product provides you with the tools to take your portfolio management to the next level. Increase efficiency, stay on top of your finances and make informed, planned decisions that are aligned with your goals - with Projektron BCS, you and your team are well equipped for the task.


Project portfolio management with Projektron BCS - Your advantages at a glance

Easily capture project ideas and transfer them to a checklist-based process for review

Clearly visualize strategic importance for project applications

Create project portfolios easily and compare them using various criteria and key figures

Individual project index can be defined to calculate the strategic importance of projects

Interactive project portfolio diagram to visualize and evaluate the strategic importance of your projects

Display of the resource utilization of your teams in different portfolios and projects

Visual portfolio management tools help with prioritization and strategic planning

Strategic importance of projects presented in a transparent and easy-to-understand way

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