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The open Hermes method serves for implementing projects in information and communication technology in a unified and structured way. You want to implement projects with Hermes? Projektron BCS supports you every step of the way.


Information service provider for the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER)

We have been using the time recording and project functions of Projektron BCS since March 2010, the usage of which was immediately met with broad acceptance. During the project and introductory phase, we received exemplary support from the Projektron company.

Projects from templates: Configuring standard scenarios

A wizard allows you to easily create templates for projects in Projektron BCS – this way you can create specific scenarios for your Hermes projects in advance. In addition to tasks, workflows, checklists and even planned data can be saved here. When the time comes, you can select your scenario from the templates and save time in the preparation of your project.

Project-specific phase schedule: Milestones as quality gates

Define the central phases you need for your Hermes project. This enables you to see the phase your project is in at a glance. The milestones serve as quality gates, as the status of the project and further steps are examined here.

Workflows and checklists: Secure quality management

Workflows and checklists are indispensable for the structured implementation of a project. Projektron BCS supports you with system-controlled workflows: Here, you define the processing sequence and reaction times and allocate them directly to employees or placeholders. With checklists, you support your employees and ensure the project's quality. You can also rely on predefined templates here.

Hermes and Scrum: A good team

Hermes itself offers a module for agile development; for example with Scrum. Thanks to its simple structure and predefined roles, Scrum can be implemented quickly in Projektron BCS and ensures flexibility and transparency. Benefit from the extensive options of Projektron BCS and combine both project management methods.

Unified role models: Inter-organizational standards

Meeting your requirements: Flexible permissions management in Projektron BCS allows your system administrator to create the necessary roles for your Hermes project with ease. You then determine the permissions for the individual roles yourself.

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