WebApp for contact, time and expense recording

Quickly from the road

The Projektron WebApp allows you to easily record attendances anytime and anywhere. You can use the app to transfer trade fair contacts or interested parties directly to your BCS. Mobile expense recording for business trips can also be done in the blink of an eye. Are you traveling by train or plane and offline? No problem, the WebApp synchronizes your bookings as soon as you are online again.

Mobile time recording via web application

Mobile recording of working hours

The recording of working hours is playing an increasingly important role in all sectors and industries. Especially for field staff who supervise numerous different projects, mobile time recording has become indispensable. With the Projektron WebApp, for example, working times and breaks can be booked on the road and transferred in encrypted form to the Projektron BCS project management software. The following elements are available in the WebApp:

  • Recording of working times and breaks
  • Direct booking on project and operational tasks, tickets, appointments, Scrum activities and workflows
  • Viewing working time evaluations
  • Recording of expenses

Intuitively record expenses

With mobile expense recording, expenses can be recorded during a trip and later transferred conveniently to Projektron BCS. In this way, business trips with several travel segments or individual receipt expenses are quickly documented and photos or PDF documents are easily added. Meals, kilometres and overnight stays are quickly documented on the smartphone. Receipts without a business trip can also be created, set as billable and assigned to project tasks, for example. The calculation of expense lump sums and the conversion of receipt amounts takes place after the synchronization of the expenses with the expense management in the project management software Projektron BCS.

Contact data acquisition with the app

Entering contacts in Projektron BCS via QR code

You can enter trade fair contacts or interested parties directly via the BCS app. Your recorded trade fair contacts or prospects are initially saved offline and synchronized to BCS when an Internet connection is available. This allows you to collect contact data quickly and without errors, which is an organizational and time advantage, especially for large events such as trade fairs, conferences or lectures.

The collection is possible by manual input or conveniently by scanning QR codes with contact information, such as those found on business cards. BCS intelligently assigns your synchronized contacts to respective organizations. If it is a new contact, it will be made available to you under a collective organization.


The app synchronises your data via web service to Projektron BCS. It has been developed as a so-called Progressive WebApp and can be started in your browser or via an icon on the start screen in full screen mode.

This results in the following advantages:

  • It can also be started without an internet connection or without a connection to BCS.

  • The data is retained even after exiting the WebApp or restarting the mobile device, as it is stored locally on the mobile device.

  • Stable and fast user interaction is possible regardless of network availability and speed, as the network connection is only necessary for data synchronisation.

  • After an update of the BCS installation, the WebApp is automatically updated the next time it is called up with an internet connection.


The WebApp can only be used if the page is accessed via a secure connection with a valid certificate (HTTPS). When the WebApp is initially started, the username and password are requested. The use of the WebApp can also be deactivated by your administrator via configuration.

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