Resource management

Systematic use of resources

Use your resources optimally: Projektron BCS creates new opportunities with its central employee management and planning support.

Resource provision for projects

An added benefit for matrix organizations

Be it a personnel or project manager: The resource provision for projects can be flexibly customised to suit your company's processes through the Projektron BCS permissions matrix.

Having been granted the relevant permissions, line managers can specify the persons to be included in the project team without a project reference. These assignments can be amended in just a few clicks, for example for capacity shortages.

It is also possible to strictly separate resource management and project management. If the project manager plans his projects with placeholders, the line manager can replace those with his employees.

Whether on internal departments, external employees or directly on the project: Projektron BCS supports you with daily scheduling for employees over long periods of time. The Appointment planning view shows which employees are already booked with appointments on which days. This makes it easy for you to see which employees are booked and which are available. The overview also shows which appointments take longer and where appointment conflicts exist.

Leave management and deputy regulations

Integrated approval workflow

You want to go on holiday? With the calendar, you can plan and request holidays and time off instead of compensation in next to no time. Whether it's this years' holidays or unused time off from the previous year: You can always see your current holiday entitlement in Projektron BCS.

You can see when and how long your colleagues will be absent at a glance in the calendar as well as in the holiday plan. Even public holidays,individual working time models and sickness are considered.

As a personnel manager, you will be informed via e-mail by Projektron BCS as soon as one of your employees applies for holidays. With one click, you can approve or reject holiday applications. From employee notification to arranging backup to updating the holiday plan: Projektron BCS automatically takes over all further steps for you.

Be it illness, leave or a business trip: a deputy is required when an employee is absent from the office. With the deputy appointments in Projektron BCS, you have the opportunity to simply organize your deputy.

In the defined period of time, the deputy can access your personal overview and attend your appointments. In your absence, the deputy can also edit your tasks, tickets and workflows and book his efforts.

You cannot take your leave? Conveniently request a cancellation on your leave date – the HR manager will then be informed of your cancellation request.


Gabriele Schrenk

Executive Board Member of EANTC AG

Projektron BCS [lets] gears interlock: With Projektron BCS, the effects of our employees’ leave and sick days on project procedures are visible at a glance – copying by hand with resulting errors and inaccuracies becomes obsolete.

Chip online

The software [Projektron BCS] automatically carries out capacity comparisons. This way project managers can quickly determine whether resources were accidentally "misscheduled" - and are able to freely select the maximum loads.

Source: The powerful: Multi-project solutions, Chip online, February 2010

Job applicant management

Manage job applications easily

From the detailed recording of job applications all the way to hiring: Projektron BCS makes it possible for personnel management to record submitted applications with all the relevant information quickly, thus helping the team to select the suitable candidate.

Job applications cannot only be recorded for external persons, but also for employees. The program also allows you to directly manage internal job applications.

Use statuses to access the current status of the job application, which also includes options for the further procedure – Projektron BCS guides you safely through the entire job application process.

And if you want to get to know an applicant personally, you can arrange a meeting in just a few clicks. Thanks to the new appointment category, invited employees can see at a glance in their calendars that a job interview has been scheduled for them.

Regardless of whether it is a personnel manager, department head or employee: everyone involved in the application process can store their personal rating, and thereby support the well-founded applicant selection.

Once you have found the suitable employee, the recording is the easy part: Applicants can be simply moved to an internal department in Projektron BCS. It is no longer necessary to create the master data again.

Wage premiums

Flexible modeling

Whether you are managing travel times, night work or weekend work: Projektron BCS enables personnel managers to manage variances in regular wages centrally. Your employees choose the appropriate exception rule directly in time recording.

Hourly rates that differ from the basic wage can be mapped flexibly and evaluated precisely, as can the percentage and absolute surcharges and reductions.

You can even define validity periods for these exception rules – for example, from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. or Sundays – with only a few clicks. 

In addition, you can define whether surcharges are to be paid out, transferred to the working hours account or credited to the flextime compensation budget by default.

Do you bill your customers surcharges in their invoices? These external surcharges and rules can be saved directly to customers or projects. The special agreements are invoiced to the customers accordingly.

Travel expenses settlement

Relaxing business trips

The integrated allowance management feature in Projektron BCS allows your employees to enter their travel costs, expenses and receipts even during their trip. If employees go on the same business trips frequently, they have the option of simply copying the information for past trips. Such trips can also be saved as a Favorite and can thus be retrieved quickly. As the project manager, you can see the total amount of travel costs for your project and how much of it you can invoice the customer.

If a single trip involves visits to several different customers, it is possible to invoice the expenses and travel costs incurred for each individual travel segment to the respective customer. In addition, the country of work may be specifically added to each employee, so that both the valid allowance rates and multi currencies are taken into account.

A status-based workflow reliably ensures that your project is executed correctly. After release by the employee and verification by the project manager or accounting manager, Projektron BCS automatically includes chargeable expenses in the next customer invoice.

In addition, you can save and easily charge location-specific trip cost allowances directly in the project.

If an employee incurs costs covered by his or her allowance, Projektron BCS will automatically calculate the reimbursement. This includes any daily allowances.

Capacity balancing

For realistic planning

To manage employee capacities systematically, it is important to know the extent of the workloads for entire departments and project teams, as well as for individual employees.

Projektron BCS determines the extent of your employees' workloads not only on the basis of planned project deployments and agreed upon working hours, but also considers other crucial influencing factors such as current estimates of remaining efforts from ongoing projects and tickets, baseline loads from daily business, leave, flextime compensation, holidays, and sickness-related absences.

The workload chart gives you a quick overview: The graphic summarizes the most important information and shows you in a clear way overloads and underloads of individual employees as well as entire company divisions.

The Project effort/Department matrix shows you the extent to which a department is involved in a certain project and who has free capacities. The matrix also gives you vital information concerning the project status, duration, and pending remaining efforts.

The resource preview gives you even more in-depth evaluations: For example, if you want to analyze the reasons for an employee's work overload in further detail, you can display his or her appointments, projects, tasks and tickets.

Flexible organizational structures

Line, matrix and more

From branch offices to departments all the way to individual employees: In the resource management of Projektron BCS you have the option of depicting your organizational structure easily and clearly. In addition, you flexibly define person groupsindependent of department or project.

Entire person groups as well as individual persons can be assigned by you as project manager already during project planning. Here you can easily access the data saved in the resource management and can even have the workload for each employee or the entire person group during the project duration displayed to you.

Workload forecast

Well-founded forecasts

In order to systematically manage employee capacity, it is very important that their workload forecasts are as realistic as possible.

Our project management software determines the extent of your employees' workloads not only based on planned project deployments and agreed upon working times but also considers other crucial influence factors.

Current estimates of remaining time required for ongoing projects as well as the typical workload of day-to-day business are automatically included in workload calculations along with holidays, free time compensation, public holidays and absence due to sickness.

The workload chart provides a quick overview of the capacity load. The graphic summarizes the important information and shows you in a clear way overloads and underloads of individual employees as well as entire company areas.

Utilization analysis

Systematically manage resources

You can conveniently analyze your project team's workload or your department's workload in the Projektron BCS resource preview: The extent of each employee's workload is clearly presented with colored bars. Highlighted in red, overloads can be quickly identified.

Thanks to the practical tree structure, even detailed analyses are a simple task: For example, if you want to analyze the reasons for an employee's overload in more detail, you just click to show the employee's appointments, projects and tasks.

Workload mountains

Keep an eye on "mountains" and "valleys"

The workload mountain view provides a quick overview of the capacity load. The graphic summarizes information from the workload analysis and clearly shows you the overloads (mountains) and underloads (valleys) of individual employees as well as of complete company areas.

Workload scenarios

Forward-looking planning

If employees are involved in several parallel tasks and projects, even small changes can lead to large overloads.

What then? In Projektron BCS, you can  simply and quickly test how new tasks or projectseffect the capacity of your employees. This allows you to solve possible resource conflicts in advance and ensure a balanced load of employees.

Central employee data

From just one source

Current, consistentemployee data which can be quickly accessed by authorized persons is a standard in our project management software. You can centrally manage your internal organizational structure including all personnel-relevant data in Projektron BCS resource management.

Thanks to our holistic approach, structured data sets provide for numerous synergy effects. This means that contractually agreed upon holidays are automatically shown in holiday management just as the working time model serves as the basis for time recording and the resource preview.

In addition, you can centrally manage and flexibly group internal hourly rates, for example according to qualification level, tariff or department. This saves time, particularly in data maintenance.

Skill management

Consciously used skills

Who can do what in the company? This is not only a question that is very important for personnel planning but also matters to project managers, especially during the team building phase.

In Projektron BCS resource management, employees can enter and evaluate their skills in the employee master data section. For protection against duplicates, the skills that can be selected by the employees are centrally managed.

Via search masks,project managers and personnel managers can conveniently find employees with specific qualifications, language skills or certificates, check their availability and therefore deploy experts in the company in a targeted manner.

Project planning

Material resources

Available for your team

Is the conference room free? Are company cars and laptops ready to be used? A peek in the Projektron BCS calendar is all you need to find out exactly when and how long a particular resource is available. To be on the the safe side, you can reserve the required resources in Projektron BCS resource management in advance.


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