We look towards the future. For you we nonetheless take a short look back at the past Projektron years.

  • 2023

    Multidimensional activity, "outstanding excellence" and optimized performance

    We leave behind us a turbulent year 2023 in terms of global politics and the economy, from which we as Projektron GmbH have emerged strengthened and grown. In the 22nd year of our existence, we have again been able to acquire new customers and new employees.

    The new features of Projektron BCS this year were primarily aimed at optimizing performance, security and user-friendliness. One visual highlight is the dynamic and interactive sunburst diagram for multidimensional task evaluation.

    2023 was rich in awards and prizes for our product, our working methods and our HR work. Projektron GmbH was awarded the "Berlin-Brandenburg Quality Award" for the third time in 2023/2024. All nine of them! Among the awards for our outstanding HR work, our ninth award from Great Place to Work® Germany stood out. We were able to assert ourselves in two categories and were named "Best Employer ITK" and "Best Employer Berlin-Brandenburg".

    We continued to focus on training and organized various seminars on project management, software development and data protection. In total, our employees attended 42 training courses lasting 279 days, mostly outside Berlin, some of them in warm Portugal.

    With the end of the coronavirus pandemic this year, our user consultants were once again present at trade fairs such as HMI. Despite the cold spring, our two bee colonies on the roof terrace were just as busy: they produced 22 kilograms of terrace gold honey.

    We were not only active at the computer and on the event floor, but also in sport: our team covered 4,051 km on bicycles during the Berlin City Cycle, no obstacle, no matter how adverse, could stop us at the XLETIX Challenge thanks to our teamwork, and no distance was too far for us at the Berlin Women's Run, the Rock the Race obstacle course in Würzburg and many other running events.

    In addition to staff meetings, team events and barbecues, there was also a summer party at Lake Wandlitz and a Christmas party over the rooftops of Berlin to bring our employees from all Projektron locations together. There was also a regular running group and health training in Berlin, as well as our table football league and weekly board game evenings.

    We are proud of the steadily growing number of BCS users: The number of references on our website has reached 305 entries. In addition to the 30 new user reports, we can now provide 88 reports on the website. These testimonials are the heart of our new industry section of the website, where we showcase the benefits of Projektron BCS for organizations in ten different industries.

    Our blog has been enriched with numerous articles and is becoming a magnet for readers and visitors. We are also focusing on our video tutorials: the gradual updating of existing tutorials has begun and new videos have been added.

    We are proud of a successful 2023, which allowed us to grow faster than inflation. We hope that we and our customers will be spared lockdowns and rising prices in 2024 and that the war in Ukraine will come to an end.


    New functions in 2023


    Copy-by-dragging: manual entry of identical data in seconds
    Security and performance: manage TLS/SSL certificates, deployment and process planning without long loading pauses
    Utilization of groups of people in the project and schedule
    Data for retrieving electronic AU certificates in BCS


    Interactive sunburst diagram for task evaluation
    Copy function via drag-and-drop in the navigator
    "Home office" as a new appointment type
    Checking and unchecking all options in the view settings


    Timer in the agenda
    Appointments, appointment tooltips and calendar revised
    XInvoice: Changes for version valid from 01.02.2024


    Project archiving: more overview, better performance
    Live changes to list views
    Customizable navigation bar
    Prioritization of tickets in Kanban views

  • 2022

    Workflow-driven, ERP system of the year and continuously successful

    At 21 years old, Projektron has now officially come of age everywhere in the world since the beginning of this year. 2022 was a successful year for Projektron GmbH. Despite a difficult economic situation and an increasing number of insolvencies, numerous new companies relied on Projektron BCS for their project management and to organize their business processes.

    Projektron BCS now has a functionally powerful BPMN module for process modeling and control. The fact that BCS is an outstanding software for mapping and automating business processes was impressively confirmed to us several times this year: Our software was named ERP System of the Year in the category "Workflow-driven ERP" by the Center for Enterprise Research at the University of Potsdam. For the cooperation with our customer Mercoline GmbH, we were awarded the Process Solution Award 2022 by the Gesellschaft für Organisation in the category for "good solutions for process-oriented reorganization and process optimization".

    We continue to focus on qualified training of our employees and therefore organized a GPM basic seminar, two IPMA Level D seminars and a Level C seminar as well as a Scrum advanced training. However, technical know-how is not everything, further development also requires room for creativity: The results of our hackathon, which often find their way into the further development of our software, bear witness to this.

    Our trade fair activities were again more active than in previous years, and we were represented at a number of recruiting and trade fairs. Consequently, we were busy - almost as busy as our bee colonies, which made the Terrassengold vintage 2022 the most productive so far with 55 kilograms of honey.

    We have now won the Great Place to Work award for employee-oriented corporate culture for the eighth time. We were among the winners of the "Best Employers in Berlin-Brandenburg" and "Best Employers in ICT" competitions. 94% of participating employees found that "Projektron is a very good place to work." The German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization (DIND) has named Projektron GmbH "Employer of the Future 2022".

    Meetings and cozy get-togethers as a team were finally possible again this year on a larger scale than in previous years. A new record: We were able to gather on our roof terraces for a total of 10 barbecues this year - once with partners, children and friends of our employees. In addition, there was a summer party at which we explored Berlin from the Spree, a Christmas party with a large group at Müggelsee, and two employee meetings with exciting presentations and an entertaining social program. Running events, a number of cycling events, a running club, our foosball league and regular health training sessions provided variety in our daily work routine.

    We are proud of the steadily growing number of loyal and enthusiastic BCS users: We were able to update many existing user reports this year with the active support of our users and also added new reports. The number of our references on the website has grown to over 100. Our blog has been enriched by numerous articles and enjoys a growing number of readers - also far beyond the sphere of BCS users.

    Although - or perhaps because - it was a year dictated by crises from a geopolitical and global economic perspective, we look back on the Projektron year 2022 with satisfaction and gratitude.

    New functions in 2022


    Graphically display and evaluate employee internals in the interactive diagram
    Process automation made easy: BPMN editor rounded off
    Collaboration on a new level: News in the agenda
    Multi-project evaluations with global filters


    Navigator as overlay
    Map view in "My area
    Effort transfer in shift plan


    New view: ticket evaluations for customers
    2-factor authentication using TOTP
    BPMN process designer: multi-instance user tasks for release and review


    Performance improvements
    Revision of the system architecture

  • 2021

    Employer in demand, environmental award and dark mode

    The 20th year of our existence was the most successful for us so far - despite restrictive measures for sales and consulting. For that, we were busy, as were our two bee colonies on the company terrace. They pollinated all our flowers and fruit trees in this relatively cool year and supplied 40 kilograms of honey.

    In the "Office and Environment" competition, we received a prize for all our resource-conserving and energy-efficient activities.

    And our software again received numerous innovations such as the Dark Mode or the graphical display of personnel data. 

    We were rated as an excellent company by Great Place to Work, with another very high participation rate of 88% and a further increase in employee satisfaction.

    Our new employees had many opportunities to immerse themselves in the world of Projektron, for example at our hackathon, six barbecues on the terraces, water sports at the summer party, the employee meeting and joint activities such as the foosball league, the betting game for the European Championship, the table tennis tournament, our health training sessions, running events such as the Cross Challenge, the regular running meeting, a running seminar and Christmas crafts, where this time we made chocolate ourselves and painted ceramics.

    We organized training trips to Görlitz, Wernigerode and Jüterborg for IPMA and ITIL training. Our teams also found opportunities for joint experiences such as climbing and visits to old cultural monuments.

    We report on all of this and much more on our website, which we redesigned this year and expanded to include a new calendar of events and our blog with many technical articles.

    Overall, we also look back on 2021 with pleasure.


    New features in 2021:


    Edit remaining effort in shift plan
    Link appointments in Exchange Online with tasks and tickets
    Poster printing of time,- project,- and appointment schedule


    New license attendance recorder
    Enter contacts via QR code in the app 
    Create tickets in ticket cards


    Appointment agendas from topic store
    Meta search for views, attributes and actions
    New interface to JIRA Cloud


    Dark Mode
    Graphically display personnel data
    Asset management module

  • 2020

    Quality, flexibility and innovative ideas to counter the Corona effect

    An extraordinary year, marked by the unusual, comes to an end. Covid-19 is keeping the world on tenterhooks. Nevertheless, 2020 is a successful year for us. Projektron reacted early, adapted to the new situation and promoted change. We met the Corona crisis with innovative ideas, recorded more personnel growth than in the previous year and, above all, grew even closer together as colleagues.

    There was cause for celebration at our Berlin-Brandenburg 2020/2021 Quality Award, which was presented to us by the Association for Quality Promotion and Consulting in February. For the first time, we were awarded the title of "Exzellent geführtes Unternehmen" (company with excellent management). Our focus on process-driven operations was the reason for this.

    The benefits of our process orientation became quickly and clearly apparent: well prepared, we were able to enable the majority of our colleagues to work from home and short-time working in the spring. From March onwards, we were able to offer our 830 customers and other interested parties training and consulting services converted to an online format. When the temporary reduction of the VAT rate from 19% to 16% and from 7% to 5% came in the economic stimulus and crisis management package, our customers were able to participate in the webinar on adjustments in invoicing.

    We greatly expanded our work in university collaborations. For our constant contribution to innovation and research, Projektron was awarded the "Innovative through Research" seal by the Stifterverband in September.

    Many of our popular events could not take place this year. Nevertheless, we were able to hold a number of networking events in the spring and fall, some as face-to-face events and some online: Our practical presentations at the Unternehmertreffen (on support infrastructure and process), with PMI and GfO Berlin (on SW development according to Scrum) and with tekom Berlin (on semantic knowledge networks) were well attended. At PMI Cologne we reached many participants with the technical lecture Hybrid Product Development.

    Already in September, we brought the colleagues concerned back from short-time work. We are very pleased that the number of Projektronis has continued to grow - since December we have 109 employees.

    With our employees, we were able to hold a staff meeting, a hackathon, an advanced training trip on GPM Level C to Portugal, advanced training on Scrum and training on negotiations, resilience and health training. On our terraces, small barbecue parties and a few game nights always provided an opportunity, especially for the 22 new employees, to arrive in the team. A summer party, our foosball league, running events such as the Muddy Angel Run, a running seminar and the new monthly running club provided balance and relaxing variety - with precautions against pandemic worries.

    In the Great Place to Work competition, we achieved our personal highest participation rate of 89% and exceeded the employee satisfaction from our last participation. Furthermore, the annual financial statements show that our year was very successful despite Corona - our sales remained almost constant compared to the previous year and we also made a profit.

    We look forward to being there for our customers and prospects again in 2021 with more on-site events and more personal contact.

    New features in 2020:


    More efficient rights management
    Optimized resource utilization
    Tickets to project templates


    Restore texts
    Agenda and protocol at appointments
    BPMN - processes at appointment subtypes e.g. business trip or home office requests


    Create tickets from agenda item
    QR code for Swiss invoicing
    Better indication of attendances


    Customer-specific enhancements to XInvoice
    Support of the electronic invoice format ZUGFeRD
    Internal modification of the calendar module

  • 2019

    Great Place to Work, XInvoice and Graphical BPMN Process Designer

    Our human resources work was recognized as a Great Place to Work for the sixth time. Projektron also did very well in the BRIGITTE "Best Employers for Women 2019" competition.

    We organized three employee meetings, two hackathons, a PRINCE 2 training trip to Portugal, health training sessions, six barbecues on our terraces, the summer party, Christmas crafts, Christmas party, game night, World Cup tip game and the foosball league. After a long time, there was again a vacation evening (about New Zealand), participation in the Berlin-Brandenburg Business Cup as well as 12 running events, a running seminar on running fitness with running test, lactate measurement and suggestions for individual fitness and a fascia training. Team 2 won the Berlin Business Kick with luck and skill.

    Projektron now has a total of 100 employees for the first time. Across Europe, more than 700 customers place their trust in us.

    There was once again a great atmosphere at our 7th user conference in Berlin. Our best practice presentations at GPM and PMI on the topics of: Hybrid project management, software development according to Scrum, software implementation strategies and the challenge of ISO 27001 certification.

    In November, the management consultancy SERVIEW again confirmed the PRINCE2®-compliant implementation of PM processes in Projektron BCS. With DVZ Datenverarbeitungszentrum Mecklenburg-Vorpommern GmbH, we developed the solution for integrated coverage of the state's collective bargaining agreement (TVL), which is the basis for billing in public institutions. And as of this year, invoices can be issued according to the XInvoice format.

    New functions in 2019:

    Cost history curve
    Automatic sprint key figures
    Internal message dispatch

    Holistic risk management
    Optimized job schedule
    New offline app for time tracking & expense entry

    XInvoice support
    Graphical BPMN process designer
    Enhanced quotation costing

    Extended material costs module
    Survey module
    Kanban board in all projects

  • 2018

    Certification in accordance with ISO 27001, awards and new versioning system

    At the end of 2018, Projektron employed 93 members of staff, more than half of whom were IPMA and PRINCE2 certified. We now have more than 700 customers – most are SMEs, but there are also some large corporations and public institutions. 46 customers from primarily large companies took part in the 6th User Conference in Berlin.

    After a successful audit by TÜV Süd in February, we received the ISO 27001 certificate for our information security management system, which is used for development, support, technical customer support, and internal IT administration. Shortly thereafter, we also received the “Qualität und guter Service aus der Hauptstadtregion” Berlin-Brandenburg 2018/2019 award, which honors quality and excellent service in the Berlin Brandenburg region.

    Our work in human resources was once again honored by GPTW, with Projektron taking second place in Berlin Brandenburg, third place in the ICT sector, and fifth place across Germany as a whole. The team was also delighted to receive the TOTAL E-QUALITY distinction once again.

    Our teams organized numerous company events for the employees, including three employee gatherings, two hackathons, an advanced training trip with certification in Portugal, barbecues, a summer party, Christmas crafts and our Christmas party, as well as a games night, a World Cup betting game and a foosball league. A running seminar was organized to ensure the health of our employees was also not forgotten, with 18 of our sports enthusiasts also taking part in races.

    63% of Projektron customers participated in our customer satisfaction survey. Our technical customer support received an average score of 1.5 (with 1 being the best mark, 6 the worst).

    As of this year, the first number of the version number designates the year, while the second number indicates the quarter of its release. The first release of 2018 was therefore named Projektron BCS 18.1. Thanks to the new system, users can now determine the age of their version at a glance.

    It also clearly demonstrates that we develop Projektron BCS within the framework of an iterative agile procedure, enabling us to react quickly to new requirements. Our development department has been working according to the Scrum development method since 2009; four versions with extensive function extensions are released each year.

    Projektron BCS has continued to grow:

    • 18.1
      Year-based project planning
      Copy view settings
    • 18.2
      BCS and Office 365 synchronization
      Graphical network map for products
    • 18.3
      Revised navigator
      New offline app for time recording and entering expenses
    • 18.4
      Extended management of risks and countermeasures
      Support of Java 11 and OpenJDK
  • 2017

    Host of the BPUG e.V. annual meeting

    Car manufacturer Porsche and logistics company Hermes Fulfilment both joined our customer base this year. Other new key accounts include service provider Loh Services and the Federal Motor Transport Authority. The sold-out User Conference in Berlin gave our customers the chance to meet and talk to one another.

    At the end of the year, our company has over 90 employees, who all work together closely and whose ideas contribute to the continued development of our products and the company. We took first place in Berlin Brandenburg in the Great Place to Work competition for the fourth time, and are also one of the top employers in both the ICT sector (third place) and in Germany as a whole (12th place).

    Our teams organized numerous company events for the employees, including employee gatherings, barbecues, a summer party, our Christmas party, and our first running workshop, which used a mix of theory and practical exercises to introduce employees to the topic of “running healthily.”

    We also organized numerous networking events, including the annual meeting for BPUG Best Practice User Group Deutschland e.V. (BPUG), which we hosted at our site for 50 participants.

    The results of the continued development of Projektron BCS:

    • 7.36
      Scrum Board and Kanban board for projects (tasks)
      PRINCE2 with Projektron BCS
    • 7.38
      Week-based resource request
      Mobile travel expense submission
    • 7.40
      Project portfolio
      Kanban board for tasks (Tickets)
    • 7.42
      Dynamic diagrams
      Extensions to circulars in BCS
  • 2016

    Anniversary, Awards and PRINCE2

    Projektron celebrated its 15-year anniversary in February. In total, the software company now boasts 91 employees, of which 42 are women. More than half the staff are IPMA and PRINCE2 certified. Projektron BCS has attracted over 600 customers, 90 of which over the course of this year, with its reliable technology, flexibility and market proximity. 43 of our customers visited the 4th User Conference in Berlin.

    Projektron was named the most family-friendly company in the “Unternehmen für Familie – Berlin 2016” (company for family) competition and received the Best Pers Award for the third time. This drew the attention of Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Sigmar Gabriel, and Berlin’s Governing Mayor, Michael Müller. During their visit, they learned how individual and flexible working models enable the reconciliation of private and professional life.

    Since fall of this year, the SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL seal of quality confirms the PRINCE2®-conform implementation of project management processes for the Projektron BCS product. The independent SERVIEW management consulting company tested the software for certification using over 600 assessment criteria. Our customer, DVZ Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, received the Best Practice Award from the BPUG Deutschland e.V. for excellent services in project management.

    Projektron BCS now also supports phased plans, risk diagrams, project proposals and idea management. New additions also include boards for working in accordance with Scrum or Kanban. This year, Projektron BCS provides even greater support for users in support departments by offering services times, reaction times and early warning stages in the ticket system.

    And thanks to the support of Apache Camel, Projektron BCS is even easier to integrate in company-wide information systems. This is Projektron GmbH’s way of supporting its customers in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

  • 2015

    Best Practice for Human Resources

    During a visit by the Berlin Labor Senator, Dilek Kolat, and the Managing Director of the IHK Berlin, Jan Eder, as part of the “Unternehmen mit Frauen an die Spitze” (Companies with women at the top) initiative, Projektron presented itself as a “best practice” example with flexible working hours and management in part-time positions. Members of the working group “Future of Work” from the Humboldt University in Berlin visited Projektron to learn more about these topics.

    The Berlin-based software manufacturer was again honored for its human resources work this year. According to GPTW, Projektron is among the best employers nationwide, coming in 7th place in the GPTW competition “Best Employer in ITC 2015”, and taking 1st place for the third year in a row in the competition “Best Employer in Berlin-Brandenburg 2015”.

    A staff member from Projektron, Simone Dümchen was honored by the University of Potsdam for her Bachelor's thesis on the concept of personnel controlling in business-related standard software. In addition, Projektron was once again awarded the TOTAL E-QUALITY distinction for equal opportunity and was awarded the first-ever distinction for diversity.

    Projektron reports on its human resources work during panel discussions and at network events organized together with its partners. The guide “Die neue Vereinbarkeit” (new compatibility) published by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs lists numerous Projektron measures as being exemplary.

    Currently, 42 percent of Projektron employees are working part-time – roughly the same amount of women as men; some even in management positions. In total, the software company boasts around 85 employees, of which 46 are men. The steadily increasing number of employees was the reason to add an additional floor to the main office in Berlin. The Stuttgart site moved to a larger office with a training facility in a central location in the Swabian state capital.

    The user conference was a complete success and attracted 40 visitors this year.

    As of version 7.20, Projektron BCS offers a bi-directional JIRA interface. The latest additions include solutions for resource management in the matrix, a new search algorithm as well as marking and reuse functions in the ticket system, and an integrated job application management system.

  • 2014

    Awards, PM Camp and BCS App

    Projektron receives the Ruban d’Honneur at the European Business Awards for the “Employer of the Year 2013/14” category. The Great Place to Work-Institute (GPTW) has once again honored Projektron 2nd place in the nationwide ranking “Best Employer in ICT 2014”, 12th place in the competition “Germany's Best Employer 2014” and once again 1st place in the cross-sector comparison “Best Employer in Berlin-Brandenburg 2014”.

    In addition, GPTW has awarded Projektron the first-ever special prize for “Equal Opportunity and Promotion of Women”. Following receipt of the award, Berlin's Senator for Labor, Integration and Women, Dilek Kolat visited the company. Projektron supports the “Unternehmen mit Frauen an die Spitze” (Companies with women at the top) sponsored by the Senate Labor Department and Berlin's Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and provides suggestions for flexible, software-based personnel management in the form of networking events.

    In cooperation with our partner for advanced training, PM Pocket, Projektron conducts four-day camps three times a year, which focus on a practice-oriented introduction to international standards in project management in accordance with IPMA.

    Following its relocation, the Munich office now has more space and a function room used for on-site trainings. Projektron also widens its services to Open Workshops. This format was firstly introduced at the Projektron user conference and was highly praised.

    As of this year, it is also possible to record efforts in Projektron BCS with a smartphone via a special app. Furthermore, the software offers a new planning view for the Scrum module. GPM has honoured a staff member from Projektron, Francisco Josué Artaza, with the Deutscher Studienpreis Projektmanagement (German Students Award for Project Management) for his Bachelor's thesis on introductory projects.

  • 2013

    Excellent Workplaces

    For the first time in company history, Projektron participated in the benchmark study conducted by the independent research institute Great Place to Work.

    Back in January, the Berlin-based company received the first award: 5th place in the nationwide ranking “Best Employer in IT 2013” for the 50 – 100 employees category. In April, the company climbed the winner's rostrum and achieved 1st place in a cross-sector comparison “Best Employer in Berlin-Brandenburg 2013”.

    In 2013, two institutes confirmed the fact that Projektron is among the best in its size category in Germany. The company ranked 23rd in the Great Place to Work ranking “Germany's Best Employers 2013” and was honored as the “National Champion” at the European Business Award for the “Employer of the Year” category.

    The Projektron team also delivered an outstanding performance in 2013: a total of 12 consultants had their project management expertise certified by the German Association for Project Management (GPM).

    In 2013, Projektron celebrated the premiere of its user conference. The event was a complete success and will be held annually.

    Projektron BCS has been offering an external support portal, JIRA interface as well as tachometers for costs, efforts and profits since 2013.

    More than 450 customers in Europe are using Projektron BCS.

  • 2012

    For large and small:
    Projektron BCS 7

    In 2012, Projektron BCS version 7 drew all eyes with its completely redesigned interface and set new standards, not only in terms of operational concept.

    With Projektron BCS.start the Berlin software company offered an edition tailor-made for project teams with up to 15 employees. Large corporations such as Hella Aglaia and Volkswagen benefited from new features for process management.

    Projektron BCS stands for project success – this was confirmed in 2012 by an enthusiastic professional audience: The University of Potsdam has selected Projektron BCS as "ERP System of the Year" for service providers, and the German professional association for technical communication – tekom – awarded the documentation of Projektron BCS for the second time.

  • 2011

    10 years Projektron

    IT sector is fast-paced – trends come and go. Meanwhile, Projektron celebrates its ten-year anniversary, focuses on reliable technology and convinces – with flexibility, market proximity and the extra mile for its staff. 

    In 2011, not only the company anniversary was cause for celebration: The project management software Projektron BCS was nominated for the award ERP system of the year and was included in the Best of IT list for medium-sized businesses.

    From an innovative start-up to a software company active all over Europe: A challenge that Projektron accepts also in terms of human resources. Its high-quality personnel work was honored in 2011 for the first time with the TOTAL-E-QUALITY award and the BestPersZertifikat.

  • 2010

    New space for creative minds

    The offices in Kreuzberg became too small. Over the years, not only did the know-how grow at Projektron, so did the size of its team. At the beginning of 2010, the team, which by then consisted of 60 employees, was too big for the former Projektron headquarters.

    A modern office building directly in the center of Berlin was chosen as the new main office. There, the large offices do not only provide enough space for creative minds, but also allow continued growth.

  • 2009

    Booming in the midst of the economic crisis

    Just as the new economy crises, the economic crises did not affect Projektron in any way. With numerous interested parties and new customers, the innovation company from Berlin was even able to expand: Since 2009, sixty employees advise and support the nearly 300 customers.

    In particular the aerospace specialist EADS contributed to Projektron's success. With a total of 500 Projektron BCS licenses, the German-French EADS research was the largest Projektron customer in 2009.


  • 2008

    Knowledge and project management in one

    With a continuously growing team, the question of knowledge management adapted to company needs becomes more and more important, even for the Berlin software company itself. An intranet based on Wiki technology proved to be the best solution for Projektron.

    In order to benefit from existing knowledge in the best way possible, the Wiki for  know-how was followed by the connection to the internal Projektron BCS. With this expansion, which is also available by default to customers as of version 6.8, any parts in Projektron BCS can be linked with suitable Wiki entries.

    The Berlin company broke new ground, not only in terms of internal communication. In addition, the information materials for Projektron BCS users were completely overhauled thanks to the experts from the new Technical Documentation department.

  • 2007

    Projektron dedication to customers and neighborhood

    With subsidiaries in Munich, Hamburg, Bonn and Karlsruhe, the competence team consisting of 20 persons has long been on duty for customers all over Germany.

    However, the neighborhood where the success story of the triumvirate started remains unforgotten. With the support of the integration project Lange Tafel and the district parent association for daycare centers, Projektron contributes to life in Kreuzberg.

    Of course, the customers are also supported by Projektron. With the support founded in 2007, a complete department is always available for wishes, suggestions and questions regarding Projektron BCS.


  • 2006

    Tickets to ISO

    The best-possible support for more than 100 Projektron customers in five countries - no problem for the competence team with the Projektron BCS support system. Support and service enquiries from customers directly reach the right contact person via a sophisticated ticket system. This saves time and increases productivity – not only for the Berlin team.

    Customers also equally benefit from the optimized Projektron service as well as the enhanced Projektron BCS functionality. In this, the tickets for companies striving at an ISO certificate are especially important. Since 2006, the companies can not only successfully coordinate ongoing projects with BCS, but can also realize their complaints management in line with ISO.

  • 2005

    No limits to project management

    The simple language configuration of the web-based project management software Projektron BCS also convinces across country borders.

    SiMedia AG was the first Italian company that relied on the project management solution from Berlin in 2005. The Internet agency from South Tyrol marked the beginning of a new era in the history of Projektron. In the next years, additional customers in other European countries followed.

    Projektron BCS is also used in neighboring countries - as usual across sectors. Among others, an Austrian financial company and a French industrial group use the web-based project management system for their project successes.


  • 2004

    Standard-compliant with Projektron BCS

    The workflow component first presented at the CeBIT exhibition in 2004, was primarily aimed at customers from industry. With the latest Projektron BCS function, they could easily depict their ISO-compliant company processes in the system. Other interested parties soon discovered this further development. Because: if the suitable workflow is anchored in Projektron BCS, recurring activities can easily contribute to an increase in productivity – regardless of industry and size.

    With thirty new customers in the fourth business year, not only the new Projektron BCS module, but also the proven recipe for success, proved to be profitable.

  • 2003

    Know how - know-how from the expert

    The Projektron team also grows along with the increasing number of customers. In the third business year, eight employees supported the nearly forty customers.

    Among them: Projektron's first apprentice. Sales, marketing, finance and product management – the IT systems management assistant learned the fundamental practical know-how from the expert in project management.


  • 2002

    Distinguished across sectors

    Systematic project management pays off. Even across sectors, thanks to the flexibility of Projektron BCS. While mainly software companies use the program for successful projects in the first business year, Projektron GmbH was able to significantly expand its range of sectors already in 2002. In the second business year, companies from the IT sector as well as industry and services companies brought about an increase in the number of customers by fifty percent.

    Not only companies, but also the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology as well as the Federal Association of Young Entrepreneurs (BJU) took notice of the performance of the Berlin company. In addition to securing numerous new customers, Projektron won the start-up competition Multimedia of the Federal Ministry and also won the BJU start-up workshop competition.

  • 2001

    Innovative and practical right from the very start

    What must a project management software be able to do in order to ideally support project teams? The founding fathers of Projektron, Maik Dorl, Dr. Marten Huisinga and Jörg Cohrs already dealt with this question before the company founding. Their exploratory market discussions with companies from Berlin helped the project experts in finding the answer: A platform-independent system, adaptable to project and company needs, contributes to realistic project planning with transparency and flexibility, simplifies project processing and allows for comprehensive cost control.

    On 12 February 2001, the innovations team completed the preparatory phase and started its first business year. Including: a sophisticated business plan and the first version of the Business Coordination Software Projektron BCS.

    The successes of the first business year prove: If you are well prepared and have Projektron BCS, projects can succeed. In the same year, Projektron secured ten customers with the web-based software for project success and received the first award, the Internet World Award in the category Best Application.

  • 2000

    Innovative and practical right from the very start

    What must a project management software be able to do in order to ideally support project teams? The founding fathers of Projektron, Maik Dorl, Dr. Marten Huisinga and Jörg Cohrs already dealt with this question before the company founding. Their exploratory market discussions with companies from Berlin helped the project experts in finding the answer: A platform-independent system, adaptable to project and company needs, contributes to realistic project planning with transparency and flexibility, simplifies project processing and allows for comprehensive cost control.

    On 12 February 2001, the innovations team completed the preparatory phase and started its first business year. Including: a sophisticated business plan and the first version of the Business Coordination Software Projektron BCS.

    The successes of the first business year prove: If you are well prepared and have Projektron BCS, projects can succeed. In the same year, Projektron secured ten customers with the web-based software for project success and received the first award, the Internet World Award in the category Best Application.

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