Our teams

Multifaceted range of tasks

Depending on the focus of the task, the individual divisions look at our project management software from different angles. All of them enjoy the best prospects for a continued successful Projektron future.

User consulting

Establish Projektron BCS solutions

Prospective customers of Projektron are companies that carry out projects and are looking for software that maps their processes. In most cases, interested parties have previously tried to support project management with self-developed tools for time recording and evaluations, often based on spreadsheets or word processing. As the size of the company increases or as a result of reorganization, the time then comes when the self-built solutions become uneconomical.

Projektron's consulting services always relate to the use of Projektron BCS. The main task of user consulting is to understand the users and to carry out presentations, training and workshops (online and on-site). Mostly it is about the introduction of our software or the mapping of new processes. Often the requirements are complex. Here it is advantageous for consultants to have business knowledge in order to understand the customer.

User consulting is also organized with Projektron BCS. Since interested parties and customers are each looked after by a team, which also includes support and technical consulting, everyone involved can always see the status of the acquisition project. But even after implementation, the team regularly inquires about the status of satisfaction.


Order management

For smooth processing

Order Management supports customer support and is responsible for order and contract processing. As an interface between consultants, support and accounting, the department acts as a multi-talent.

Order Management prepares quotes and reviews orders, maintains contracts, and answers customers' questions about data privacy and data security regulations. 

Overview of BCS editions, prices and license models


Text and image for Projektron BCS

How do I create a project in Projektron BCS? Thanks to the Projektron BCS manuals, users can find the right answer to these and similar questions quickly and easily.

This is made possible by the technical editors in the Documentation department. With an XML-based editing system and standardized information model, they create online help, product manuals and product descriptions in modular form and in high quality. Consistency is ensured not only by comprehensive editorial guidelines, but also by terminology management. A terminology database forms the basis for correct naming.

In 2010, 2012 and again in 2015, the department won the prestigious Dokupreis of tekom, the professional association of technical editors. Also in 2012, two work-study students from the department and their concept for the online help of the future were voted number one by the jury and audience at the tekom intro student innovation award.

The latest technology and the expertise of Projektron's information experts are also appreciated across languages: terminology database, language control tools and cooperation with professional translators all contribute to high-quality information products for foreign-language customers.



With Java and Scrum into the Projektron BCS future

The task of development at Projektron is the continuous further development of our project management software Projektron BCS and the implementation of customer-specific adaptations. In doing so, the developers work out the requirements together with product management and the customers and estimate the implementation effort for the requirements. 

The development is oriented towards software development according to Scrum. The development team implements the requirements in two-week sprints. Our Projektron BCS software is used to organize the sprints. This allows the current versions of our software to be tested under real conditions.

In addition to implementation, quality assurance through extensive testing is the task of development. Unit and integration tests are written and executed to ensure long-term functioning.

In addition, software maintenance and support are important development tasks in which all developers are involved.

Projektron BCS is a Java application with a web interface. Open source components are used (Apache Commons, Axis, Lucene, Batic, Eclipse BIRT, Quartz, JUnit, Velocity, ...) but own frameworks are also developed (mainly for the core areas of web application, persistence and business logic).

Important basics for the work in the development department are Java know-how, knowledge in the area of web applications (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX) and the backend of the database systems supported by BCS (Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL).


Finance and Controlling

All figures under control

Our Finance and Controlling department has all the figures under control. The colleagues record incoming invoices and ensure that they are paid on time. Outgoing invoices and reminders are created directly in the internal Projektron BCS. All data is transferred to our tax office via the DATEV Unternehmen Online interface. Managing the cash register is also part of the accounting department's tasks.

Due to the work of all departments with Projektron BCS, all required data for the evaluations are available to the controlling department. Together with the evaluations in DATEV Unternehmen Online, our department thus has everything in view.

The development of our software in the areas of time recording and invoicing is driven by this team.


IT Administration

So that everything works

Computer, monitors, mouse, keyboard and telephone? So that a new employee can get started right away, these devices are provided by IT administration. Depending on the role, the computer is directly loaded with the appropriate software that the employee needs for his or her daily work.

If someone has problems, the IT administration is there to help, for example if a printer takes on a life of its own.

In addition to user support, IT administration also takes care of purchasing technical equipment, such as a smartboard for use in the Daily Scrum Meeting.

In addition to software administration, the employees are also responsible for the telephone system, our servers and the network. Here, firewalls as well as backups are checked and a recovery strategy is developed.

The IT administration keeps track of which technology is used where and documents the configuration of the hardware and software used.


Active for Projektron and Projektron BCS

The aim of marketing is to make interested parties and potential employees aware of the Projektron BCS software and Projektron as an employer.

Newsletters are used to inform customers and interested parties about innovations in Projektron BCS and current processes and developments in the company. The marketing team works closely with customers, organizes user presentations and assists with the creation of user reports.

Projectron BCS functions are used to carry out the marketing projects. Checklists within the projects ensure that all tasks are thought of in the run-up to an event as well as for follow-up.

In addition to high-level text production, graphic design and multimedia production are also among the skills of this multifaceted department. Further contributions to external communication, such as administrative and editorial support for the website, round off the varied range of tasks performed by the editorial team.


Human Resources Management

Committed to the employees

Projektron would not be what it is today without its employees. That's why human resources management takes care of all employee matters - from hiring to saying goodbye to an employee.

This includes the application process in particular. The team takes care of all open job advertisements, assesses applicants and conducts interviews.

When a new employee is hired, the HR management staff draw up a detailed induction plan in collaboration with the respective team leader and quality management.

In addition, Human Resources Management takes care of the organization of further training, the semi-annual employee appraisals, and all personnel administration activities, such as the administration of vacation budgets, working time accounts, and preparatory wage payments.

Additional benefits such as the company pension scheme or the company occupational disability insurance are also organized here.

Quality management

Processes for smooth operations

One of the main tasks in our quality management is process management. Here, processes are designed, introduced and continuously improved.

All our processes are documented on the intranet so that they can be viewed by everyone. Some of the processes, such as our purchasing process, are implemented in our internal BCS using BPMN. This means, for example, that a purchasing process can be started directly via our software.

When introducing new processes, we focus on transparency. For example, all employees are informed via the newsletter or separate employee events. The induction plans for new employees are drawn up by quality management.

Quality management regularly reviews the current processes with the process owners and continuously improves them.

A major project in quality management was the successful introduction of an information security management system (ISMS) and ISO 27001 certification by TÜV Süd.

Quality and security

Technical advice

Always well advised

For technical questions from individually supported customers or interested parties, the Technical Consulting department is the direct contact. The inquiries are recorded in a workshop or submitted via the support server by means of a ticket. In addition to installation workshops, the technical consultants also conduct workshops and major adjustments to interfaces and customer-specific processes.

The implementation and design of administrator and other technical training courses is also the responsibility of the Technical Consulting department.

The technical consultants spend the majority of their time at Projektron's office, where they implement the recorded requirements.


Technical customer service (support)

Always well supported

If customers or interested parties have technical questions about the installation or adaptability of Projektron BCS, the Technical Customer Support (TKB) department is the direct point of contact. All team members have studied, and the department consists mainly of media and business informatics specialists.

Via the support server, the customer can describe his request in detail as a ticket at any time. Solutions are developed jointly on the basis of this information. These are documented directly with the request. 

The technical customer support employee implements configurative adjustments independently after approval by the customer. To do this, he needs appropriate knowledge of various database management systems (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL) and experience with XML as well as Linux and MS Windows.

Solutions that require development effort are prepared by the technical customer support department for our development department in terms of content and handed over.

TKB answers over 10,000 questions per year regarding the use of the software or its configuration. For each completed request, the customer is asked to evaluate our service, and the satisfaction rate is very high. The average rating over the last 5 years has always been between 1.4 and 1.6.


Event organization

Show what we offer

Projektron meets interested parties and applicants at trade fairs and congresses. The event team also supports the participation of colleagues in various networks such as GPM, PMI and tekom. For the exchange of information among users, the team organizes an annual user conference with an evening event followed by a workshop day. 

By searching for suitable software on the Internet or at trade fairs, interested parties find initial information about Projektron BCS. This results in the desire to get to know the product better and to try it out on their own project.

To get off to a good start, the events team organizes training courses online and on site. The events team ensures the general conditions for our events, for example, the scheduling and spatial coordination.



In action for the entire Projektron team

Administration is responsible for procurement and supports colleagues at the various locations with organizational issues, especially travel bookings. It is the first point of contact for visitors and service providers and organizes access control.

The administration staff is responsible for Projektron's vehicle fleet, office space and inventory. They also take care of the terraces, trees, flowers and bees.

In addition, the administration team organizes barbecues and supports the events team at other internal events and at the user conference.

Every day, the administration provides our colleagues with a hot lunch, which is also adapted to the needs of vegetarians and vegans.

For other internal events as well as networking events, the administrative team supports our organizers.

The administration team also takes care of the general cleanliness in the offices and at the workplaces, so that everyone always feels comfortable.

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