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BCS is the communication and collaboration tool for your successful team and project work.

BCS stands for Business Coordination Software. Coordinated and successful project work requires not only efficient self-organization, but absolutely also communication and collaboration. Our comprehensive, modular software system coordinates the collaboration of all company divisions, all departments and teams, evokes synergy effects and enables the automation of all business processes of organizations of any size. With collaboration tools, such as the appointment calendar with resource-relevant appointments, your team works closely together in Projektron BCS, even over long distances.

My Area: your customizable dashboard for a good start to the workday.

You come into the office and want to know immediately what's coming up today?

  • Appointments 
  • reminders 
  • important tasks 
  • workflow steps
  • checklist entries
  • tickets to be processed
  • ticket queries from other employees or customers

You capture all this information directly after logging into BCS at a glance. Your personal overview "My Area" is your personal and individual dashboard in BCS: It offers you a lot of information, which you can show according to your needs and arrange by drag-and-drop. Set as a welcome page in Projektron BCS, the Personal Overview ensures that you start the new working day with a good feeling and master your everyday office life calmly.

You are also informed about calls and appointments via pop-up notifications, even if you are not currently working in Projektron BCS. You can also benefit from instant notifications that inform you directly in the software, for example, if an appointment has been postponed on the current day or if there is a new ticket comment on a project to which you have subscribed.

Organizing made easy: Calendar and appointments

The Projektron BCS calendar allows you to manage appointments efficiently and comes with helpful additional functions, such as

  • Location-dependent and project-dependent holiday calendars, 
  • serial appointments and
  • user-defined appointment categories. 

Frequent travelers and international teams also benefit from time zone support. 

You need to schedule an important project meeting that will include representatives from multiple teams. Each of them has their own work schedules, appointments, commitments. How do you get this under one hat, and without time-consuming appointment coordination?

In Projektron BCS, you can display the appointments of all participants in your calendar with just a few clicks and can even save the setting for the future. In this way, you can immediately see on which day and at which time the appointment participants still have free time slots for your appointment. Projektron BCS offers an additional safeguard against appointment conflicts with a graphical display of overlapping appointments. In this case, BCS suggests the next possible alternative dates for which no participant has a conflict.

You can edit your calendar in a particularly time-saving way using drag-and-drop. In this way, you can simply move your appointments with the mouse or drag them to change their duration. 

Since Projektron BCS supports theiCalendar calendar format, you can export BCS appointments to almost any modern calendar software.

The following calendars are supported, among others:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Android calendar
  • Google Calendar
  • Apple iCal

With our Microsoft Exchange interface, you can even synchronize appointments and reminders bidirectionally.

Plan and conduct meetings with BCS: Everyone informed and up to date

Planning topics and agendas

Do you plan regular meetings for your team or organize recurring meetings? With the functions of topic and agenda planning in BCS you save a lot of time and bring more structure into your planning. With BCS you can organize your meetings more efficiently!

If you have created an appointment in the appointment calendar, for example a team meeting, a weekly, a daily, a meeting or a staff meeting, BCS offers the possibility to add an agenda for the appointment. You can filter the collected topics of a project or a task according to the status and priority of the topics, move the topics within the list conveniently via drag-and-drop and assign individual topics to an appointment or even an entire appointment series as a permanent topic.

With just one click, you can name the person responsible for each topic in the agenda. If a person responsible for a topic is to prepare a presentation or a lecture for the meeting date, he will already be informed from the time of your planning. He receives a notification about his responsibility on his personal dashboard.

Conducting meetings with the BCS presentation mode

To present your content in a meeting, Presentation Mode guides you through the agenda in a stylish and easy-to-use way. In the agenda of a meeting it opens in an overlay and guides all participants step by step through the agenda. Results to each discussed point hold you directly in an input window transparently for all involved.

Did one or the other agenda item remain open at the end? If you now copy an appointment, the open agenda items are copied at the same time. You want to postpone an agenda item? This is now also possible without any problems directly from the presentation mode. To ensure that no idea is lost, no task remains unprocessed and every participant knows his or her responsibilities, you can flexibly and directly create associated BCS objects for each agenda item during the presentation:

  • Follow-up appointments
  • Resubmissions 
  • Tickets

Thilo Menges

Head of Department Digitalization & Innovation, Carl-Thiem-Klinikum Cottbus gGmbH

"Projektron BCS is a tool in which all participants can access all information simultaneously and in real time in the latest version - the place where everything flows together. In BCS, we can easily map our entire internal organization, implement resource planning and material cost planning holistically across projects."

Lutz Klickermann

Managing Director, ic-solution GmbH

"We translate a customer question into a sales ticket. We use this ticket to track all our to-dos and record the time we spend on them. The ticket history provides maximum transparency about the various agents and the processing history of each individual ticket and makes collaboration in the team much easier. What I personally really appreciate is the appointment synchronization of BCS with Office 365 and the associated possibility to book times on an appointment."

Hans-Michael Ochlich

Project Manager with Laservorm

By and large you notice that just 'going into BCS' to get an overview is becoming more and more of a habit, for example by booking individual points for yourself or a colleague as a reminder and then processing them accordingly.

Teamwork perfectly coordinated with standardized workflows and processes

System-driven workflows and BPMN processes enable you to assign tasks transparently and clearly in teamwork and collaboration across departmental boundaries, hierarchical levels and locations. Even across language boundaries, you can collaborate with other locations in one and the same process, as the process and all its activities and elements can be represented in multiple languages.

Each employee can view their workflows and their open checklist items for which they are designated as an agent on their personal "My Area" dashboard. After the work is done, the next employee is informed accordingly in his personal dashboard in BCS - optionally additionally by e-mail.

Multilingual user interface: A plus for international teams

Whether German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Chinese, Czech or Hungarian – the languages available in Projektron BCS create more convenience for international projects. If languages are activated, everyuser can select their preferred language with just a few clicks.

Reminders: Get even the small things under control

Whether it's about a call to a customer in five weeks, submitting business expense invoices by the end of the week or a briefing with accounting on the 1st of the following month: With Projektron BCS reminders, you can quickly create virtual reminders for even the smallest activities. Projektron BCS then shows exactly when the time comes to complete it. This way you can always clear your mind for the things that currently need to be done. Delegating tasks to others is not a problem either: With the click of a mouse, you can send e-mail notifications to your colleagues so that they are immediately informed with the new reminder.

Quick communication with user messages

In Projektron BCS, you can send simple messages to other users. In doing so, the message can be sent either to one person or to several people, and a context reference can be specified if required, for example, a ticket. This way, you can send a direct message to your project team from the ticket, making the reference immediately apparent.

The received messages appear either discreetly as a small number in the navigation bar or, depending on the urgency, directly as a pop-up window. Each user can define in the settings whether he wants to receive such messages or not. In a clear view you have all your user messages in view and can also delete them there.

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