Personnel administration and applicant management

From recording applications to personnel development: applicant management and personnel administration software Projektron BCS

Project management also means personnel management. The success of your project stands and falls with the staffing, competence and motivation of your project team and the quality of your personnel management. This is why Projektron BCS not only supports you in the planning and implementation of your projects, but also includes the functions of personnel management software and organizes all your HR processes: from the recording of applications and the recruitment process to wage, working time and vacation administration, skills management and personnel development.

Projektron BCS as applicant and personnel management software: Everything for your most important resource

Projektron BCS offers you the perfect combination of project management, resource management, time recording and HR software.

What if you could...

➤ digitally automate your application process and take the pressure off your recruiting department?

➤ implement software-supported standardized onboarding and offboarding processes?

➤ create synergy effects and minimize administrative work by managing employee data centrally?

➤ analyse complex HR-relevant statistics using interactive graphics and thus optimize your strategic HR planning?

➤ automatically take substitute arrangements and vacation dates into account in time recording and resource planning?

reduce the administrative workload and improve the accuracy of payroll accounting by recording working hours and attendance?

➤ staff project teams with employees with the right qualifications and knowledge?

The integration of project success and personnel management in one system makes Projektron BCS the optimal choice if you are looking for an integrated platform for project and personnel management requirements. With the versatile tools in Projektron BCS, you can seamlessly combine project management and employee administration.

From automated application recording to the smooth integration of new team members, the business coordination software enables holistic and efficient personnel management. Centralized data management not only provides a clear overview of employee information, but also enables synergy effects in various company processes.


Applicant management with BCS: automate your recruiting

Applicant management with BCS: automate your recruiting

From the detailed recording of applications through to recruitment: With Projektron BCS, your HR management records incoming applications with all relevant information and associated documents in a digital applicant file and makes it easier for you to select the right candidate as a team. Not only external applications can be recorded, but also internal applications from employees.

Managing your applications made easy: Projektron BCS guides you safely through the entire application process with statuses on the current status of the application and options for the next steps. For example, you can immediately see whether the application has been checked or whether the applicant has already been invited to an interview. A tabular applicant overview makes it particularly easy to compare applicants. As an applicant management and personnel administration software, Projektron BCS displays relevant information for you individually and specifically filtered according to the desired aspects.

If you would like to meet an applicant in person, you can organize an appointment for an interview with just a few clicks. Thanks to the specific appointment category, the invited users can see at a glance in your calendars that they are scheduled for an interview. Whether HR manager, head of department or employee: everyone involved in the application process can enter their personal assessment and thus support the well-founded selection of applicants.

Prioritize applications and use the reminder function in BCS to let colleagues involved know that your feedback and assessments are still pending. In the BCS personnel management software, all colleagues have central access to the current applicant information and provide their assessment of the applicant.

You can use BCS to automatically send confirmations of receipt, rejections and invitation emails. Use templates that have been formulated and designed once, saving you time and money.

Applicant becomes colleague: Onboarding with BCS

All documents relating to an employee or applicant are archived in a digital file. Once you have found the right employee, hiring them is easy: Applicants can simply be moved to an internal department in Projektron BCS. A digital applicant file becomes a digital personnel file in no time at all. It is no longer necessary to create the master data again.

You can send your contract offer to the future colleague directly in BCS, as well as information on the onboarding plan. You can create contracts, references and all other frequently used documents as templates in the tool, making your HR work much easier.

Onboarding and offboarding: process-controlled and automated

In BCS, you can model your own processes for onboarding new employees and offboarding departing employees in just a few steps. Define according to your own internal standards and requirements which employee or which department has to complete which task when and in which order, be it in the selection process, the hiring process, the onboarding process or the offboarding process.

Use the following process modeling options in BCS for this purpose:

System-driven workflows and checklists including responsibilities, processing sequence, response times and traffic light function.
BPMN designer, which you can use to model your personnel processes precisely

BCS automatically notifies every employee involved in the process as soon as their action is required. In this way, you ensure that all your HR processes run reliably, standardized and quickly - without any coordination effort.

Centralized employee data: one place, one source, unlimited possibilities

Up-to-date, consistent employee data that can only be accessed quickly, easily and centrally by people with the appropriate detailed access and editing rights - this is standard in Projektron BCS personnel management software. This is because you manage your internal organizational structure, including the personnel-relevant data of each individual employee in your company, centrally in BCS.

Thanks to the holistic approach, the structured data records ensure a multitude of synergy effects. For example, contractually agreed leave is automatically transferred from the employee data to leave management. The stored working time model also serves as the basis for time recording and resource forecasting.

In addition, internal hourly rates can be managed centrally and grouped flexibly, for example according to qualification level, pay scale or department. This saves time and costs, especially when it comes to data maintenance.

In terms of employee self-service, your employees can view and update their own absences, recorded working hours and personal data, request leave, nominate substitutes or request payment of overtime. In this way, you ensure transparency and save a considerable amount of administrative work.

Multidimensional HR data: analyses and evaluations

Would you like to know how many male employees between the ages of 24 and 40 are employed in your company who have chosen a part-time working model and what proportion of the total number of employees in this age group they represent? Would you like to know what the turnover rate was in a specific age group in the last three months compared to the same period last year?

No problem thanks to our software solution for personnel administration: Projektron BCS offers an interactive graphic with a multidimensional dynamic filter function - the employee internals sunburst chart - for evaluating employee internals for complex HR-relevant statistics and KPIs. You will discover interesting facts about your company, your personnel structure and your workforce that you never knew before! Want to bet on that?

Interpret your data and use it to develop well-founded strategies that will boost the performance of your teams and your company in the long term. Of course, you can prepare your data in professional form and have it designed and output directly on site as a diagram, a tabular overview or a report.

Peter Schürmann

Head of Global Project Management, msg global solutions Deutschland GmbH

"We use numerous country-specific configurations, e.g. time recording, holiday calendars and sick leave regulations, because there are almost as many characteristics here as there are countries. In BCS, for example, employee leave regulations can be structured according to user group."

Franz Essl

IT Administrator, Bitter GmbH (Austria)

"In HR, all processes except payroll are mapped in BCS, from applicant management to hourly and expense accounting. Interfaces to other systems (e.g. access control, Active Directory, Azure service esp. Microsoft 365) are represented via the extensive options for importing and exporting data. Via exports, for example, SharePoint sites are created for each project with the appropriate permissions and continuously updated."

Dr. Claus Görner

Managing Director at User Interface Design GmbH (UID), Multimedia

"Our applicant management is completely mapped in BCS: We document the internal and external communication on each applicant as well as the next steps. If hiring takes place, numerous workflows are activated so that all departments involved, such as system administration, corporate communications, or payroll accounting, are automatically notified of upcoming deadlines and tasks."

Gabriele Schrenk

Executive Board Member of EANTC AG

Projektron BCS [lets] gears interlock: With Projektron BCS, the effects of our employees’ leave and sick days on project procedures are visible at a glance – copying by hand with resulting errors and inaccuracies becomes obsolete.

Vacation management and deputy regulations - integrated approval workflow

Vacation management - from application to plan via approval workflow

Do you need vacation? Use your personal diary in Projektron BCS to plan and apply for vacation and time off in lieu in no time at all. Whether it's this year's vacation or the remaining vacation from the previous year: you can view your vacation entitlement and your currently available vacation budget in Projektron BCS at any time.

You can see at a glance when and for how long your colleagues will be out of the office, both in the appointment calendar and in the vacation plan. Public holidays, individual working time models and illness are also taken into account in the personnel management software at this point.

As the HR manager, you will receive an e-mail notification from Projektron BCS as soon as an employee requests leave. You can approve or reject leave requests with just one click in the program. From the information e-mails to the employees to the substitution rules to updating the vacation plan: Projektron BCS has all the solutions ready and automatically takes care of all further steps for you. As a complete project-based software solution, BCS automatically records approved vacation dates in the time recording system. The vacation date is taken into account in real time in resource management for your projects.

Can't take your vacation? Conveniently request a cancellation on your vacation date. The personnel manager will immediately receive the cancellation request.

Substitute regulation: so that nothing is left undone

Whether vacation, time off in lieu, illness, maternity leave, parental leave or business trips: If an employee is not in the office, a deputy is needed. With the deputy appointments and teamwork functions in Projektron BCS, you can easily organize your deputies and appoint a deputy.

During the defined period, your deputy will have access to your personal overview in the Projektron BCS personnel management software and can use this area to keep your appointments. The deputy can also process your tasks, tickets and workflows during your absence and book their expenses.

Posted, recorded, accurately accounted for: Working time recording, payroll accounting and wage supplements

In the BCS personnel management software, employees can easily record their working hours and attendance themselves, either in Projektron BCS or via the Projektron BCS app. The recorded times land centrally in BCS and are automatically matched with the working time model stored there for the respective employee and offset against it.

Whether travel times, night work or weekend work: With Projektron BCS, you as a personnel manager manage deviations from the regular remuneration centrally in the software solution. Your employees select the appropriate exception rule directly in the time recording system. You can flexibly map and precisely evaluate hourly rates that differ from the basic wage as well as percentage and absolute bonuses and deductions in the HR tool. You can even define validity periods for these exception rules - for example from 23:00 to 06:00 or on Sundays - with just a few clicks in the HR software.

You can also specify whether the bonuses are noted for payment by default, whether they are included in the working time account or whether they are credited to the time off in lieu budget. Using the DATEV interface (more information on the website), you can effectively relieve your HR department in terms of payroll by making attendance and booking data from BCS directly usable for further processing for payroll accounting and payroll accounting.

Do you invoice your customers for surcharges? You can save these external surcharges, rules and prices directly to customers or projects. The special agreements are invoiced to customers accordingly in the invoicing process in BCS.

Skill management: consciously using and specifically promoting skills

Who can do what in the company? Which employee is the best choice to fulfill a task? These questions are not only of immense importance for personnel planning, but also for the project manager, especially during the team-building phase.

In Projektron BCS resource management, employees can specify and evaluate their skills themselves. The skills available to employees are managed centrally in the personnel management software to prevent duplicates.

Using search masks, project managers and HR staff can easily find employees with specific qualifications, language skills or certificates, check their availability, schedule them in the work plan and thus deploy specialists in-house in a targeted manner. In this way, you avoid having to buy in specific expertise externally at a high price and can plan further training measures for your employees in advance.


Projektron BCS personnel management software - your benefits at a glance

Applicant management: record applications, check them as a team, invite, select, hire

Onboarding with one click: applicant files become employee files

Automate onboarding and offboarding processes with process management according to BPMN

Manage employee data centrally in BCS and use it in all modules

Analyses and evaluations: Multidimensional graphical evaluation of personnel data

Working time account: Flexible mapping of working time recording, payroll accounting and wage supplements

Vacation management with integrated approval workflow and substitution rules

Personnel development: Skill management for the precise deployment of expertise


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