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You don't know Projektron BCS yet? Here, 3 videos give you a brief introduction to the project management software BCS and the most important work areas. As a BCS user, you also get access to more than 30 detailed video tutorials (in German) with which you can conveniently learn the most important Projektron BCS functions online. In addition, you will find the right answer to your questions in a detailed help area in German and English, which has been awarded a prize by tekom - directly in Projektron BCS.


Tips and tricks for your work with Projektron BCS.

Version: Projektron BCS 7.0
Duration: 6:22 minutes

The basic set-up of Projektron BCS.

Version: Projektron BCS 7.0
Duration: 6:06 minutes

Video tutorials for Projektron BCS users: How to find the right BCS tutorial for every question

  • How do I create a basic plan with BCS project planning?
  • What options does time recording offer in BCS?
  • How do leave management and personnel administration work in BCS?

If you have already asked yourself these or similar questions, you should not miss the Projektron BCS video tutorials. As a user, you get full and unlimited access to over 30 detailed BCS tutorials (in German language) that explain the central functions and application areas of Projektron BCS.

Access to the video tutorials is directly from the software

  1. Click the question mark icon in the top right navigation bar to open the Help menu.
  2. Select the first menu item "Help" so that the detailed documentation opens in a new browser window.
  3. At the very top right of the documentation header menu, you will find a video icon. Clicking this button will take you directly to the video tutorial section.

Not the right one? No problem, because we also produce customized videos on request. Contact us!

Learning BCS in a tutorial is too impersonal for you and you want an individual introduction to working with BCS face to face? Take a look at our service area. With our rich training, workshop and webinar offer, our experienced trainers will turn you into a BCS professional.


Integrated online help and detailed manuals

In addition to our video tutorials, the context-sensitive page help in Projektron BCS supports you in quickly familiarizing yourself with the system. Briefly and compactly, it provides you with the most important information on the open view as well as practical tips.

Whether you are a user or an administrator, you will find detailed answers to your questions in the Projektron BCS manuals. Integrated as online help in the software, they guide you step by step and in an easy-to-understand way to your goal with screenshots. You can access it by clicking on "Help" under the question mark symbol in the navigation bar in the software. Our documentation is not only understandable and reliable, but also excellent. With around 8,000 members, tekom is Europe's largest professional association for technical communication. It has already awarded its documentation prize to Projektron editors three times.

Would you prefer to have the functions of BCS explained to you face to face by our experienced user consultants and try out the possibilities of BCS yourself under guidance? Take a look at our training, webinar and workshop offerings in the events calendar.


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