Expense management: record, check, reimburse and settle expenses and travel costs

Your travel expense report and expense management digital and paperless

From expense recording to expense checking to expense reporting: With Projektron BCS expense management, you can automate and digitize your travel expense and expense reporting easily and efficiently. Save yourself a separate software for your expense management, because BCS has much more to offer than a pure project management software and, in combination with the Projektron app, brings the full range of functions of an expense management software right along with it.

Digital, convenient and flexible expense recording with Projektron BCS

Whether task-, customer- or project-related expenses, Projektron BCS combines the functional scope of project management software with the tools of expense management software. What if you and your employees...

➤ digitally record and centrally manage travel costs, expenses and expenses?

➤ record travel costs, expenses and cash outlays directly on your mobile device without much effort, especially when you are on the road a lot?

➤ accurately map all expenses incurred by your international employees in different currency areas, including all country-specific expense rates?

➤ and your HR and project managers had to spend less time checking expense reports?

➤ significantly shorten your expense process between recording and expense reimbursement or invoicing?

➤ had a centralized software solution that comprehensively maps project management, HR administration, accounting processes and expense management?

With Projektron BCS, you make exactly the right choice for all these concerns, because the integrated expense management solution is:

comprehensive, as it digitally maps all expense processes and stores all data centrally and securely.

flexible, as expenses can be recorded online and offline on the go via the app.

error-minimizing, as it enables centralized, clear, and standardized review and approval.

efficient, as it automates your entire expense process.

convenient, as it supports all parties involved with wizards, templates, and workflows.

economical, as it saves you from introducing and maintaining an isolated solution for your expense management.

The expense management functions are available via the corresponding user licenses for employees, HR managers, project managers or invoice managers. Convince yourself and test Projektron BCS.

Requested, evaluated, approved: Expense management with wizard and approval workflow

Projektron BCS actively supports you and your employees when you want to record your travel costs, expenses and out-of-pocket expenses. An intuitive wizard guides your employees through the process of entering receipts, checking expenses and approving expenses. With just a few clicks and entries, you and your employees create an expense report and forward it for review and approval.

Projektron BCS expense management supports you in all these steps:

  • HR managers check approved expenses individually per employee or collectively for entire departments, adjust employee expenses as needed, or enter expenses for an employee.
  • Project managers check the expenses of all team members on the project or on individual tasks in clear expense views and release the expenses for invoicing after the check.
  • Accounting or invoice management immediately initiate invoicing after reviewing the recorded expenses or initiate approval and reimbursement of employee expenses.

Create and activate an approval workflow customized to your requirements that provides you and your employees with optimal support in every expense status and adapts to your approval processes. From "created" and "requested" to "approved", "released" and "checked" to "settled" and "posted" - expense management made to measure!

Expenses recorded efficiently: Travel expense report with templates and favorites

Do business trips to the same location occur repeatedly in your daily work or project routine? With the copy function in Projektron BCS expense management, you can duplicate a previous business trip to a new start date with just a few clicks. Optionally, you can also copy the expenses incurred for meals, mileage, accommodation, travel times or voucher expenses. The expense management wizard will then guide you through the receipt entry process and allow you to make further adjustments to the copied business trip.

Do you regularly take business trips to different locations? Simply create business trip favorites to get immediate access to a matching template later and make your expense and travel reporting even faster and more convenient. Automated expense management workflow means your expense reports are immediately available for review by the appropriate agents.

Traveling internationally? Expense management without borders

Does your organization have offices in multiple countries? Do your consultants travel to different countries to support your customers? You can easily overcome currency barriers with Projektron BCS expense management, as it automatically calculates the respective expense rate for each employee, based on the respective country of work. BCS takes into account country-dependent expense rates as well as different currencies and precisely maps your travel costs.

Expense recording on the go with the Projektron BCS app

With the Projektron BCS app, you are perfectly equipped for business trips: Not only do you use it to record your working hours and import business contacts, but you also record your expenses and costs directly during the trip.

Entering expenses is as uncomplicated and intuitive as can be: A photo with your smartphone's camera is all it takes. Alternatively, you can also upload PDF files. You can assign the recorded receipts to different trip segments or receipt phases. You can document meals, kilometers and overnight stays almost in real time on your smartphone.

You don't have internet reception on the road? No problem! With the Projektron BCS WebApp, you can easily record your expenses offline.* All data in the app is saved in the web browser and is retained even after the web browser is closed or the device is switched off. The app shows you how many entries are still to be synchronized. As soon as you have access to the network again and start the app, your data automatically synchronizes with Projektron BCS.

After synchronization, the Projektron BCS project management software automatically calculates the expense allowances and converts receipt amounts accordingly. You can also subsequently check the synchronized receipts and details again, correct them if necessary, add to them and forward them for billing.


* The offline capability of the BCS app is no longer guaranteed on iPhones with iOS 17.4 or higher within the EU. More information here.


BCS for your expense management: advantages at a glance

User-friendly and intuitive expense recording thanks to the support of wizards

International expense management with country-dependent expense rates and automated currency conversion

Automated expense process thanks to approval workflow

Comprehensive expense management from receipt entry to reimbursement or invoicing

Time-saving expense entry thanks to templates and favorites

Mobile expense and receipt entry with the Projektron BCS app


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