From model to practical application

The IPMA (International Project Management Association) project management model contains three competence fields designed to contribute to successful project management. Projektron BCS assists in mapping the fundamental requirements in many areas, thus simplifying all phases of project management.

Project objectives: Software-aided objective definition

Project objectives can be defined easily in Projektron BCS. Forms assist you in creating your specific main objectives and sub-objectives and you can keep an overall eye on things thanks to the dynamic objective hierarchy graphic.

Project environment and stakeholder management: Key figures at a glance

The graphical overviews on project environment and stakeholder management virtually ensure the success of your project. In the appropriate matrix, you can immediately see the impact of the environment and stakeholders on your project during project preparation.

Risk management: Define countermeasures

Projektron BCS supports risk management in all project phases, thus allowing the assessment of suitable countermeasures.

Project work breakdown structure: Various display options

Projektron BCS provides support in form of two display options for the work breakdown structure: a tree view and the graphical display as an organizational chart. As a project manager, you'll appreciate having both views at your disposal.

Schedule: Show what's important

The interactive Gantt chart in Projektron BCS can be customized with just a few clicks; and in addition to the critical path it shows you the project progress or the cross-project dependences of your project.

Resource load: Plan the use of resources

Define which project participants and their respectively required efforts are needed for implementing your project and receive an overview as to whether this can be planned without any work overloads for the project participants. Projektron BCS will show you any potential resource conflicts or resource bottlenecks per project. Whether you now carry out a resource-based date calculation or opt for your own solution options, Projektron BCS supplies the relevant decision-making parameters.

Reporting: Generating reports as project documentation

Various reports can be sent to your project management office or steering committee automatically via report orders to ensure that everyone involved in the project is up to date.

Phase schedule for the project management office: Individually for your project

You can use milestones to mark the phase transitions within your project. Projektron BCS visualizes these phase transitions in the Gantt chart and schedules. The multi-project overview shows you the current phases of your project at a glance.

Ralf Junge

Head of PMO, Sandstein Neue Medien

"We have long used BCS for all of our company's business processes - from quoting to invoicing. Only the modules on agile development methods are not used, as our working method is oriented towards classic project management according to the IPMA standard. We don't want to miss the possibilities of BCS anymore! The cross-module availability of live data, which Projektron BCS provides to all team members, leads to clearer, faster and more informed decisions in all aspects of our day-to-day project work and internal organization."

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