Reporting tools

Create individual reports

Whether you need individual report designs or you just have high standards for creating reports: Projektron BCS is ideally equipped thanks to interfaces connected to Eclipse BIRT.

Eclipse BIRT

Interface performance

The interface between Projektron BCS and Eclipse BIRT provides you with the following possibilities:

  • Loading of data from Projektron BCS for generating reports via the Projektron BCS plug-in in BIRT
  • Utilization of templates prepared or adjusted in Eclipse BIRT for generating reports in Projektron BCS

Eclipse BIRT enables you to generate Projektron BCS reports for the following programs and formats:

  • Microsoft Word up to Office 2012
  • Microsoft Excel up to Office 2012
  • Microsoft PowerPoint up to Office 2007
  • PDF
  • HTML

Program information

With the open source report designer BIRT, you can design and generate report templates.

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