A2 Doku GmbH

Since 2016, Projektron BCS has enabled the mapping and handling of all processes, including sales, quotations, preliminary and final costing, project management and invoicing.

A2 Doku now utilises almost the entire functional scope of Projektron BCS and has adapted its workflows accordingly. The next step is to optimise reporting. A2 Doku plans to continue using BCS in the coming years.

Projektron BCS in use

A2 Doku GmbH uses Projektron BCS for the following tasks:

  • Document management
  • Information Security Management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Personnel management
  • Project controlling
  • Project planning
  • Resource management
  • Holiday management
  • Time recording


The document heroes of A2 Doku GmbH are service providers based in Nuremberg who offer their customers holistic solutions for the CE conformity assessment process. Their mission is: Superheroes sometimes have a cape, always have superpowers and are usually inconspicuous. The mission of A2's documentation heroes is to create high-quality instructions from product information in order to enable their customers to better focus on their core business.


Manfred Schüller
Managing Director / Head of Sales

We utilise almost the entire scope of Projektron BCS and have aligned our topics accordingly. All our processes, sales, quotations, preliminary and final costing, project management and invoicing can be mapped and handled. We will continue to rely on BCS for the next few years.

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