Standardized processes for your projects

The process-oriented project management method PRINCE2, with seven predefined project phases and specific recommendations for action, offers a structured framework for your projects. You can simply map your PRINCE2 processes in Projektron BCS and support your project teams in high-quality standardized project work.

  • Templates for entire projects, tasks or workflows save you time
  • Specify your quality criteria in your quality register and see when the controls and approvals were carried out
  • You specify the tolerance limits for your project in the Tacho settings
  • The members of the steering committee see the open issues in the PRINCE2 project in your personal overview
  • Shows the roles in the PRINCE2 project: The project organizational chart
  • Obtain an overview of your products in the graphical network map.
  • Dependencies and sequences are clearly displayed.

Arne Hennes

Project Management Office of DVZ M-V GmbH

"Since 2008, PRINCE2 has been the only mandatory method with which all development projects are carried out. In software development projects, this approach is mixed with the agile Scrum method. (...) The entire application landscape was consolidated with the introduction of BCS: where there used to be 10 to 15 tools in use, everything is now covered by BCS, we thus save not only costs and effort for operation, but also for internal training."

PRINCE2 wizard

Support from the very start

Projektron BCS supports you during your work with suitable wizards for the respective management phases of your PRINCE2 projects - from preparation and planning to the completion of a project.

The wizards can be customized to suit your needs. For example, you can create different wizards for PRINCE2 projects of varying sizes.

Use of templates and learning from experience

Remember what's important

Projektron BCS offers you the option of recording not only complete project structures but also individual tasks, checklists, or workflows as templates. These templates can be flexibly integrated in your projects.

By defining file templates, management products can be easily integrated into your PRINCE2 projects. This ensures that important products are not forgotten and are available across projects in a uniform layout.

Projektron BCS also allows you to simply record experiences collected in the current project or include previously recorded experiences from other projects in a new project.

Quality register

Criteria for successful project management

Record your criteria in a quality register for a high-quality project. Here, you can comfortably determine who is responsible for the review and acceptance of the quality criteria. You retain an overview during all phases of the project and are informed for the steering committee. Just as how you can define a responsible person on criteria, risk officers can be saved on risks.

Tolerance limits

In consultation with the steering committee

As a project manager, you can specify the tolerance limits for your project values together with the steering committee. The tachometer in the project overview shows you exactly whether everything is still in order or if you need to discuss anything.

Project phases in the schedule

Everything at a glance

In which phase is the PRINCE2 project? The project phases are displayed easily recognizable in the schedule, their colors are conveniently specified by you yourself.

Specific resource management

Exploit capacities

In Projektron BCS, you can reserve employee capacities for individual work packages, project phases or for the entire PRINCE2 project. How much free capacity is currently available can be checked quickly in the resource preview in Projektron BCS.

Change management

Open items in the personal overview

The change management in your project works via the open items which members of the steering committee can see in their personal overview. You can escalate approvals and changes directly to the steering committee on tickets. The committee can review and accept the open items directly with one click.

You can also export your whole business case as a report.

Project roles

An overview

In your PRINCE2 project, the fixed project roles can also be displayed in a diagram. At a glance, you can see who the project manager is or who is involved in supporting the project. The organizational chart can also be used in reports and exports.

Graphical Network Map for Products

Trace a product’s predecessor and successor at a glance

The graphical network map provides an overview of contiguous products in which blue arrows symbolize a predecessor-successor relation and gray arrows represent the hierarchy. Own relations can also be displayed. You can take a closer look at a product by clicking on it. The predecessor-successor relation is then shown in an even clearer form.

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