Time Recording: Mastering Projects Efficiently, Transparently and Ergonomically

The comprehensive time recording system for your project management

Attendance recording, working time recording, project-related time recording - for all these application areas in project management, Projektron BCS offers a transparent, ergonomic and efficient digital time recording system.

Accurate, simple and ergonomic time recording for your project management

Projektron BCS combines the functional scope of comprehensive project management software with the tools of time recording software. What if you and your employees ...

➤ could record your working time flexibly on the web - whether in the office or in the field, in the office or in the home office, online or offline?

record time flexibly based on orders, tasks, customers or projects?

➤ record your working time independently without extensive training?

➤ could have an uncomplicated, intuitive and clear time recording system on a single page?

➤ needed seamless project-related time recording as the basis for your invoicing?

➤ could automatically integrate working time models, absences and availability of your employees into your resource and project planning in the system?

Time recording for your projects: Individual and ergonomic according to your needs

Whether attendance recording or project-related time recording, whether weekly or minute-based working time recording: the time recording system from Projekton BCS adapts seamlessly and flexibly to your individual work processes and workflows.

Various booking masks are available for your attendance, working or project time recording. To enable your employees to record their working time independently without any training effort, Projektron BCS consistently focuses on clarity and intuitive usability.

Four time recording options are available in Projektron BCS

  1. Individual booking: The individual booking mask offers you adequate space for documentation. If you have few, but extensive tasks with a high documentation requirement, this method of time recording is the ideal choice.
  2. Weekly booking: If project or task-related time recording is less important to you and you primarily want to document attendances or longer working time periods, the weekly booking mask offers the appropriate time recording function.
  3. Daily booking: If there are many different activities, tasks and appointments every day, the daily booking in Projektron BCS is the ideal solution. You book the time spent on a project-related or activity-related basis directly in a clear list. Tickets, workflows and Scrum activities can also be booked in this view. Create booking favorites or display the last booked tasks to keep your individual booking effort as low and your booking process as simple as possible.
  4. Stopwatch: With the Projektron BCS stopwatch, you can document your attendances and workload to the minute in real time. You can immediately see how long you have already devoted to a task and what effort you can bill. The stopwatch is available in all views in Projektron BCS, so that you can book exactly to the right task with just one click.

Learn more about the various time recording options with Projektron BCS and the integrated time recording functions. Contact us and get to know Projektron BCS individually.

Time recording for project controlling: Make data-based, well-founded decisions

Project time recording is the basis of project controlling. With Projektron BCS, you as the project manager can keep track of your project efforts at all times.

  • Employees provide estimates of the remaining effort required to complete their tasks.
  • Project managers receive an overview of the current processing status and work progress.
  • Project managers immediately recognize deviations from the plan on the basis of current data and are able to take well-founded and efficient measures in good time.
  • Pre- and post-calculations of the estimated time and costs are possible at any time.

Thanks to the combination of the functions of a time tracking software with those of a project management software, you can use Projektron BCS to accurately account for incurred project work and seamlessly initiate invoicing.

If you would like to learn more about the possibilities of time recording and efficient project management with Projektron BCS, please contact us.

Record and manage working times with the working time account

The time recording functions of Projektron BCS extend far beyond project time recording. Whether full-time, part-time or hourly, whether parental leave or sabbatical: As a personnel manager, you can easily and conveniently store and manage individually definable working time models in Projektron BCS. The working time models serve as the basis for your employees' working time accounts and are directly taken into account in resource management. You can also conveniently manage absences such as flextime, your employees' medical appointments, vacation, illness or other short-term absences with the time recording tool.

Projektron BCS compares the working times posted to the working time account with the target times and automatically determines the overtime worked. If they have not already been compensated with the salary, you can specify whether overtime worked should be paid out or accumulated in a time off budget.

Of course, BCS supports the collective agreement for the public sector (TVL-compliant time and activity recording).

You can find out in detail how to use the integrated functions of time recording software efficiently for your personnel management, your personnel requirement planning or your resource management in an individual online presentation.

Time in focus: From working time recording to working time evaluation

If you use Projektron BCS, you no longer need additional time recording software; the effort for data import and export as well as interface maintenance is eliminated. According to the Working Hours Act (ArbZG), correct recording of working hours is mandatory and should take place in every company. With the working time recording functions in Projektron BCS, you comply with these legal requirements of the time recording obligation without any major administrative effort. The comprehensive project management software BCS supports you and your employees in your:

  • Attendance recording
  • Project time recording
  • Full-time recording

Thanks to the integrated working time evaluation, you always have an overview of how many hours you have already worked or how many vacation days you still have available. You can easily create timesheets. HR managers and supervisors remain informed in real time about the attendance, rest periods, breaks, sick days, appointments and vacation times of individual employees and entire departments.

Thanks to the digital time recording system, there is no need for traditional clocking in or clocking out or operating a physical time recording terminal. Regardless of whether you want to record your working hours in the office or in the home office, whether in the office or in the field: Projektron BCS offers a comprehensive time recording solution for your company with the functionally powerful time recording tool in the software in combination with the Projektron WebApp.

Contact us to find out how Projektron BCS can also digitalize and automate your working time recording.

Alexander Stoß

IT Controller and IT Administrator, DFB GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt am Main

“How to post tasks, how to post team plans, how to create time and effort plans, how to maintain the views and how to create exports. This is very tangible, intuitively understandable and easy to implement for the new employees. The effort required for time recording in particular is minimal for our external programmers.”

Manfred Nowotny

Board of Directors, ONTEC AG

"Projektron BCS is also the source for all attendances, absences, vacations and special leaves of all employees. As a special additional function, Projektron implemented for us that compliance with statutory break times is automatically checked and suggested when recording working hours, which saves each of our employees a little time every day."

Dieter Schmidt-Bätz

Head of Project Management with Herkules-Resotec Elektronik GmbH, Electrical Engineering

Time recording is designed so simply that even our interns can book their hours using the system after just a few minutes of explanation. And since Projektron BCS is web-based, our employees can even access the system at home without any problems.

Thomas Hackenbuchner

Head of Finance & Administration, MicroNova AG

"MicroNova successfully handles the complete attendance recording - attendance and absences, illness, vacation - with BCS. The working time account function is also used, for example, when employees' working time bookings need to be managed. BCS fulfills these requirements despite different legal regulations, such as those imposed by the Czech subsidiary. Here, the largely free configuration options have proven to be very helpful."

Christian Schwab

Executive partner with ETECTURE GmbH, Information Technology (IT)

Many employees see time recording as an unpleasant task that they don't want to spend a lot of time on. Projektron BCS has found a good solution for this: All necessary information can be entered on just one, very quickly accessible page. The actual activity is selected from a tree structure and remarks can be entered directly next to it. This is how bookings are quickly made - and for those who want to save even more time, there's a stopwatch function which automatically records how long an activity took. Now the only thing that has to be manually selected is the activity itself.

Monique Heim

Management assistant and project assistant, molpe Softwareentwicklungs GmbH

"With the help of the monthly working time evaluation, we can quickly see whether all employees have entered their working hours or whether something may have been forgotten. This is important for correct invoicing of our customers."

Jörg Klenke

Projektleitung | PMO, Systemtechnik LEBER GmbH & Co. KG

"Thanks to the effort recording, BCS is an excellent tool for the STL PMO for budgeting both external and internal tasks. It also gives an overview at any time of how much effort goes into which tasks. During the course of the project, STL employees regularly compare the actual and remaining effort with the planned effort. In this way, any need for action is uncovered at an early stage and those responsible can seek discussion with the customer to identify causes for any additional effort and take appropriate countermeasures accordingly."

Andreas Weis

Managing Director of Newsfactory GmbH

The advantages of using Projektron BCS are obvious: Time recording is a central component of our invoicing, contribution margin accounting and pre- and post-calculation. We can therefore react very quickly to deviations and optimise workflows.


Time recording with Projektron BCS - your advantages at a glance

All-in-one software solution for your project management, time recording, personnel management, customer support and invoicing

Order, customer or project-related time recording

Legally compliant, digital and web-based

Hourly booking thanks to WebApp simple, fast, and flexible from any location

Intuitive usability and ergonomic booking masks

Various time booking options for attendance, work, and project time recording

Remote time recording online and offline


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