Kanban: Visual project management in Projektron BCS

Visualize, plan and optimize your team's work processes

A lack of overview is the main cause of inefficient work in teams. Which task is pending, what is the priority of the individual tasks and who is currently busy with what? With the Kanban Board and the Kanban software functions in Projektron BCS, you have an overview of all agents, tickets and processing statuses at all times. You recognize impending bottlenecks at an early stage and optimize your work processes in the long term.

The Kanban method is an agile process model. It helps,

to divide upcoming work into meaningful steps,

to visualize these steps,

to limit the current work according to the capacity of the team and

create a continuous flow of work.

Kanban unfolds its strengths as an efficient workflow management system in software development as well as in project planning and control of smaller agile working teams in agencies, project offices or SMEs. Even larger web platforms and international corporations benefit from the Kanban method. In addition to all project management functions, Projektron BCS offers the full functionality of a Kanban software and is fully scalable.

A Kanban Board is a central element of the Kanban method and at the same time a form of visual project management. With the Kanban board view for your tasks and tickets and the Kanban software functions in Projektron BCS, you can

plan and structure workflows,

represent workflows visually,

assign responsibilities and accountabilities,

visualize work progress,

arrange and organize tasks according to priorities,

reduce multitasking and communicate clear work instructions,

identify bottlenecks and obstacles, and

continuously optimize your workflow processes.

Kanban software ensures collaboration and transparency

The Kanban Board in Projektron BCS visualizes the processing status of all tickets or tasks. The person responsible and the person working on the task can see at a glance which employee is currently working on which ticket and what the current work status is. The board also shows how many tickets are currently in a certain status, for example, in the processing phase.

With the Projektron BCS Kanban Board, you promote teamwork: Collaboration and communication are simplified considerably, because responsible persons and team members immediately recognize who the right contact person is for a topic or a query. This reduces time-consuming arrangements in advance and ongoing consultations on the progress of work. If tickets accumulate during a processing phase, you can identify bottlenecks at an early stage, take targeted countermeasures and continuously optimize your workflow management.

Simply pull through - intuitive operation

You have successfully processed your ticket and want to submit it to the responsible person for review and acceptance? Simply drag and drop your ticket into the next column to change the processing status and the associated responsibility.

Creating a new ticket is also possible with just a few clicks directly in the corresponding column and row. Its attributes will be taken over without having to enter these details again separately. The remaining information about the ticket or task, such as the planned effort or a more detailed description, can be easily entered in a dialog box.

You want to assign your newly created ticket to an agent? Just drag the portrait photo or avatar of the employee onto the ticket and the edit has been assigned to him. Of course, you can also assign multiple agents to one ticket. This way you can do your team planning directly in the Kanban Board.

Kanban Software according to your needs: Maximum customizability

With Projektron BCS, you can design your Kanban boards according to individual priorities and the needs of your tasks, specifications and team members. Flexibly define the number and names of your processing statuses and create swimlanes in the Kanban board for internal priority, ticket type or customer priority.

Choose a compact display of tickets in one status for clarity and display tickets in another status with more detailed information, for example with team planning or description - no problem with your individual Kanban Board in Projektron BCS!

Scrumban in BCS: Kanban tool and Scrum software combined

You want to combine the best of Scrum and Kanban? The Kanban method is recommended for teams that proceed according to the agile framework Scrum. The map view of the Kanban board in Projektron BCS is completely configurable. This means you can easily use it as a Scrumban board or Scrum board. Instead of tickets, you now move Scrum structure elements such as the individual activities from the user stories via drag-and-drop to change the processing status or prioritization. If you work with tickets, you can also create a User Story from tickets. Color markings let you immediately recognize which activity belongs to which user story.

Work in Progress: Set limits for tasks and tickets

Avoid ticket chaos and overloading your employees simply and efficiently in the Projektron BCS Kanban Board: Define work-in-progress (WIP) limits to set an upper limit for the various statuses of your tickets or tasks. If you exceed the work-in-progress limit, for example by setting too many tickets in the "New" status, the Kanban Board immediately alerts you.

This way, you limit the number of tasks to be processed in parallel and ensure that you do not overload your team with too many new tasks in the near future. Only when tickets have been moved to another column and have thus changed their status, there will be free capacity again to post tickets with the status "New".


Kanban with Projektron BCS - Visualize efficiency

Visualization and organization of tasks in the project and tickets to tasks

Compact overview of the tasks in a project, their processing status, priority, and the processing team

Easy handling: Assign tasks and tickets to the respective processing status via drag and drop

Team planning in the Kanban Board: Assign employees to the various tasks via drag-and-drop

Create and edit tickets directly in the board via a dialog box

Flexibly define work-in-progress limits for tasks and tickets

Continuously optimize workflow management


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