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Efficiently design project work and proactively react to changes: Our project management software supports you with a variety of tools.

Kanban board for tasks and tickets: Clear overview and great usability

If Kanban is selected as the procedure model for projects, the Kanban board in Projektrin BCS​​​​​​​ is available to you as the project manager. Use drag & drop to move tickets or tasks to different statuses and priorities; you can also select one or more team members and add them to the ticket as processors. You can use the settings to define which status you wish to view and to what extent the related information is to be displayed.

You can also define how many tasks can be worked on at the same time; if the maximum number of tasks is exceeded, the respective column turns red. The number of tasks that can be processed is easily defined in the settings.

Questions on tickets can be created via the Edit function of a Kanban card. Additionally, all processors of a card can easily be removed again by deleting them via the recycle bin icon. And: The contents of the Kanban board can be adjusted easily via a period filter.

Change request: Clearly comprehensible

Should your project planning change, it is possible that change requests need to be approved by the steering committee before you can act as project manager, depending on the scale of your project. Flexible functions in Projektron BCS give you various options on how to display a change request in your project. A convenient way to do this is through tickets, for example. The benefits: Tickets can be clearly identified, the status history can be monitored at a glance and specific processes can be configured accordingly.

Project calendar: Be in the picture

Effective project communication is indispensable to carrying out a project successfully. From the kick-off meeting to regular status meetings to the presentation of project results – in the Projektron BCS project calendar, you can quickly and conveniently create any appointments and summon your team to a meeting with just a few clicks. For a better overview, you can also view important partial project objectives, the milestones, directly in your personal calendar.

Project-related time recording: Automatically assigned

In Projektron BCS time recording, your team members book their time directly to the tasks to which they have been assigned in the project. Moreover, the team can make estimations regarding the remaining time required and set the task status to "complete". Projektron BCS automaticallytransfers all values to the project so that current information about how the project is developing is always available to you. If you need more detailed information, booking comments can be shown within the framework of project controlling.

Workforce planning: In no time at all

The Projektron BCS workforce plan lets personnel managers and project managers define which projects and tasks should be given high priority in the current week. So you can be sure your project is headed in the right direction. At the same time, your employees are provided with clear specifications in terms of their daily project work.

Resource management

Project documentation: Clear and centralized

Whether you want to record agreements made with the customer or the content of a project meeting: The process protocol allows you and other project employees to collect all information necessary for the project to be completed successfully in one central location – and in chronological order.

Moreover, Projektron BCS features project tickets, which you can use to spontaneously record activities, requests, changes or open items and to which you can assign suitable plan values.

A central document management system that allows you to manage your project documents is integrated in Projektron BCS. As a result, your project team is able to access all relevant documents directly for a project, project ticket or associated project task.

Furthermore, Projektron BCS fulfills all your needs for quality assurance. You can support your project team by providing them with checklists and automated workflows to implement your project successfully and professionally.

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