Project management software in the chemical, pharmaceutical and raw materials industries

The right connection - Projektron BCS for companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and raw materials industry

The raw materials industry, the chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry are facing major challenges in view of economic and political developments. High energy prices, problems in supply chains, rapidly changing mixes on the global market, digitalization and pressure to innovate demand maximum commitment from industrial companies. Projektron BCS is at your side as a reliable partner and offers exactly the right mix: security in complying with standardized processes and the highest quality standards, but at the same time the necessary flexibility to be able to react quickly to changes and changing framework conditions. With Projektron BCS, you not only plan and control projects in industry according to your preferred project management method and your individual project guidelines, but you also optimize the business processes of your entire company.

What if your project management software...

➤ made collaboration with your customers and suppliers more effective worldwide? 

➤ maps the entire order process from quotation to invoicing?

➤ helps you to ensure your process and quality standards on a data basis?

➤ is flexibly adaptable to your methods, requirements, and PM guidelines?

➤ creates clear structures and clarity in complex multi-project management?

➤ enables you to react to budget and resource bottlenecks at an early stage?

➤ actively supports you in scheduling and personnel deployment planning?

➤ allows you to record project effort directly on the project?

➤ provides you with reliable target/actual analyses and real-time project data?

➤ provides a comprehensive "toolbox" for project communication?  

➤ manages all your employees, resources, inventory items, suppliers, and customers?


Projektron BCS - Project management software for the chemical, pharmaceutical and raw materials industries

Projektron BCS has already received several awards as ERP system of the year and also the Process Solution Award. The award was given not only for its diverse and methodically open project management functions, but above all for its focus on process automation. BCS supports your company in the chemical, pharmaceutical or raw materials industry in digitizing and largely automating internal and external business processes.

Projektron BCS is a tool in which all participants can access all information simultaneously and in real time in the latest version - the place where everything comes together. In BCS, you can easily map your entire internal organization and implement your resource planning, material cost planning and product planning across all projects.

Meet deadlines, reduce costs, create synergies, achieve project and company goals - with Projektron BCS as management software in the chemical, pharmaceutical and raw materials industries.


Project Management and Resource Planning: Achieving Goals


Wizard-supported project planning according to various methods

Project planning according to the critical path method

Visual time and resource planning in the interactive Gantt chart

Forward-looking resource and personnel planning

Project preparation with risk management and target definition

Multi-project- and portfolio management for full overview

Projekt controlling: graph. Analyses, earned value analysis, forecasts

Vacation management: resource planning takes absence into account

Time recording: task, customer, project related recording of efforts


Efficiency and quality: processes optimally supported


Freely definable workflows and processes according to BPMN 2.0

Qualitäty assurance: Templates, checklists, quality gates

Processes and workflows for verification & validation of your products

Processes for planned, standard-compliant development execution

Quotation- and invoice generator with dispatch directly from BCS

Document storage: store design data centrally and securely

Contract management and inventory management

CRM: contacts & communication (customers, suppliers, providers)

Qualitative & quantitative evaluation measures for goals freely definable


Ticket system - teamwork and task assignment


Web-based software: location-independent collaboration

Internal tickets: personal and role-based task assignment

Submit change requests to the project via ticket

Ticket view in the Kanban board with drag-and-drop operation

Documented processing and communication history on the ticket

Ticket evaluations individually and according to requirements

Record processing times directly on the ticket, simple invoicing


Open methods, flexible and adaptable


PRINCE2®, Waterfall, Scrum, Automotive SPICE®, V-Model, etc.

Mapping of your project management guidelines and role concept

Fine-grained rights concept according to your organizational structure

Customizable: highly adaptable to your own requirements

Freely designable templates, reports and evaluations

Can be seamlessly integrated into your existing software environment

Various interfaces (e.g. Jira, SAP, DATEV, Exchange)

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Why is BCS the ideal software for the chemical, pharmaceutical and raw materials industries?

Projektron BCS is the ultimate project management software for companies in the raw materials, pharmaceutical and chemical industries:

Inorganic and organic basic materials     Fertilizers    Plastics and synthetic rubber

 Pharmaceuticals   Chemical products    Mining

Oil and gas industry    Power generation  Forestry   Agriculture

Renewable energies   Metal processing

Why did the managers in these industries choose the web-based project management and business coordination software and what were their most important selection criteria? To this day, they rely on Projektron BCS as a user, but what were the reasons for this decision?


"Due to its versatility and adaptability, our choice fell on Projektron BCS. A main criterion for BCS was the detailed project planning included in BCS, which is necessary for our projects. In addition, it includes an interface to Microsoft Project, which is essential for the exchange with our customers. Projektron BCS is a multifunctional, in many parts self-explanatory, extremely patient project planning tool, which on closer inspection can do much more than project planning."

Tamara Pop
Project, Secretariat, Internal IT, Bowas-Induplan Chemie, Salzburg, Austria

"Projektron BCS supports the standardized project process at our company, for example in project planning in our product development. Particularly important to us are the automatic numbering and project name compilation as well as standardized templates. Among other things, this ensures quality in recurring projects. We also successfully rely on Projektron BCS in project portfolio management and budget and resource planning."

Normen Schlauer
Project Manager, Matzen & Timm GmbH, Norderstedt



The advantages of Projektron BCS as software in the chemical, pharmaceutical and raw materials industry

Information center for your organization

In order to ensure that all resources, production equipment and information are available at the right time and in the right place in tight product development cycles and dynamic development in your industrial company, your internal organization and the complex network of relationships with various suppliers and customers must be seamlessly integrated. Projektron BCS ensures that all information is available centrally and up-to-date for all stakeholders by modeling a digital image of your internal organization and your external relationships and making any information available at the appropriate place.

You plan your projects in Projektron BCS according to your individual project management guidelines. In addition to classic project management standards (waterfall model, GPM/IPMA, PMI, V-model, PRINCE2), BCS also supports agile and hybrid process models. Once you have created a project, you can save it as a template and use it as a standard for future planning.
You map your processes in Projektron BCS with integrated workflows and checklists or with the BPMN module for business process modeling. You can flexibly define and automate processes for all your project and business activities. These include, for example, complex inspection processes, production processes, invoice works, procurement and purchasing processes or even release processes. BCS informs each person responsible for a process step what they have to do and by when.
You mirror your internal organization completely in BCS, both the organizational structure of your company with all locations, as well as project organization - no matter how large your company is. Employee information is stored in digital personnel files with function, skills, areas of responsibility, departmental affiliation, working time model, payroll information and leave management and made available for resource planning.
You record your assets, means of production and other inventory items in Projektron BCS, link them to associated contracts and documents and schedule them as material resources in projects.
You upload your documents directly to tasks or appointments. Each document is stored in a uniform filing structure.  This facilitates team collaboration, as all members have access to the latest document version and changes can be tracked. There are no more duplicates or outdated versions of documents. Search and filter functions facilitate knowledge transfer and research.
Organize and manage your contracts in BCS in the style of a holistic Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). Link your contracts to persons, organizations, tasks, workflows, project groups, projects, inventory items, offers, invoices or other contracts or integrate them easily into work and release processes. Use the integrated contract generator to create new contracts according to your individual requirements.
Centralize your communication with BCS. By using the mail import and CTI interfaces, you record and import every process. With project tickets, you can assign concrete tasks and collaborate across locations worldwide thanks to the multi-language capability. All communication of ticket agents and representatives as well as the recording of working hours on tickets flow into the superordinate project. Use tasks, tickets, workflows, checklists and deadlines in BCS to support your project communication. Thanks to detailed rights assignment, you can define guest licenses for external stakeholders to inform them about project progress or to involve them in project activities.
You manage your customers, suppliers, service providers and business contacts centrally with the CRM function of Projektron BCS. Once created, the communication history for each person and organization is stored here, contracts, offers, invoices, documents, data on joint projects and appointments are linked and made centrally accessible.
You can easily implement your individual requirements for the scope of functions, mapping of your business logic and corporate language through to corporate design in Projektron BCS using high-level customizing options.

Efficient communication processes and the immediate availability of all relevant information and materials are the keys to keeping development and production costs as low as possible in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry or raw materials industry and reliably meeting deadlines in your product development cycles. Projektron BCS networks all this information on a central platform.

Process-oriented project work: Budget, time and resources in view

Projektron BCS provides holistic support for your project work: From the sales process to quotation creation, order management, project planning and control including deployment and resource planning, and invoicing, Projektron BCS covers all areas necessary for successful and efficient project implementation.

With precise scheduling and meaningful resource previews, all typical project types in the chemical, pharmaceutical and raw materials industries can be handled efficiently and cost-effectively:

Investment projects

Research projects

Development projects

Organizational projects

During the course of the project, the precise project controlling and timely project reporting enable you to provide information to all stakeholders at all times. The detailed analysis options provide you with an ideal basis for continuously optimizing your individual workflows and internal processes.

With informative overviews of timelines and deployment plans, you can efficiently handle research and development projects as well as investment projects in industry in Projektron BCS. Projektron BCS supports project managers right from the initiation and planning of the project through to controlling and completion.

With the lean project portfolio management (PPM) of Projektron BCS, you generate project proposals from project ideas and compare them. With the PPM tool in Projektron BCS, you also compile portfolios for different focal points and decide which projects you actually want to implement.

In multi-project controlling with the multi-project board, you keep a constant eye on all projects with their current status and resource utilization. With Projektron BCS, managers have an overview of all the projects relevant to them, their most important key figures and any missed deadlines. Thus, the cross-project evaluations not only show planned and actual values, but also the remaining effort estimated by the individual project teams. All efforts are documented by the project team on an ongoing basis and directly on the project and are available for invoicing at any time.

Model, automate, optimize processes

Projektron BCS offers your industrial company in the chemical, raw materials or pharmaceutical industries the possibility to model your individual production, sales and business processes with the BPMN process designer. BPMN as an internationally recognized notation standard is a central component of Business Process Management which allows you to visualize and optimize your business processes and workflows. With the BPMN notation standard you get more transparency about the processes within your company.

BPMN processes allow you a standardized and role-based assignment of tasks in teamwork across departmental boundaries, hierarchical levels and locations.

Typical application scenarios and use cases for BPMN processes are:

complex review processes

invoicing workflows

procurement processes/purchasing processes

release processes with approval workflow (vacation request, business trip request, time off compensation, etc.)

Projektron BCS offers you an ergonomic BPMN designer with which you can easily design, model, execute, monitor, document, evaluate and optimize your processes. You can automate frequently repeated business processes and workflows. Thanks to BPMN processes, each of your employees always keeps track of when they have to complete which task and how they thus contribute to the overall goal.

Product management and product planning with BCS

In the "Products" workspace of Projektron BCS, you can organize your products and each individual version of a product form a hierarchical structure of product structure elements. This hierarchy can be as deep as you like and is visualized by a graphical network diagram. The hierarchy includes related products by predecessor-successor relations and represents them by hierarchies. In addition, custom relations can be represented. If you click on a product, you can open a detailed view in which the predecessor-successor relationships are even more clearly visible.

BCS without borders: the plus for internationally positioned industrial companies

Whether German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Chinese, Czech or Hungarian - the language versions of Projektron BCS ensure greater convenience in international projects. If the language versions are activated, each user can choose their preferred system language.

You can create customer invoices in any national currency thanks to the multi-currency capability. If you operate several company locations in an international environment, you can easily map your intercompany invoices in Projektron BCS.

Ensure quality, eliminate errors

Projektron BCS supports you in complying with norms and standards as well as in checking your quality management measures with a wide range of evaluation options. By using the ticket system from Projektron BCS, you can easily gain important information for your quality management, such as identifying frequent product defects.

Thought of everything? With standardized checklists, you map known error sources and support your employees in efficiently improving quality. Projects, tasks, workflow steps and milestones: In Projektron BCS, you benefit from the proven inspection method at numerous points.

Quality management, which plays a particularly important role in ISO 9001 certified companies, can be efficiently supported with Projektron BCS templates, checklists and workflows. In addition, the program can be flexibly adapted to the processes and workflows of the respective company.

Whether in tasks, workflows or in projects - for future work, you can save your valuable experience simply and quickly in the appropriate remark fields. The course of the project can be efficiently documented in Projektron BCS. In this way, you can already contribute to well-founded process analyses during the project work and promote continuous quality improvement.


BCS in the SaaS model or via license purchase - you decide!

Projektron BCS supports all important work processes from offer to invoice in your company in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry or raw materials industry - not just the mere project work. BCS is completely freely and flexibly scalable and, thanks to a wide range of customization options, offers simple and needs-based integration into your system landscape and to your requirements.

Projektron BCS has a modular structure. This allows you to assemble your individual ERP software for your company in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry module by module. Each employee only sees the functions and navigation elements that are relevant to the performance of their respective tasks, which guarantees ease of use for every user. You only pay for the functions you really need and use. At the same time, your system remains updateable and flexible, so you can integrate enhancements quickly and easily.

Choose freely between the on-premise and the SaaS (cloud) variant. Projektron BCS has been developed by Projektron GmbH in Berlin since 2001 and is continuously enhanced with four new releases per year. As a German provider, we host your data in Germany in accordance with the highest data protection and security standards.


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References: These companies from the chemical, pharmaceutical and raw materials industries already rely on Projektron BCS.

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