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In the student project, Projektron wanted to improve its support portal

Improving the support portal: Cooperation for customer satisfaction

20. October 2021

Especially when a customer is looking for help or contacting the company, a positive user experience matters. A service or support portal is a must-have when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction and is therefore an indispensable part of ITSM (IT service management). But what is a support portal? What tasks does it perform? Why is Projektron working with Reutlingen University to improve the support portal? You can find out all this in this article.

Hybrides Projektmanagement aus klassisch und agil für mehr Effektivität

Hybrid project management: Using classic and agile methods for greater effectiveness and efficiency

27. September 2021

Classic or agile? If the decision between these two approaches is difficult, a combination of classic and agile project management methods is probably exactly the right way to go. Hybrid project management is the approach that seeks to combine the best of these two worlds. In this article, you will learn how the hybrid approach works, when it is suitable and how you can also benefit from hybrid project management.

Complaint management with the EVA3 method

EVA3 in complaint management: customer-oriented conflict resolution in 5 steps

01. September 2021

Can you handle criticism? EVA3 helps you to establish a scheme for your handling of customer complaints. What the EVA3 method is, how you can successfully establish it for conflict resolution in your company's complaint management and how you can benefit from using it, you will learn in this article.

ZUGFeRD: Solution for electronic invoicing?

16. July 2021

ZUGFeRD is the abbreviation for "Zentraler User Guide des Forums elektronische Rechnung Deutschland" (Central User Guide of the Electronic Invoice Forum Germany) and is a standardized invoice format that is used in business but also in public administration. There are already clients who only accept ZUGFeRD-compliant invoices. In our technical article you can learn more about the advantages of the ZUGFeRD data format.

What is project portfolio management, what do companies use PPM for?

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

12. July 2021

What is project portfolio management, why is it needed in companies and what are the tasks of a project portfolio manager? In this article you will learn why you should also deal with project portfolio management and what you should consider when implementing it.

XInvoice: A Milestone in Accounting?

07. July 2021

"An e-bill presents invoice content - instead of on paper or in an image file such as a PDF - in a structured, machine-readable XML data set. This ensures that information issued in this form by the invoicing party can be transmitted and received electronically, as well as processed and paid out without media discontinuity and in an automated manner."


07. July 2021

As standardized approaches, project management methods provide guidance for the planning, execution and controlling of projects. PRINCE2 is a process-oriented method, can be scaled and places the benefit of a project at the center of project management. Our technical article offers an introduction to the basic idea, strengths and weaknesses of PRINCE2.

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