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Clear project objectives not only have a significant influence on the direction of a project, but also on its success.

Defining project objectives - the key to project success

04. July 2024

Let's build the foundation of every successful project: clear, precise and inspiring project objectives. A project objective is not just a vision, but the living blueprint for your success story. Find out why a clear definition is crucial for project success and how to formulate objectives precisely. Delve into different types of objectives, overcome conflicting objectives and use the objective relationship matrix. Discover how clear project objectives not only have a significant impact on alignment, but also on success!

Plan, implement and control projects efficiently with HERMES - HERMES Project Management

HERMES project management: structured flexibility for successful projects

18. April 2024

Simply divine: the project management method that is always ready for immediate use, just like the Greek messenger of the gods - HERMES. Learn all about HERMES project management, a method that is widely used in Switzerland and combines clear structures with flexibility. From the basics to certification, discover how to plan, implement and manage HERMES projects efficiently and why the method can also be a valuable asset outside Switzerland.

Even the last arrow in the quiver didn't find its target? The project has failed. How did it get this far? Find out the 8 most common reasons for project failure and what you can do about it.

Why projects fail - 8 common reasons, 8 solutions

11. March 2024

Who hasn't experienced it? You start a new project full of enthusiasm and confidence. The planning has already been successfully completed, the project launch went extremely well and everyone involved is full of enthusiasm and drive. But over time, the mood begins to change and with it the entire project. Work processes go awry as planned, communication becomes rougher and more confusing, collaboration starts to break down. The project threatens to fail. The reasons for the failure of a project can be very diverse, but there are recurring problems. Find out what the 8 most common reasons for project failure are and what you can do about them.

Project time tracking pays off for your company! We offer tips, best practices and discuss controversies surrounding project-related time tracking.

Project time recording - Why it pays to record project times

14. February 2024

Since the ECJ ruling in 2019, there has been an increased focus on time recording, especially in project management. Project time recording is not just about simply recording working time, but rather about the detailed booking of time for specific activities as part of project work. While project time recording offers clear advantages, there are also concerns among employees. But what are the pros and cons in detail? Find out tips and best practices for introducing project-based time recording in your company here.

Projektron explains the difference between efficiency and effectiveness using many practical examples.

Efficiency and effectiveness - the difference explained simply

15. January 2024

Effectiveness and efficiency are two common terms in project management and are often used interchangeably, but actually refer to different concepts. Do you know what to do if your project manager asks you to work more efficiently? Should you work more or deliver better results? To clear up any misunderstandings, we explain the difference between efficiency and effectiveness using many practical examples and provide tips for effective and efficient project work.

Structure your project with the work breakdown structure: What is the WBS and how do I create a work breakdown structure in 6 steps?

Creating a work breakdown structure: the plan of plans in project management

02. January 2024

It is considered the plan of plans or the mother of all plans in classic project management: the work breakdown structure (WBS). The WBS is an elementary component of the project plan and is used to define the complete scope of a project and present it in a structured manner. You can find out what you should bear in mind and how you should proceed when creating a work breakdown structure here.

Create a project schedule: We show you how to do it and why it is important for project planning.

Creating a flowchart: Basics, methods and proven strategies

18. December 2023

A project activity plan (PAP) or flowchart is an important part of the project plan. It is the basis for scheduling, the resulting timetable, the resource plan and the cost plan. But what does a flowchart or flow plan look like, what information does it contain and how do I create a flowchart? Here you can find out all this and receive a flowchart template as well as examples of the methodology for creating the flowchart as a list, precedence diagram and Gantt chart.

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