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Eisenhower-Prinzip mit der typischen Eisenhower-Matrix

Eisenhower Matrix: Prioritize goals and tasks

20. September 2022

Less stress, less chaos, more time, more success, more structure - in short: effective work. All this is promised by a classic that has been successfully applied for decades and should not be missing from any article on the topic of time management or self-management: The Eisenhower Principle with the typical Eisenhower Matrix. Learn how the productivity method works, what advantages and disadvantages it offers and start using it right away - in our free Eisenhower Matrix template download.

[Translate to Englisch:] Was ist Projektportfoliomanagment, wofür nutzen Unternehmen PPM?

What is project portfolio management (PPM)?

19. August 2022

What is project portfolio management, in general, what is it used for in companies and what are the tasks of a project portfolio manager? How does it differ from multi-project management and program management? Discover 5 good reasons why you too should get to grips with project portfolio management and use a proven 7-step strategy for your project portfolio management!

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Project management software comparison: 11 popular PM tools

15. August 2022

Get an overview: We compare 11 of the most popular and best project management software solutions. Are you looking for project management software for agile working, for agencies or a functional giant for multi-project management in large companies? Start here, discover the market and compare for yourself!

PRINCE2 Method in Project Management: Basics, Strengths and Weaknesses

11. August 2022

As standardized approaches, project management methods provide guidance for planning, executing and controlling projects. PRINCE2 is a process-oriented method, can be scaled and places the benefits of a project at the center of project management. Our technical article offers an introduction to the basic idea, strengths and weaknesses of the PRINCE2 method.

Create Meeting Agenda Teaser

Creating a meeting agenda: 7 tips for your efficient meeting planning

04. July 2022

No agenda, no successful meeting. A meeting agenda serves as a guide for all meeting participants and helps the facilitator establish a goal-oriented discussion guide. If this is your first time facing the task and you're asking yourself "How do I create a meeting agenda?" or "What actually makes a good meeting agenda?" you shouldn't miss this article. Here are seven valuable tips to help you get the best possible results from your meeting.

Harvard Method: How to achieve win-win situations in negotiations and conflicts

14. June 2022

Whether you are negotiating your salary, stuck in contract negotiations with customers, discussing additional requirements in a project with clients, buying a property or agreeing on the next vacation spot with your family - the Harvard Method will help you and create win-win situations. Learn here how the Harvard Method works as a negotiation, conflict resolution and conflict management strategy and how to apply it.

ZUGFeRD format: solution for electronic invoicing?

06. June 2022

The ZUGFeRD format is a cross-industry data format for electronic invoicing. ZUGFeRD is the abbreviation for "Central User Guide of the Forum Electronic Invoice Germany". There are already clients who only accept ZUGFeRD-compliant invoices. In our technical article, you can learn more about the advantages of the ZUGFeRD data format for e-billing.

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