Project Management Methods

Do you work according to IPMA (GPM), PMI, Scrum, PRINCE2, Hermes or Automotive SPICE? BCS too!

Projektron BCS shows itself to be an open-method project management software that supports you when working according to recognized project management methods and standards, such as IPMA (GPM), PMI, Scrum, PRINCE2, Automotive SPICE or Hermes. Thanks to individually definable boards, BCS can also be used as Kanban software or Scrumban software. Whether waterfall, classic, agile, hybrid, lean or complex - in BCS you flexibly map your project management method and make every project manager's job easy.

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The project management model of the IPMA (International Project Management Association) comprises three areas of competence that are intended to contribute to successful project management. In Germany, the IPMA is represented by the GPM (German Association for Project Management). With Projektron BCS you cover all the basic requirements and are supported in all phases of project management.


Project management according to IPMA and GPM with BCS

  • Goal Definition: Use forms in BCS to easily define your specific overall and sub-goals.
  • Goal hierarchy graphic: Keep an eye on all goals thanks to the dynamic goal hierarchy graphic in Projektron BCS.
  • Project environment analysis: BCS supports you with graphical overviews during project environment analysis in project preparation.
  • Stakeholder management: In BCS, you plan the appropriate communication strategy for each stakeholder group in the appropriate martix.
  • Risk management: Plan appropriate countermeasures and let BCS support you in risk management through all project phases.
  • Work breakdown structure: Visualize your project structure in the graphical work breakdown structure or in the clear tree view.
  • Schedule: In the interactive Gantt chart, you can see the critical path, project progress and cross-project dependencies.
  • Resource planning: Projektron BCS reliably shows you any resource conflicts and impending resource bottlenecks. Easily perform resource-based scheduling.
  • Reporting: Generate various project reports quickly and directly with the reporting functions in BCS and send them directly from BCS to PMO or steering committee.
  • Phase Plan: Visualize phase transitions and milestones in the Gantt chart and in your schedules with BCS.
  • Multi-project overview: BCS offers you a control center for your multi-project management, in which you can see at a glance in which phases your projects are currently located.


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The process-based project management method PRINCE2 provides a structured framework for your projects with seven predefined project phases and specific recommendations for action. With the PRINCE2 software Projektron BCS, you can easily map your PRINCE2 processes and support your project teams in standardized, high-quality project work.


  • PRINCE2 Assistant: BCS supports you in all management phases of your PRINCE2 projects.
  • Quality Register: record criteria in the Quality Register and define who is responsible for checking and accepting the quality criteria.
  • Tolerance limits: As project manager, set tolerance limits for project values together with the steering committee and monitor them in the project overview using the tachometer display.
  • Project phases: Create a clear schedule for your PRINCE2 project and define the colors for the phase display yourself.
  • Resource management: Reserve staff capacities for work packages, project phases or your entire PRINCE2 project.
  • Change management: Members of the steering committee can view, review and approve open items with a single click. Escalate approvals and changes to the steering committee on tickets.
  • Business Case: Easily export your entire business case as a report from Projektron BCS.
  • Project Roles: Display fixed project roles in your PRINCE2 project as an organization chart.
  • Graphical network diagram: Visualize predecessor and successor relationships of related products.


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The agile project management method Scrum is primarily used in the field of software development. We ourselves develop Projektron BCS according to Scrum and map our Scrum projects completely in BCS. From sprint planning to product backlogs and user stories - BCS is your Scrum software and guides you through all the important steps with suitable wizards.

Scrum with BCS

Scrum with BCS

  • Task Overview: Design an effective Daily Scrum with customizable Task Overview and graphically display your sprint progress in the Burndown Chart with Cumulative Flow Diagram.
  • Digital Scrum Board: Move individual activities from the User Stories on the digital Scrum Board with easy drag & drop control.
  • Product Backlog and User Stories: Structure and refine the requirements for your product using the Projektron BCS Product Backlog with epics, user stories and sub-requirements through to activities and acceptance tests.
  • Sprint Planning: Projektron BCS takes the development speed of your team (velocity) and the estimated story points of your user stories into account during sprint planning and informs you of capacity bottlenecks.
  • Sprint Backlog: Drag and drop user stories from the Product Backlog into the corresponding Sprint Backlog.
  • Scrum assistants: suitable assistants accompany you in your Scrum projects and sub-projects, when dealing with individual Scrum structure elements and during Sprint planning.
  • Resource management: reserve staff capacities for individual sprints or ear entire Scrum project.
  • Sprint Calendar: Automatically create regular meetings such as Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Demo (Review) or Sprint Retrospective in the Sprint Calendar.
  • Integrated time tracking: let your Scrum team book incurred efforts directly to the processed user stories, subrequirements, activities and acceptance test.
  • Ticket system with Scrum functionality: create a user story directly from a ticket and add it to a product backlog or link tickets to user stories, epics or subrequirements.


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Kanban with BCS


Which task is pending, how high is the priority of the individual tasks and who is currently working on what? With the Kanban Board and the Kanban software functions in Projektron BCS, you have an overview of all tickets, processors and processing statuses at all times. You can identify impending bottlenecks at an early stage and optimize your work processes in the long term.

Kanban with BCS

  • Visual project management: Use the Kanban method with the Kanban board in BCS to visualize the processing status and organization of tasks in the project or tickets to tasks.
  • Kanban view in "My Area": Get a compact overview of the tasks of a project, their processing status, priority and the processing team already on your personal dashboard.
  • Easy handling: Simply drag and drop your ticket into the next column to change the processing status and the associated responsibility. You can create a new ticket with just one click on the board.
  • Team planning in the Kanban Board: Assign employees to different tasks in seconds via drag-and-drop.
  • Maximum customizable board: Define number and names of your processing statuses and create swimlanes in the Kanban board for internal priority, customer priority or ticket type.
  • Kanban and Scrum: Use the Kanban board in BCS also as a Scrum board or as a Scrumban board to drag and drop Scrum structure elements, e.g. activities from user stories, to change processing status or prioritization.
  • Work-in-progress limits: define WIP limits for tasks and tickets flexibly (upper limit for tickets or tasks of a status) to not overload your team.


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The open project management method HERMES is used for the standardized and structured implementation of projects in information and communication technology. HERMES Edition 2022 offers five standard scenarios for projects with different characteristics: Service/Product Development, Service/Product Adaptation, IT Development, IT Adaptation and Organizational Adaptation. Do you want to carry out projects according to HERMES? Projektron BCS supports you every step of the way.

HERMES with Projektron BCS

Hermes with BCS

  • Configuration of standard scenarios: Design specific scenarios for your Hermes projects by creating templates for projects. Projektron BCS supports you with a wizard.
  • Milestones as quality gates: Define the phases for your Hermes project centrally and create milestones as quality gates.
  • Assured quality management: Use system-controlled workflows and checklists to support your employees and ensure the quality of the project.
  • Hermes and Scrum: Hermes offers a module for agile development with Scrum. In BCS, you combine both project management methods easily.
  • Uniform role model: Easily create the roles you need for your Hermes project and define the rights for the individual roles specifically.


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Automotive SPICE

In the automotive industry, the complexity of projects and products is continuously increasing. The challenges have changed significantly over time. Thus, the development of software-based systems is gaining more and more importance. The Automotive SPICE® process assessment model is used to perform compliant assessments of software process capability in the development of automotive systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 33002. With Projektron BCS, you will manage to deliver a high-quality product on time in the face of shorter development cycles, parallel project execution, safety aspects and increasing customer demands.



The PMI (Project Management Institute) project management model is one of the world's leading project management methods and focuses particularly on processes consisting of inputs, tools, methods and outputs. If you practice project management according to the PMBOK, you are ideally positioned with Projektron BCS and are supported in all phases in project management.


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Thilo Menges

Head of Department Digitalization & Innovation, Carl-Thiem-Klinikum Cottbus gGmbH

"I have found Projektron BCS to be a flexible and methodically supportive tool throughout. The wizards, for example, are methodically supportive, guiding project managers through various processes and pointing out the need for action."

Jörg Klenke

Project Management | PMO, Systemtechnik LEBER GmbH & Co. KG

"Without Projektron BCS as a powerful and open-method project management software, the current project run would not be feasible. Internally, we also maintain a project management manual as a guideline for our project management activities. We have already been able to automate very many of the processes recorded there thanks to BCS."

Eva Klama

Assistant to the Division Manager in Product Management, Hörmann KG Antriebstechnik

"We were looking for a software that could be used to map the procedure of our project management guide. With BCS we found a good solution because the software could be flexibly adapted. Today, BCS provides us with a very good overview of our project landscape. Personnel bottlenecks as well as delays in the project are detected very quickly and we can take countermeasures at an early stage. For our project managers, the software is thus a very important tool.“



Get to know Projektron BCS

Projektron BCS can be used in a variety of ways and is designed to be open to new methods. This is due, on the one hand, to the diverse and flexibly combinable project management and ERP functions and, on the other hand, to the way in which these functions are interlinked. Get to know BCS and take a look at the range of functions and technical aspects.

The project management functions of Projektron BCS at a glance: From project preparation and project planning to resource and capacity planning, project execution and project controlling, BCS supports you in all phases of the project life cycle.

Your software requirements go far beyond the limits of a project management tool? No problem, because BCS stands for Business Coordination Software, has already received several awards as ERP system of the year and supports all business processes and the entire work organization of your company.

Our web-based project management software Projektron BCS stands for versatile interfaces, open standards, maximum customizability and a highly scalable software architecture. Learn more about rights management, customizing options, interfaces and system requirements.

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