Data exchange from Projektron BCS and SAP

SAP systems are known for their flexibility – and so are we: Be it via a web service or file-based exchange of data in XML or CSV format, we implement Projektron BCS interfaces that suit your SAP system.

Interface performance

Within the scope of our workshops, we work together with you to develop just the right interface solution for smooth data exchange with your SAP system.

We use our web service or our flexible import/export module for configuring interfaces, which enables us to export, import and modify virtually all kinds of data from and to Projektron BCS.

Carsten Münch

First Business Partner & Team Coordinator Application Management, TÜV Rheinland Service GmbH

"We have various interfaces from SAP to BCS that transmit important KPIs, such as an interface for monitoring the liquidity of a project. We started developing SAP interfaces very early on, as we use SAP in many areas of the company, for example for order processing and invoicing. The most important of these is the interface for commercial data: All project-relevant information is maintained in BCS and a sales order can be generated from it in SAP at the touch of a button."

Peter Schürmann

Head of Global Project Management, msg global solutions Deutschland GmbH

"With BCS, we can map our complex organisational structure via an import from our SAP human resources management systems and thus have a low maintenance effort. The entire organisation is then available in BCS for assignments and authorisations."

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Schuster

Assistant to the head of Research with Airbus Group Innovation, Research and Development

With Projektron BCS, Airbus is linking the technical contents of research projects to complex business data for the first time so that project manager researchers are always up to date with regard to their projects.Job data including the comprehensive logic of project support and grants are managed in Projektron BCS and subsequently delivered to the central SAP system through the use of interfaces. The SAP system then reports the expenses and costs that were booked back to the BCS system.

Dieter Alte

Head of Consulting & Implementation with Mercoline GmbH, IT Consulting

Projektron BCS is a tool that lets us manage our entire project business, from order entry through project planning and steering to billing. The possibility for our consultants to register their working hours in near time, in particular, ensures that we always know where we current stand in our projects. In addition, Projektron BCS makes it easy to generate our invoices at the end of the month and pass them on to our SAP system for further processing.

Interface examples

In close collaboration with our customers, we have already implemented numerous Projektron BCSinterfaces in SAP systems, for example in the following areas of application:

  • Export of orders, invoicing data and time recording data from Projektron BCS
  • Import and mapping of time recording data, material costs and liabilities from SAP
  • Import of data from Human Resource Management from SAP

The above graphic shows another practical example. Here, projects and orders are maintained in Projektron BCS. With the export of the orders and their project data, WBS objects are created in SAP and the order values are booked as plan budget on the WBS objects. The time recording and booking of actual material costs are done in SAP and imported by Projektron BCS, making a comprehensive evaluation possible.

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