Web services

Exchange almost in real time

Exchange data quickly and flexibly via the web: Projektron BCS allows you to connect your systems to SOAP web services.

Interface performance

The web services platform by Projektron BCS offers you the following options:

  • Bi-directional synchronization with Projektron BCS
  • Communication via the default protocols SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2
  • Options for accessing the entire Projektron BCS database
  • Extensive options for data preparation
  • External time recording as a default web service for connecting to time recording systems
  • External ticket system as a default web service for connecting to ticket systems
  • Freely configurable web service for individual connection

Server-client communication

Projektron BCS takes on the role of the server. The third-party system acts as a client that addresses the Projektron BCS web services. The client can use these web services to query, create, change and delete data in Projektron BCS.

If a client is registered on the Projektron BCS web service platform, it is actively informed about modifications in Projektron BCS. This means that the client can address the Projektron BCS web service directly in order to query the modified data.

Volker Siebelink

Managing Director, MEGLA GmbH

"By using automated web services, we can ensure the fast and systematic creation and processing of tickets in Projektron BCS from approx. 1,000 emails per customer per day. Similar notifications are automatically combined in one ticket. With their customer access, customers inform themselves about the subsequent processing of their tickets in the BCS support portal."

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