Import-Export Module

Freely configurable

The freely configurable Import-Export module by Projektron BCS enables exchange with almost any system.

Importing and exporting files

Interface performance

The file-based interface by Projektron BCS provides you with the following features:

  • Flexible import and export of data in CSV file format and numerous other file formats, such as XML and MPX.
  • Manual initiation of import and export directly via the Projektron BCS interface
  • Automated import and export at the desired intervals, from every minute to every month, on specific days and at specific times.

Data preparation and data migration

The interface provides you with automated preparation of your data for both import and export, making data migration easy, for example:

  • Format customizations, value assignments and calculations
  • Data updates via multiple imports
  • Deletion of unnecessary data
  • Selection of exported data

Importing and exporting with databases

Interface performance

The database-based interface by Projektron BCS provides you with the following features:

  • All data preparation options also offered by the file-based interface
  • Communication via the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) database interface
  • Individual database queries, such as for inserting new data or updating existing data
  • Subsequent selection of imported data
  • Automatic deletion of intermediate tables before execution of an export and after execution of an import

Exchange options

The database-based interface by Projektron BCS offers you two exchange options.

If the third-party system allows direct access to its database, Projektron BCS can write to the database of the third-party system and read data from it.

If direct access is not permitted, Projektron BCS works with intermediate tables that are filled by both systems for data exchange.

Examples for imports

The Import-Export module allows you to import the following data into Projektron BCS, for example:

  • Project structures with assignments to customers and project teams
  • Customer bases from CRM systems, such as address data from ACT! CRM
  • Regular import of effort bookings for your project controlling
  • Tickets for time recording
  • Material costs for your project calculation
  • Absences, such as leave or sick days, for your resource management

Examples for exports

The Import-Export module allows you to export the following data from Projektron BCS, for example:

  • Allowances for wage and salary accounting in DATEV programs
  • Effort bookings
  • Project structures with planned values
  • Closed invoices and invoice items
  • All invoice documents for an invoice run in PDF file format for storage on a drive

Further import-export options

Systems that do not directly support the options of our Import-Export module can usually be connected via an intermediate step.

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