of Projektron BCS

Learn how to install and configure Projektron BCS and customize it to the requirements of your company.

Basic Training Administration English (2 days)


The two-day training provides a comprehensive introduction to the

administration of Projektron BCS and gives plenty of time for

questions and exercises.

We will provide lunch and refreshments during the training.


Target group

Administrators and experienced Projektron BCS users responsible for the support of Projektron BCS in the company.


The training is offered in German and in English.

Prior knowledge

Projektron BCS knowledge is advantageous, but is not required.


  • Introduction to Projektron BCS with a focus on administration
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and operation
  • Customizations of the data model
  • Configuration of the user interface
  • Import functions and export functions
  • Introduction to the Projektron support server

You will find the detailed training content in the agenda.


Max. 6 persons

Administration Advanced (2 days)

In the two-day training course, you will deepen your knowledge of the administration of Projektron BCS and also learn about undocumented functions.

After successful participation, you will be given the opportunity to make additional configurations via the WebConfig editor in expert mode for three years.

Target group

Active Projektron BCS administrators who have at least six months of experience in Projektron BCS administration.


The training is offered in both German and English.

Previous knowledge

The training assumes knowledge from the Administration basic training course. Six months of experience as a Projektron BCS administrator is recommended.


Data model - repetition
Adjustments to the index of the full text search
Introduction to the extended WebConfig editor
Configuration of e-mail templates
Creation of logics for status transitions
Import functions and export functions - consolidation
Adjustments to the user interface design with CSS
The detailed contents of the training can be found in the agenda.

Number of participants

Maximum 6 persons

Do you use Projektron BCS in the SaaS model or do you use our hosting offer?

These administrator training topics are not relevant for SaaS customers:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance / operation (update)
  • Data model customization
  • Configuration
  • Import/export

These administrator training topics are not relevant for hosting customers with full access:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance / operation (update)

If you use SaaS or hosting, you can book our admin webinar.


To the admin webinar

Frank Spiller

Project manager at the Institute for Microelectronic and Mechatronic Systems GmbH (IMMS), Research and Development.

For effective installation and introduction, we attended the administrator training immediately after purchasing BCS. The training was professionally competent, very efficient and in a very pleasant atmosphere. The programme included the installation of all components, the initial start-up with the creation of all users and necessary information, the company-specific configuration and much more. In the two days of training, it was of course not possible to convey all the possibilities of the extensive system down to the last detail. Thanks to the easy-to-use help and the training documents, all further questions can be clarified without any problems.


Florian Frisch

Head of Information Technology at Ecologic Institute

"By attending the administration training, we were able to perform many configurations ourselves, for example, we added additional fields for all personnel details."

Gerald Sander

Chief Engineer at Uwe Schneider GmbH

I took part in the "Basic Administration Training" much too late. After more than a year of using BCS to create quotations, in project planning and control, for time recording, as well as using the ticket system, I only realised during the training how much more efficiently we could have used BCS by adapting it to our needs.

Your contact

Stefanie Kleinsorge Scheiwein

answers your questions
about the open training.

+49 30 3 47 47 64-113



Basic Training Administration (2 days)
990 €*

Administration for advanced participants (2 days)
1.190 €*

* excl. VAT

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