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Projektron BCS 7.12

Projektron BCS 7.12 supports decision-makers in controlling confidently with innovative visualizations and resource planning on project group level. The Projektron BCS app enables quick time recording using smartphones.

  • Mobile time, contact and expense recording with the Projektron WebApp

New visualizations for project overview

The most important features at a glance

Version 7.12 provides an even better overview for project managers: Specially developed project tachometers and bar charts show the most important factors of your project and quickly bring you up to date.

Up to six tachometers can be integrated into the project overview: one for the profit, one for the effort as well as one each for total costs, personnel costs and material costs. If the tachometer needles point to the green area, your project is developing better than planned. In case the tachometer needles are in the yellow or red areas, your project is deviating from the original plan. You can easily read the extent of the deviations: The tachometers show the totals of actual values and remaining values, the planned values as well as the percentage deviations.

If you wish to see at a glance how the efforts and costs are developing in the project, you can also view these new diagrams: Order values, planned values and totals of actual values and remaining values are displayed as bars which are easy to understand; profits and losses are shown hatched. The new diagrams are available for the following factors: total costs, material costs, personnel costs and efforts.

Whether new visualizations or proven standard elements: The elements in the project overview can be arranged conveniently using drag & drop as of version 7.12.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

New app for quick and mobile time recording

Completely mobile time recording

With the app for Projektron BCS time recording you can quickly record your time on the go.

You can record your working hours and breaks as intuitively as individual activities: In the day booking entry form optimized for smartphones, you can find all booking elements of Projektron BCS – starting from project task to your appointments, tickets and Scrum activities.

On the go or in the office: you have access to the most recent information. A special web service ensures secure data transfer.

Expected release dates

This function is optionally available from the version 7.14 for BCS.start.

Resource planning for project groups

Cross-project planning

The new resource planning function is especially advantageous for multi-project managers controlling many projects from a superior perspective: As a multi-project manager, you can define on project group level how much manpower is to be invested. You can easily see whether your budget specification is consistent with the project planning of your individual project managers: In resource planning, Projektron BCS visualizes the amount of your resource budget for the project group that is already planned in specific projects.

You will also benefit from the new resource planning function when working with quota agreements: You can book a resource budget in Projektron BCS even before planning a specific project. This ensures that the resources are not planned in other projects.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

Freely selectable categories for projects and milestones

Structuring across projects

Projects are viewed from different perspectives depending on the task focus. For example, for consultants, the customer plays a decisive role; for resource managers, on the other hand, the type of project is much more important. As of version 7.12, additional structuring criteria can be stored centrally, assigned easily and evaluated as project categories.

Whereas project categories facilitate grouping projects as required, the new milestone categories ensure a common understanding of the objectives and intermediate objectives in your projects. Freely selectable category colors ensure that the persons involved in the project can quickly determine to which category a milestone belongs, even in the Gantt chart, for example, whether it is an external milestone for your customer or an internal quality step.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

Improved email import with comment function for tickets

Convenient for use on the go

Comments on tickets can be added conveniently via email. If you respond to a ticket notification in your email application, Projektron BCS imports your comment and assigns it to the corresponding ticket. As of version 7.12, you can ensure that only your new comment is imported – without the text automatically generated by your email application – by using a configurable separator in the Projektron BCS email.

This function is not included in BCS.start.

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