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Projektron BCS 6.12

Step by step: Numerous usability optimizations and the completely revised online help in Projektron BCS 6.12 allow you to achieve your goals even faster.

Improved resources management

With Projektron BCS 6.12, the view utilisation of resources is adjusted to the tree structure that is typical in Projektron BCS. In the new view, a filter option according to individual persons is now available.  Moreover, the persons allocated to organisations can now also be shown as a flat list. 

Completely revised online help

The completely renewed online help now allows for the quick finding of information regarding the software. For keeping the list of search results short and clear, users can restrict the search to documents for users, administrators or BIRT report designers. The documents found can be grouped according to manuals so that the topical context of a document immediately becomes clear. A comprehensive search instruction including FAQs helps in the formulation of search requests.

Global invoicing templates

It is possible to enter global project invoicing templates at the highest project level as well as at the lower levels. If only certain items are defined in an invoice, the remaining items are taken over from the global invoice template. The templates are read from bottom to top in the project hierarchy by the invoice project.

External milestones

Milestones from other projects can now be embedded in the own project. Such external milestones are shown in the structure plan, the Gantt chart and the schedule and taken into consideration in the calculation of deadlines. Tasks and sub-projects that depend on external milestones in the own project are shown in an overview.

Project work appointments

Project work appointments, as differentiated from other types of appointments such as meetings, work and free time, were abandoned. Instead, it is now possible to set all types of appointments to offset against task expenses via the attribute utilisation of resources. In this case, the appointment is then treated as a former project work appointment, i.e., it can be allocated to a task and offset against the project expenses budget. The function for considering appointments in the utilisation of resources remains unaffected of this.

Improved user-friendliness

ifferent changes to the user interface of Projektron BCS facilitate operation. For example, there is an autocomplete function for selection fields as of version 6.12. For example, if you want to add a ticket processor to a ticket, it is sufficient to type in the first name of the processor. Then, all employees with this first name will be displayed and you only have to click on the desired employee. When the first letters of the last name, first name or initials of a person or the name or project ID for projects/tasks have been entered, the autocomplete function starts searching.

Another improvement of usability is the search function. With this, you can easily search for persons, organisations or projects.

French user interface

In addition to German, English and Spanish, the user interface of Projektron BCS is now also available in French. From A as in Article to Z as in Zone de recherche.

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