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Projektron BCS 7.8

Get an overview of costs and dates quickly with the earned value analysis, provide standard products quickly and flexibly, bill recurring services automatically: You can ensure efficiency with the new Projektron BCS 7.8. Because time is precious – particularly in project management.

Earned value analysis


The earned value analysis in Projektron BCS 7.8 allows you to make a more exact estimate of the cost and date situation in your projects. The project controlling tool, recommended by the German Association for Project Management (GPM), evaluates the plan fulfillment based on the project progress and deduces a forecast for how the project will develop.

Whether optimistic, pessimistic or realistic: all three forecast methods described in the GPM standard are supported by Projektron BCS 7.8. In addition, you can select the method according to which the project progress is to be calculated. Both progress calculation on the basis of material costs and time bookings and the GPM calculation rules 0/100, 20/80 and 50/50 are supported.

Price scales and project-specific sales prices for articles


Projektron BCS offers the option of managing information about articles globally and reapplying it conveniently in individual projects. Version 7.8 also enables you to vary the sales prices of your global articles along the project structure.

Thus, you can flexibly offer and bill your standard services and standard products, for example, 185 euros instead of 200 euros per software license for a strategic key account.

If you are working with the Invoice module from Projektron BCS 7.8, it is also possible to save price scales for articles both globally and for a specific project. The corresponding sales price is automatically determined depending on the quantity billed, for example, 100 euros each for the first 10 pieces of an article, 90 euros each from the 11th.

Interim invoices and final invoices


Whether split invoices for services already provided or interim invoices for lump-sum items: The Invoice module in Projektron BCS 7.8 now supports both billing types as well as the legal provisions regarding VAT treatment. An appropriate final invoice lists all billable items and deducts the split and interim invoices already charged.

The amounts and due dates of payments can also be saved in the invoice schedule of your invoice template. The Projektron BCS invoice generator automatically creates the appropriate invoice on the specified dates.

Automatic billing of recurring services


Regular orders are reliable revenue sources and can be billed particularly efficiently in Projektron BCS 7.8. Whether monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually: The invoice generator creates recurring invoices automatically once the appropriate cycle has been selected. In doing so, Projektron BCS 7.8 invoices the services rendered in the cycle period in each case, for example from January 1 to March 31. In addition, you can select when the invoice is to be sent – at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the cycle.

Search function for the view selector


The view search supports you with respect to quick access and learning how the system works. Whether "individual booking", "hours" or "recording": When you enter a view name or a keyword in the practical search field, Projektron BCS 7.8 will provide you with an appropriate response within seconds, for example the Day Booking view.

In addition, the tool offers you the option of navigating without using a mouse: The search function can be called up via a freely selectable keyboard shortcut, and the desired view can be selected using the arrow buttons and accessed using the Enter button.

Improved file links


Do you want to make use of synergy effects and provide your team with files from other projects? You can provide a link to the desired files in your project instead of copying them from one project to another.

The version 7.8 enables the project team to view file links directly in your project's file tree. As soon as a user is allowed to see the link, he/she automatically receives read permissions for the linked file. The editing rights for the original file (editing, deleting and updating) remain unchanged.

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