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Projektron BCS 7.6

Tickets, the practical helpers from customer support, ensure simple processing in projects involving intensive communication. And this is exactly the focus of the new Projektron BCS 7.6, providing quick and tangible project success with practical planning options on the basis of tickets, while a new method of team planning is also attracting attention.

Effort and resource planning using tickets

Simply practical

Beginning with Projektron BCS 7.6, you can manage total hours and resources directly in the ticket with an additional view and extensive evaluation options.

If you set tasks to ticket-planned in your projects, you have the option of defining planned values for every employee directly in the corresponding ticket. Employees can record the processing times required in Projektron BCS per ticket and estimate remaining efforts if necessary. You can see how you are progressing at a glance in the effort plan of your ticket.

This ticket-based project planning is especially advantageous if you work with tickets very often, because Projektron BCS takes the information you enter into account in both project planning and resource management.

Improved team planning

Using drag & drop

You can now define who is to be part of your project team even more easily in the new team planning. The right people are displayed in a central search mask while you enter the names of the desired team members. And you can assign the person you want to the tasks and work packages in your project easily using drag & drop.

Integrated rich text editor for text fields

Clearly structured

Whether colored, bold, italic or underlined – whether with numbering or bullet points: You can format and structure your texts simply and quickly using the rich text editor (RTE) in Projektron BCS. Different font sizes and text indents are also available.

You can use the integrated RTE in many description fields. This not only allows the project team to keep track of the most important points, but also your business partners, for example in their tickets, quotation texts or invoice texts.

Locations and trip cost allowances

For flexible trips

With Projektron BCS 7.6, you can save and easily charge location-specific trip cost allowances directly in the project.

In the allowance recording, your employees simply select the location they traveled to. Projektron BCS automatically applies the proper allowances to your accounting.

How much your trip actually cost and how much of that amount you can invoice the customer for can be seen before the actual charging in Projektron BCS. The Sales Amount column in the Projektron BCS Expenses module provides added transparency.


Keyboard shortcut to switch to the edit mode

Done in seconds

Do you want to edit a planned value or write a comment on the ticket quickly? You can start immediately using a freely selectable keyboard shortcut. Because: As of Projektron BCS 7.6, this eliminates the need to click the Edit button.

External support portal

For even greater security

You want to separate external and internal data even more precisely? From Projektron BCS 7.6, you can configure a external support portal for your customers. This provides an especially high level of data security, because your customers upload their tickets to a separate server while your employees can continue working in the internal Projektron BCS as usual.

Data is transferred between the external support portal and the internal Projektron BCS, of course, but not all of it. Only that data which you want to share with your customer ends up on the external support portal, while your employees can see all data required for editing a ticket in the internal Projektron BCS.

Exchanging files is also possible: The corresponding file repository for the support portal is also displayed on tickets in the internal BCS. This means that you see both internal and external files in one view and can move or copy the files as required.

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