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Projektron BCS 7.44

Retain an overview with the new 7.44 version of the project management software from Projektron BCS. In appointment and work scheduling, you can manage employee assignments and see immediately which employees have free capacities or which employees are overburdened. Additionally, you receive information in real time thanks to the new instant notifications.

  • Simply create appointments directly via the appointment planning
  • New commits can be viewed directly in the ticket
  • All available views can be displayed with a single click
  • You receive instant notifications directly in Projektron BCS
  • You receive a list of results directly when typing in the search bar

Extended appointment and work scheduling

Plan employee assignments effectively

Appointment planning in the new 7.44 version of the Projektron BCS project management software is now even easier to carry out thanks to the extended appointment editing functions. As team leader, you can immediately see on which days your employees are booked and when they are possibly overbooked.

Using drag & drop, you can move deployment dates, irrespective of whether it is a one-off appointment or recurringappointments. The appointments can be extended or shortened as desired using the mouse. Deployment dates can also be shifted to another employee. Appointments which are assigned to multiple employees are highlighted as belonging together when they are moved.

You can create new deployments directly in the appointment planning, or also record illness days and leave days. You can see if there is free capacity at all for additional appointments from the employee’s resource load which can be shown.

You can flexibly plan for not only your project team, but you can also display selected employees or individual departments in the company, check them for free capacities and directly plan them.

In the improved work schedule, you can now plan for employees on a weekly or monthly basis. You can configure how many hours you plan for your employees according to your requirements. If you work with placeholders and would like to remain flexible, you can manually enter a value in work scheduling.

Appointment planning is also contained in BCS.start.
The work schedule is not contained in BCS.start.

Integration of version management with log

Tracing code changes easily

If you are active in the area of developing and programming in your company, the integration of a version management will provide you with even more transparency and traceability.

Changes in a subversion repository are linked with the respective ticket or a user story and logged there accordingly. Employees in development can thus not only directly see the changes made to the source text, but also to which files the changes were made.

The commits which are not linked via the ticket number or user story are recorded in their own view. This allows tracing changes to the source text and files quickly.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Improving the view selector

Individually configurable

As project manager, do you always work with certain views and perhaps only use others once? The view selector has been improved in the new 7.44 version of the Projektron BCS project management software. You and your administrator can configure which views you always want to see and which views should be hidden. All views are displayed with a single click, or when you start searching for views.

Additionally, some views were summarized. For example, the total costs chart, personnel costs chart and material costs chart are now a preset in the Cost Charts view. The summarized information can be displayed as a preset or independent view depending on the existing permissions.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Instant notifications

Receive information in real time

As a project manager, you can benefit from the new instant notifications in the Projektron BCS project management software. For example, if an appointment is moved on the current day, you will directly be informed by the program.

Additionally, you can subscribe to either single tickets or all tickets on a project. You will be informed immediately as soon as there are changes to the tickets or if a new ticket is created in a project to which you are subscribed.

Keep track of your instant notifications in your own area. You can delete older notifications or notifications which are no longer required there. You can also see which tickets or projects you have subscribed to and can easily remove the subscription.

You can also carry out your own configurations of the instant notifications. For example, you can individually configure to receive instant notifications as soon as a certain word appears in a ticket comment. Instant notifications can also be used flexibly in other areas, for example for new quotations, invoices or imported communication entries.

You can see if you have any unread instant messages by the number next to the bell icon in the navigation bar. If you have Projektron BCS open in multiple browser tabs, the instant notification appears in all tabs.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Improved full-text search

Quick and clear

The full-text search has been improved in the 7.44 version of the BCS project management software. Results are immediately shown directly in the search bar while typing. The searched word is shown directly in the context and is highlighted.

Along with using the search bar, you can also further narrow the search using the usual filters, for example if you only search for departments and people. You can navigate within the displayed search results using the arrow keys and select search results.

You can reach the full-text search view as before by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. Here, you can select whether the search results should be sorted by a time aspect or by relevance.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

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