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Projektron BCS 6.14

Agile project management: Projektron BCS 6.14 supports the agile procedure model Scrum. The classic project management has changed quite a bit, too. for example 6.14 has to offer a milestone trend analysis.

Milestone trend analysis

The milestone trend analysis serves for monitoring the project progress. Deviations from deadlines become clear and forecasts for future projects are possible.

In Projektron BCS, the data of milestones for revision control are automatically secured once a day or once a week - depending on the requirements.

A graphic shows the development of milestones at a glance. The y-axis shows the dates of the milestones and the x-axis shows the time of backup. If a milestone is closed, it will no longer be shown for future backup dates. The current day can be marked and the size of the diagram can be set. The legend explains which curve belongs to which milestone. A tool tip shows which structure element (project, sub-project or task) is connected to a milestone.

Software development according to Scrum

In Projektron BCS, software development projects according to Scrum can be displayed. Scrum is an agile management method which is easy to understand and can quickly be used due to its simple structures and predefined roles.

Own project assistants help in creating Scrum projects and sprints in Projektron BCS. The Scrum-specific structure elements such as product and sprint backlogs, epics and user stories are available. Scrum projects can be evaluated with burndown charts.

Daily rates & improved invoicing

Projektron BCS uses a large number of consulting companies. For these and other companies working withdaily instead of hourly rates, Projektron now introduced daily rates for invoicing.

It is set for each project, whether daily or hourly rates must be used for invoicing. This information is inherited to the sub-levels where it can then be adjusted, if necessary. For daily rates, Projektron BCS offers different day lengths of 8, 8.5 or 9 hours per day.

If functional rates are subsequently changed, the software allows for immediate synchronisation, i. e., the recalculation of data. The daily and hourly rates can be displayed at different places of the software, e.g., in the administration under functions, with the personnel costs or in the order plan.

Several baseline plans

Projektron BCS now allows for creating several baseline plans for a project. With this, an important step towards the revision control of project planning is achieved. In the structure plan, basis plans are created upon indication of an unambiguous name. If the name is already allocated, the already existing basis plan with the same name can be replaced. As an alternative, a baseline plan can be automatically created once daily or once weekly.

A new view Baseline plans provides an overview of all the available baseline plans. A list of the baseline plans is also shown in the master data of a project.

A baseline plan can be shown in the Gantt chart. The selection field has an autocomplete function, but it is also possible to have the list of all available basis plans displayed for selection. The tool tip and legend in the Gantt chart show which baseline plan you currently see.

The function Restore basis plan is still available. Here, you can specify which baseline plan shall be restored.

Create own tasks

With this function, an employee can create own activities as tasks below projects, sub-projects, working packages and operative activities to which the employee is allocated. Team planning is not necessary since the creating employee is automatically allocated to the task. The employee can enter the starting and end dates of the task, the estimated expenses as well as a short description for the project manager.

After creating the task, the employee can no longer edit the values entered due to the restrictions of rights for tasks that were initially defined for project employees. The project manager can process this task after creation by the employee just as any other task. It is the responsibility of the project manager to change the status, if necessary, to allocate planning expenses later on, to expand the team for the task and to change bookings of the employee to the task.

Status colours in the Gantt chart

In the Gantt chart, there is a new selection box called status colours. If you tick this off, the individual tasks are coloured depending on their status. For example, planned tasks or sub-projects are marked in yellow and outstanding ones in blue.

Proof of expenses

With the BIRT report generator, a proof of expenses can directly be created for the employee or from the action menu in the registration of expenses.

New assistants

As of version 6.14 of Projektron BCS, additional assistants can be created for project management with the WebConfig-Editor. In addition to the known assistants for project planning, there are now for example assistants for project control and processing, for Scrum projects and project completion.

The assistants can be flexibly created for different application circumstances and user groups. The default settings of the assistant can be selected and stored by the administrator. Personal settings of the user are possible in the adjustment mode. For every user, personal assistants can be created, which are then only available for that user. Similarly, it is possible to create assistants for certain roles such as controller or project manager.

Improved processing of material costs

In Projektron BCS, a new overview is now available for material cost processors: the material costs tree. The material costs tree shows which material costs and material costs plans are related to which sub-projects or tasks. It is also possible to enter and process material costs, here.

A new tool facilitates the updating of item prices. If for example the costs of an item are increased at the end of the year, the price of the item type is centrally adjusted and all corresponding item costs are then updated via the tool. In this, items that have already been invoiced are excluded. The precondition for updating is that it was previously set that item costs shall be taken from the item type.

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