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Projektron BCS 7.34

The new version 7.34 of the project management software Projektron BCS provides project managers even greater comfort. The risk diagram allows you to immediately record which risks could have a serious effect on your project. You can do so using the PRINCE2 project management method and directly determine a risk officer for the risks. Additionally, employees can create project ideas from which project proposals can be generated. These proposals can be evaluated using lean portfolio management.

  • The risk diagram displays the risks of your project to you
  • You determine your quality criteria in the quality register and see when the controls and approvals were carried out
  • The reviewer sees the evaluation of the project idea at a glance in the diagram
  • Portfolio managers check the existing project applications in one view with ease
  • You can see all the images in the image gallery that are saved on the ticket
  • A comment can also be saved when adjusting several tickets at the same time

Risks visualized in a diagram

Everything at a glance

Risks are presented even more clearly in the new version 7.34 of the project management software Projektron BCS. Whether in the project overview as a Dashboard or in its own Subview, you immediately see which risks could have a serious effect on your project.

Simply enter a degree of severity when creating risks. This risk is presented together with the probability of occurrence in the risk diagram. Colored markings in the diagram indicate which risks require your attention.

The risk diagram can be individually customized and filtered. For example, you can let your risks be evaluated by costs or delays, which changes the magnitude of the individual risks. Additionally: The risk diagram can also be used to export your reports.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

PRINCE2 with Projektron BCS

Special views and wizards for the PRINCE2 project management method

The project management software Projektron BSC is an open method system and supports your project work, regardless of which method you use. If PRINCE2 is what you have chosen, the new version 7.34 will offer you even more support.

The specific requirements of the project management method were implement in the new component. All seven processes are supported either by using a wizard or manually editing the views.

You record the criteria for a high quality project in the quality register. There, you can comfortably determine who is responsible for the review and acceptance of the quality criteria. Thus you retain an overview during all phases of the project and are informed for the steering committee. You can also save a risk officer directly on the risks.

As a project manager, you can also coordinate with the steering committee as to which tolerance limits apply for the important values in the project. The tachometer in the project overview shows you exactly whether everything is truly in order (green) or if you need to discuss anything (yellow, red).

The change management in your project works via the open items which members of the steering committee can see in their personal overview. You can escalate approvals and changes directly to the steering committee on tickets. The committee can review and accept the open items directly with one click.

You can also export your whole business case as a report.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Lean portfolio management with Projektron BCS

Project ideas and project proposals

Would you like to record project ideas, generate and compare project proposals and create projects from them? Projektron BCS 7.34 offers lean portfolio management with many extras exactly for this purpose.

Each employee now has the option of creating a project idea. Depending on which project category is selected, the reviewer will receive a customized checklist. For your project categories, you determine the content of the checklist yourself with ease. If all questions about the project idea are answered, the reviewer can see at a glance whether or not the project received a positive evaluation with the pie chart.

A project proposal can be directly generated if the project idea has been approved by the reviewer. The most important items of the project proposal will be recorded in a new wizard. At the end, the project's strategic significance for the company will be determined. Later, this will aid the portfolio managers when selecting the project proposals. The factors for evaluating the strategic significance, such as innovation or efficiency, can be determined globally. If these factors should change at a later date, the strategic significance can also be subsequently calculated for older project proposals.

The project proposals can be displayed and filtered by status in the new view of the same name. As a portfolio manager, you see the mandatory projects to be reviewed at the top. Here, you can compare the various projects based on their strategic significance and decide which projects are to be carried out or rejected.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Improved image display, expansion of drag & drop and time-saving functions for project managers

Gallery function, layout of user stories, ticket changes with comments and much more

In the new version 7.34 of the project management software Projektron BSC, you see graphics which you attach to tickets via the file repository directly in the miniature view in the ticket progress. This opens in a gallery with just one click – that is how easily you can browse through all the graphics attached to a ticket.

Instead of browsing, you can now use drag & drop in the user stories to sort them. This manual way of sorting can easily be saved as default. This is how you can save various sorting sequences in Projektron BCS.

Additionally: When changing ticket properties, comments can now be added. When you are processing several tickets as a project manager and, for example, changing the status, you can additionally write a comment to explain the status change.

And: The CronJob for automatically closing tasks and projects now takes workflow steps into consideration. If all workflow steps for a task are set to closed, the task itself will automatically be set to closed after 10 minutes, for example, which saves you as a project manager valuable time.

Some of these functions are contained in BCS.start.

Supporting the integration framework Apache Camel

Networked information systems in companies

In the future, the integration of company-wide information systems will be even easier thanks to the standard support by Apache Camel. Projektron is there to support you with enterprise application integration (EAI) and the associated complex projects.

A process-oriented integration of application systems throughout the company is always a challenge for the IT architecture. The standard support of the integration framework Apache Camel was internally evaluated as positive.

Apache Camel simplifies the integration of heterogeneous and independent business solutions, since it can work with various protocols like HTTP, JMS or AMQP and makes various interfaces compatible. Since Apache Camel is based on open standards, the implementation of integration can be carried out by partners of Projektron or external service providers.

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