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Projektron BCS 7.38

Quick and easy planning instead of resource conflicts: The new 7.38 version of the project management software Projektron BCS makes it easier to plan resources. Furthermore, working in Scrum is simplified by the integration of recurring tasks in templates. Once created, templates support efficient working in numerous areas.

  • The planned effort is automatically distributed for the resource on a weekly basis.
  • Quotations in different currencies are converted into a single currency in the overview to make overall evaluations possible.
  • Templates may contain Scrum elements
  • Memos and emails can be assigned to multiple projects or tasks

Week-based resource request

Quick and easy resource planning for projects and lines

Resource planning in matrix organizations often poses a challenge to project managers and department heads. To avoid resource conflicts, it is crucial to plan projects and line activities with foresight, taking availability, capacity and employee skills into account.

The new Projektron BCS 7.38 version provides a quick and easy function for just this purpose. With the week-based resource request, partial requirements can be created in a single step for the entire project or task duration. This can be followed by fine-tuning the effort in a clearly structure table based on the weekly partial requests. Even in tree views, contiguous requests are thus identified at a glance. If a period running is subsequently adjusted, individual requests are deleted or added.

This supports project managers in everything from rough planning to the weekly task assignment. Team leaders can see early on when and to what extent their employees will be needed for projects and can approve resource requests.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Multi-currency capability: Conversion of quotations and acquisitions

Practical evaluation options for internal portfolios

Quotations in different currencies can be converted as of the 7.38 version; quotations and quotation items can thus be offset or totaled in a common currency. This allows for evaluation on superior levels, for example across the entire portfolio for customer projects. You can choose between the personal user currency, the project currency or other activated currencies for the target currency used for the conversion. The date reference for the conversion corresponds to the quotation date.

In addition, acquisitions have multiple currency capabilities as of the new version of Projektron BCS and are compatible with quotations in foreign currencies. A currency can be selected when creating an acquisition. This currency can be adjusted manually at a later time. Acquisitions can be converted as can quotations. Properties of acquisitions can be changed quickly and easily with the help of a new tool.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Scrum: Practical extension for agile actions

Creating templates for Scrum elements

Templates for the Scrum process can be created for recurring activities in Sprints. User stories and their activities and requests are used as templates in the new version, Projektron BCS 7.38, offering additional ease of use during Sprint planning. Furthermore, the “Create User Story from Ticket” action has been extended. Users can now choose whether they want to create a user story or an epic from a ticket or if they want to combine multiple tickets into an epic.

Product owners can create and maintain manual sortings of user stories in the product backlog with just a few clicks. As of BCS 7.38, this prioritizing can be reused at different points in the project in order to make planning a Sprint easier. Manual sortings can, for example, be selected for creating a Sprint backlog on tasks as well as task overviews and are available to all of the project’s team members. Additionally, the general use of the Scrum functions and working with products in BCS is simplified by uniform actions in the display and editing mode of the Sprint backlog.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Extended functions from templates, tickets and memos

Faster and more efficient working

Work is even more efficient when using the new 7.38 version of Projektron BCS. Adopting templates for workflows and checklists now also entails the direct copying of files located in the respective file repository of the template.

Equally, risks and countermeasures can be saved on a project template, making it unnecessary to recreate them when creating a project from a template. Of course, risks and countermeasures can still be manually customized on projects created in this manner.

If you work extensively with tickets in your company, copying ticket information now makes your work easier. Pressing the CTRL + C keyboard shortcut when working with a ticket directly copies the ticket number and the ticket subject to the clipboard. Here, configuring which additional ticket information is to be copied can be done easily.

Multiple assignments can now be created on memos and received emails in the contact history, if they cannot be clearly assigned to a project or a person. This provides you with an overview of your communication for all projects you are involved in.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Predefinable: Payment of surcharges

Easy automation

Whether it be work undertaken on public holidays, night employment or weekend work: with Projektron BCS, personnel managers manage variances in regular wages centrally, using performance types and surcharge rules.

In the new version of Projektron BCS, company-wide specifications on the payment methods of surcharges can be defined centrally. For instance, it can be determined by default whether Projektron 7.22 records the surcharges for weekend work to be paid out, which are transferred to the working hours account, or are credited to the flextime compensation budget.

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