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Projektron BCS 19.2

Version 19.2 of the Projektron BCS project management software not only offers project managers the opportunity to identify risks, but also opportunities and corresponding support measures! Evaluate the positive effects of opportunities on the project and define support measures that increase the chance of their occurrence. In addition, the Projektron BCS modules have been arranged hierarchically and can be activated with a single click.

  • Record your expenses and times quickly and easily in the new app – even offline!

Capturing opportunities

Comprehensive risk management for well-founded decisions

While risk management in Projektron BCS already provides an overview of risks and countermeasures, the new version 19.2 also makes it possible to manage opportunities for project groups, projects and sub-projects. The new function makes it possible to record and categorize opportunities and evaluate their positive effects on revenues, cost savings and time savings. Also support measures, which increase the probability of occurrence of the chances, can be defined.

The Opportunities and Risks view now includes the sub-views Risks, Countermeasures, Opportunities, Support Measures and Charts. The existing risk diagram has been supplemented with additional diagrams to compare risk costs and opportunity revenues, risk expenses and expense savings, and delays and time savings. In addition to the probable risks, you can also keep an eye on the potential successes in your projects and make well-founded decisions.

This function is not included in BCS.start.

Improved process management (BPM)

Keeping an eye on running and completed processes

In the new version Projektron BCS 19.2, project managers can keep an eye on running processes more easily and the entries in completed processes are historicized. The "Active processes" block is now available in the Project overview view for projects and subprojects. This shows open process tasks and those responsible as well as their respective due dates and priorities. In addition, the process history provides information about previous process entries. This enables you to determine at the end of a process which steps have been taken and how the process was run.

This function is not included in BCS.start.

Improved administration

Hierarchically ordered modules

In the new version of the web-based project management software Projektron BCS 19.2, the modules that switch views and functions on and off have been better combined and can now be managed more easily.

Thematically related modules have been grouped and are arranged hierarchically in a tree structure. The new grouping nodes make it easier for administrators to keep track of which modules are completely, partially or not at all activated.

Switching a node on or off saves you time: All subordinate modules can be activated or deactivated at the same time. If there are dependencies for modules, these can now be activated with one click - Projektron BCS intelligently checks these dependencies according to requirements.

This function is included in BCS.start as an option.

Optimized order plan

Cover all planning models in one plan

Previously, Projektron BCS had a new order plan that was only available for bottom-up projects. This optimised order plan has now been supplemented with top-down functionality. The column group for the top-down orders is only visible if the project planning model Top Down or Opposite is also set. If a new order is created, Projektron BCS now directly queries whether a reverse planning model is to be created with the Bottom Up or Top Down type. For project managers, the combined job plan now provides an optimized overview of the jobs in the project. The aim is to abolish the old order plan in the near future.

This function is not included in BCS.start.

Use the offline app for time recording & expense entry

Always up to date, even on the move

With the offline app from Projektron BCS, you can easily record your times and expenses without the need for the Internet. As soon as you have access to the network again, the app shows you which entries need to be synchronised. With just one click you have completed the synchronization step and your entries are entered in Projektron BCS.

In the monthly screen, you can see immediately on which days times have been booked and how many hours you have already booked for the day. The expenses are also entered as intuitively as usual. You can either photograph expense receipts directly with your smartphone camera or upload them as PDF files.

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