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Projektron BCS 6.26

The new Projektron BCS includes handy convenience features – not only for project managers. It enables your merchants to efficiently send invoices via e-mail; your service desk benefits from the extended document management.

  • Die Tagesbuchenmaske jetzt mit Scrum-Komponente
  • Signalfarbe und Warndreieck: So sehen Sie auf einen Blick Inkonsistenzen in der Projektplanung
  • Für noch mehr Komfort in der Zeiterfassung: unterbrechbare Termine
  • Bei Bedarf wählbar: Ausnahmeregeln in der Zeiterfassung
  • Für noch mehr Informationssicherheit im Support-System: Bereits beim Hochladen festlegen, ob Dateien nur intern oder auch extern sichtbar sind
  • Bei Bedarf einfach anpassen: Die automatisch generierte E-Mail zu Ihrer Rechnung
  • Für die Kreditorenbuchhaltung: Lieferantengutschriften einfach generieren

New Scrum elements in the day booking mask

Recorded at one location

For developers who also take on activities outside the agile project work or work on multiple User Stories at the same time, Projektron BCS 6.26 makes the daily time recording much more easier: Scrum activities, additional tasks, tickets and appointments can be centrally recorded in the day booking mask in a precise way.

Automatic warning in case of planning inconsistencies

Immediately recognize overlapping appointments

Several successive entries, manual moving of tasks or the adjustment of processing times are part of many project managers'daily business. Because small mistakes with major effects can quickly slip in here, Projektron BCS 6.26 signalizes colliding starting and end dates within your project planning and damaged predecessor-successor relationships with a colored marking and a warning triangle.

Interruptible appointments

Precisely broken down

On-call duty and working times are invoiced separately in your company, or perhaps: You have an all-day work appointment which is interruptedbytelephone conversations again and again. These and many more applications can be displayed with the interruptible appointments in Projektron BCS 6.26 in a precise way.

You create your planned main activity as a Projektron BCS appointment. If something crops up – an assignment for example – you directly book the interruption onto the appropriate ticket, the corresponding task or project. You then simply book your main activity as an appointment with interruptions. Thus your hours worked are broken down in a clear way and, if necessary, the appropriate hourly rates and extra wage payments can be assigned to them.

Flexible display of extra wage payments

Centrally managed

Whether travel times,night or weekend work: using Projektron BCS 6.26, personal managers can centrally manage deviations from the usual wage payments. Hourly rates deviating from the basic salary as well as percentage-based payments or reductions can be displayed in a flexible way. Even the validity periods for these exceptional rules – for instance from 11 pm to 6 am or on Sundays – can be definedwith just a few clicks.

This function also offers more convenience for your employees. Because: If necessary, the appropriate exceptional rules can be selected directly in the timesheets.

External and internal document management in the ticket system

Consistently separated

Two separate file directories ensure an even greater information security and data protection during ticket processing. The external file directory is ideally suited forcustomer communication. Because: Here, both you and your ticket customer are able to upload,read,update and delete files. Projektron BCS 6.26 offers an additional file directory for internal communication and saving of interim results, which can only be viewed and used by internal users. As a support employee, you can directly decide in which file directory your file is to be inserted when uploading a file.

System-based dispatch of invoice by e-mail

Efficiently dispatched

Our project management software not only allows you to automatically generate invoices and credits, but also directly send them to your customer. Whether a single invoice or the entire invoice list: Projektron BCS 6.26 automatically creates the e-mail with a ready-made cover letter, adds the invoice as well as related proof of hours and expenses as PDFs and uses your customer's e-mail address from the customer management.

You would nevertheless like to carry out a few manual changes? No problem with Projektron BCS: The text as well as the sender and recipient can be easily changed.

Advanced invoicing for supplier credits

Comfort functions for creditor invoicing

The invoicing of Projektron BCS 6.26 allows you to not only issue invoices and credits for your customers, but also to bill goods and services of your suppliers via the credit procedure. The comfort functions of Projektron BCS invoicing ranging form the convenient credit generator to the efficient dispatch of credit by e-mail – are available to you for supplier credits.

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