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Projektron BCS 7.16

The new version 7.16 of Projektron BCS offers new evaluations for the costs of your current contracts, greater integration of acquisitions and the use of personal profile pictures. In addition, it is now possible to calculate country-specific business expenses.

Personal profile pictures (master data, project overview, ...)

Personalize Projektron BCS

A new overview for multi-project managers was introduced in Projektron BCS 7.14. Now you can design your overview to be even more personal by using profile pictures you have stored yourself. This allows you to see at a glance which project manager is responsible for which projects and to view their evaluation of the project's process.

If an employee does not have a profile picture, a placeholder with the initials or the abbreviation of the employee's name is automatically generated.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Country-specific allowance calculation

Accurately map travel costs

Projektron BCS 7.16 allows a more exact mapping of allowances. This is of particular interest to companies with offices in more than one country.

Simply add the current country of work to your employees, and Projektron BCS will automatically calculate the respective allowance rate for your employees.

In doing so, not only country-specific allowance rates can be considered, but also different currencies. Thus, you can accurately map your travel costs with Projektron BCS.

This function is contained in BCS.start as an option.

Resource evaluation for person groups

Inter-departmental teamwork

You will now benefit from the resource evaluation for person groups in Projektron BCS when you put together internal project teams with employees from different departments.

The resource load displays the workload for all members of a person group during a desired period. As a project manager you can immediately see which employees are overburdened. If you have planned a placeholder with capacities in your person group, a percentage value in the resource load is also displayed for the placeholder.

An additional evaluation shows you how many efforts the members of your person group have performed in projects and thus provides you with a well-founded basis for planning other projects.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Greater integration of quotations and acquisitions with new overviews

Quick overview of quotations

The acquisitions in Projektron BCS show you what kind of income you can anticipate in the future. The integration of the acquisition tree in the default view makes it possible for you to see the important values a lot more quickly, such as the acquisition probabilities and acquisition amounts as well as predicted conclusions for all quotations.

Projektron BCS adjusts your acquisitions as required if values or statuses of your quotations change. Thus your acquisitions remain up to date and ensure a well-founded turnover forecast.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

New evaluations for current contract costs

Improved overview for contract management

Thanks to the new contract costs view, you have a clear overview of your contract management.

You can view all proportional costs for your current contracts and see their current status at a glance. You can customize the evaluation interval quickly and easily to suit your needs.

This function is contained in BCS.start as an option.

Discount provisions in invoices

Payment deductions for your customers

With the help of the invoice wizard, you can create an invoice for your services in Projektron BCS in just a few steps. You can now store discount provisions for payment terms and specifically define the deadline within which a discount shall be granted for the invoice as well as the discount amount.

Based on the payment dates, payment amount and traffic lights, you can immediately see which payments have been made within the due date for the discount deduction. By actively setting the payment status, you can differentiate which invoices have been paid with a discount, which invoices perhaps had the discount erroneously deducted and which invoices you will grant a goodwill discount deduction despite overdue receipt of payment.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Rich Text Editor for appointments, reminders and notes

Design texts in a structured way

You can use the Rich Text Editor (RTE) from Projektron BCS to quickly and conveniently format and structure your texts. The familiar functions for markups, enumerations and text indents have been available to you for some time now.

The editor is now also available for appointments, reminders and notes along with many other description fields. This provides you and your project team with a structured overview of your internal communication in Projektron BCS.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

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