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Projektron BCS 18.3

Stay up-to-date while on the go: from version 18.3 onwards of the Projektron BCS project management software, you can simply record your efforts and expenses offline using the new app. As soon as you are connected to a network, you can synchronize the recorded values with Projektron BCS. Additionally, the navigator has been revised and now enables drag & drop between the selected list and the current view.

  • Drag employees directly to the corresponding task in your Kanban board.
  • Record your expenses and times quickly and easily in the new app – even offline!
  • A clear list of invoicing items and articles is displayed on the view of the regular sales amounts.
  • When opening a ticket, the related tickets are suggested directly.

Revised navigator

Fast access

Version 18.3 of the Projektron BCS project management software now contains the completely revised navigator. The navigator is available as a side bar in all views of the main window and can either be synchronized (the navigator displays the corresponding trees or lists in accordance with the current view), or can permanently display your preferred view, such as the employee list or task list.

Drag & drop works smoothly between the navigator and the current view. For example, if you are currently on the Kanban board, you can drag employees directly to the desired cards. As is common in Projektron BCS, the navigator can also be adjusted and filtered depending on its content. The navigator can also be hidden and displayed as desired.

This function is included in BCS.start.

New offline app for recording time and entering expenses

Always up-to-date while on the go

Are you a customer service employee and often out of the office on business, but do not always have a stable internet connection? Use the new app from Projektron BCS to simply record your time and expenses offline. As soon as you are connected to a network, you can synchronize the recorded values with Projektron BCS! The app shows you how many entries are to be synchronized.

Use the clearly-structured month screen to see what days you booked times on and how many hours you already booked for the current day. Entering expenses is uncomplicated and intuitive. You can even photograph receipts using your smartphone camera, or upload and store PDF files. When booking a day, you can directly see how much time you still have to book and how your bookings are split by tasks for the day.

The new app is initially available in version 18.3 as a beta version web app, while the native app is being prepared for release across the usual app stores.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Regular sales amounts

Transparent overview

Do you sell articles which have regular follow-up costs, such as update or maintenance fees? In version 18.3 of the Projektron BCS project management software, a transparent overview enables you to view all your articles and the corresponding regular sales amounts. You can enter these regular amounts directly when making a quote and even note the date from which these amounts begin, the intervals in which they shall be charged and whether they are a fixed amount or a percentage share – either of the sales price or the offer price. Discounts can also be mapped flexibly. A cancellation or returning of articles is easily completed using an action. Always stay on top of things with Projektron BCS!

This function is not included in BCS.start.

Suggest keywords on tickets

Intelligently link topics

Use Projektron BCS to add keywords to tickets or link tickets with related tickets with just a few clicks. This function is particularly useful when looking for specific tickets at a later date, or if there are multiple tickets on a single topic. The new 18.3 version of Projektron BCS supports the processor with suggestions for suitable keywords and related tickets.

Keywords and related tickets are automatically suggested in a dialog window for tickets with the “New” status which do not have keywords assigned to them. This function enables the quick compilation of components that are actually related. As was also previously possible, keywords and related tickets can also be linked in the master data of the ticket at a later time. Ticket processors also benefit from the new function and receive suggestions. The context menu for manual entry also contains suggestions in its own new tab. Entering "*" in the respective field allows you to search for suggestions.

This function is not included in BCS.start.

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