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Projektron BCS 6.8

Well organized: With central file storage and integrated wiki Projektron BCS creates even more space for your documents. Starting with version 6.8 you flexibly manage your working time, for example with a flexitime account and holiday dates.

Flexitime working model

It is possible to create a working time account for each employee which also reflects the overtime regulations. The flexitime account includes information regarding monetary compensation for overtime, free time compensation and maximum overtime and under-hours. The acceptance work flow takes place within the booking completion. For the personnel manager, there is an overview of all working time accounts based on which the personnel manager can prepare the statements. In these, the personnel manager can also see which employee did not yet make a statement. A table provides information regarding all extra hours after deduction and/or addition of the hours of the previous month.

Revision of the calendar

The administration of appointment series and appointments over several days has been improved in the Projektron BCS calendar. Individual appointments in a series of appointments can now be processed, e.g. deleted or shifted, independent of the rest of the series. Alternatively, all future appointments of the series can take over the respective change. It is now possible to enter appointments over several days. For example, an appointment can start on Monday at 2.00 pm and end on Wednesday at 7.00 pm. In case of holiday dates, weekends will not be included. In the project calendar, reminders and important basic information of the project (e.g. starting and end dates of sub-projects, milestones and tasks as well as payment dates) can be displayed. It is now possible to directly create reminders for appointments.

Complete revision of the file storage

The file storage via WebDAV was revised so that it is now possible to centrally file invoices and offers, for example.  Documents can be allocated several times and can be searched via their metadata.  A revision control of the files as well as the creation of file connections is possible. Files and directories can now have customer-specific attributes and are stored on the hard disc regardless of the directory structure and file names.

Full text search in online help

The full text search in the online help allows for cross-document and document-specific search. It is possible to enter several words, and it is possible to search for compound words (e. g. project*). The result list shows the entries with the most search words in proportion to the text body on top. It is also shown in which document the hit was found. 

Wiki integration

Projektron BCS now offers short links as a simple possibility for referring to other systems such as Wikis or bug tracking systems. Links to external or internal Wikis containing background information, a glossary or empirical values can be set at any place of a project. All common wiki software is supported.

Making the licence model flexible

Projektron BCS distinguishes between basic licences (e. g. time registrar, employee or project manager) and additional licences (e. g. distribution,  accounting, admin). If an employee disposes of an additional licence in addition to a basic licence, the additional licence does not automatically need to be shown when logging in. If the employee wants to use the additional licence during the day, the employee must go to user licences in the respective area and activate the licence for that special day. Then, the employee may use all functions of such licence. Making the licence model flexible is a big advantage for customers for whom several employees share different tasks such as the administration of Projektron BCS.


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